Blu-ray movie price drop! Or not?

I just posted the article Blu-ray movie price drop! Or not?.

After the format war was ended many demanded a lower price for Blu-ray drives, players and movies. To make a statement Trans World Entertainment’s subsidiary F.Y.E. is now offering a few…

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“Tell me what you think, because I don’t have a clue. If I am wrong, please explain.” Huh? It sounds like you’re begging us to post responses. That’s just pathetic. I know this site is half-way in the toilet, but don’t beg us for our opinions. Post your news clip and, if we want, we’ll post some reactions.

In related news, Blu-ray sucks. How’s that, Tim? :+

LOL! :d

@ DukeNukem Half way in the pan? This site has been so stubborn. Do you remember when the colours didnt make u wanna chuck. The only thing worth vising for now is Dee’s great DVD reviews, but it seems that even that is determined by money as to whether it gets published or not. Sad. Sad. Sellout. Best Rgds - on and i lost my membership the last time i flamed - maybe a ban this time. wouldnt be a great loss.

DukeNuken wrote" I know this site is half-way in the toilet" Half-way you’re having a laugh!!! It’s already in the sewer.

Actually looks like we ourselves should write the articles from now on… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Oops, asking about the opinion about BD movie prices, well what else could anyone really have expected ? After the competing format died (had been killed to be precise) sure they would be idiots to lower the prices… Fans will buy the movies at any price, so they can earn a lot… :r Have no (public) opinion about the site itself, though something went wrong a long time ago…
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@ nuggetreggae Yes, I do remember when the colour scheme on CDFREAKS was more appealing. I refer to that time as “the good old days”. I also remember when everyone complained and the powers that be ignored us. I refer to that time as “the bad old days”. Then there’s today, “the ugly days”. Nobody likes to come here anymore. I feel like I’m in an old-west ghost town. No, it’s more depressing than that. I feel like I’m in an old Soviet-era housing complex, complete with drab grey buildings. Anyway, I’m off like a prom dress. Take care… and good luck.

@ u_n_s97 “Fans will buy the movies at any price, so they can earn a lot…” I disagree, and here’s why. 1) Blu-ray is more of a hassle to copy than DVD. 2) Blu-ray is too expensive, compared to DVD. 3) People can stream hi-def with HTPC or other hardware such as this: 4) With Blu-ray you need a new player, discs and TV. It won’t fly with Joe Average. 5) People that were rooting for HD DVD may not buy Blu-ray, myself included. When you get right down to it, it’s the consumer’s wallet that has the ultimate vote. Blu-ray won out over HD DVD because of the wishes of the movie studios. That decision doesn’t mean shit if we don’t vote for Blu-ray with our wallets. I have about 650 store-bought DVDs. They cost me $13,000 and with a good upsampling player they’ll look great on my new Sharp Aquos that I’m getting this year. Blu-ray will not see a nickel from me. If I want hi-def then I’ll visit a torrent site and then stream it from an HTPC or media box. Sorry $ony, you’re fired !!!
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Great reaction dukenukem the average joe will nor buy Blue ray they have buy gas and food and pay rent which went up in the last few month or so that is more Important to joe average not a new TV new blue player and buying same old movie again.

Umm I used to work on this site as a volunteer for many years. i can assure you these people volunteering here are not influenced by money in any way. I can also tell you that the management takes great pride in the fact that they cannot be bought. Also, they take many steps to insure the information given in reviews is completely (to the best of human ability) unbiased and objective. Hours and hours are spent discussing how best to test the products that are reviewed. Also, no review is released without a general consensus of all the reviewers, that makes sure there are no mistakes. Many manufactures will send products here IN HOPES that these people find bugs etc, and they try to work them out whenever possible. They like CDFreaks as they know they get good data for their engineers. If something sucks they say it sucks! These reviewers are all top knotch folks and only spend their valuable time reviewing as a hobby, stress relief from day jobs, and also to give back to the CD Freaks community. And you can take that to the bank! :slight_smile:
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Whoa, ease up Broadzilla. Nobody is saying anything bad about the reviewers. Nuggetreggae was saying that money influenced whether is gets published by the site owners. All he did was compliment Dee’s work.

“Whoa, ease up Broadzilla. Nobody is saying anything bad about the reviewers. Nuggetreggae was saying that money influenced whether is gets published by the site owners.” No Nuttreggea is the one who needs to ease up as this is an inaccurate statement and an insult to the owners of this site. At a minimum, he needs to yield to us the proof behind this very serious remark, or apologise for pulling statements like this out of his ass. Which is where it came from I guarantee it. The remark, throws the entire staff into a bad light, even though he directed it at “the owners” as it infers that their hard work is “filtered” by the owners and the filter is money. I can assure you that the first time this happened, the revieing teams would tell the owners to stick it and quit. Anyone would. Just as an FYI to anyone that reads reviews around here. these items be it software or hardware are obtained by the volunteer staffers on the Review Teams and are a result of communications with manufacturers and developers, by the members of the team or usually, by the Review team leader. The owners of the site are totally out of the process and are frankly very busy with other matters as reviewing is only one facet of running such a complicated website. This is simply not the case and it is exactly why I had to say something. It simply is not true.
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Yes, i hate the color too i am not the only one then! was better before :c

@ Crabbyappleton Okay, I agree with you. It was a pretty serious accusation and a certain someone really should offer proof if they’re going to say something like that. However, I deem myself immune to such rules and regulations and believe it’s my earthly duty to bad-mouth $ony and Crap-ray until I’m stone-cold in the ground. May God have mercy upon my soul. Amen. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Duke. :slight_smile: I like to bad mouth Blu-ray myself…in case you didn’t notice. :wink: Die Blu-ray Die!! stabs several times :S

Bring back Domin8tor!! :o Geez, I remember CDRSoft and this site were the place to be back in the day… Sometimes things change for the better, but end up for the worse…

@DukeNukem of course I was not talking about the avarage Joe when saying they will buy the movies no matter how much these cost. Actually I was refering to $ony and BD fanboys - you and me know who and what I am talking about - who will go for those movies JUST to prove that they were right and their format won… Just look at the articles, there are two or more BD related stuffs everyday, speaking of nothing in reality but they force and push that shit… and then someone says this site has nothing to do with $… Oh, that sounds quite funny. Accepting the HARD work some people put into this site and alike still things changed quite strange long time ago, and well it did not get better but worse. Eventhough the forum is still alive… :wink: All in all we can arrange a BluRay party anytime, sure I know whom to send the invitations to… :+ And as some of you I also won’t touch anything regarding BD or $ony, come what may.

Crappyappleton(sony hater) wrote"I can also tell you that the management takes great pride in the fact that they cannot be bought." Only by SLYSOFT.

Hey Micro$oft (guest): Don’t you mean $lysoft ? THis is a he said she said, so I can’t argue with you about it. I can only say, that since I no longer volunteer here, I have nothing to gain by saying what I did. Take it or leave it. Now, how can you substantiate youir claim? I know I can guess, that you are telling a tale, or at least trolling. I think if you believed what you said, you would not frequent this site, even as a guest. I sure wouldn’t. :wink:
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