Blu-ray movie discs delayed by a month - ¡Ayyyy Caramba!

I just posted the article Blu-ray movie discs delayed by a month - ¡Ayyyy Caramba!.

  Hypnosis4U2NV used our news submit to tell us that the mighty Blu-ray  disc will be a tad bit late on arrival!                                                                                   ...
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it’s said “caramba”. Carumba isn’t a word.

Damn it, he’s scared… run him some slack. The Chihuahua’s name is Sony by the way. But I fixed the title! :B

there must be tons of problems associated with DRM with players…as far as i know BD employed somewhat similar copy protection mechanism as starforce from sony’s own securom maybe that’s causing tons of playing problems with sub-standard disks as the disk defective rate is 70%