Blu-ray movie disc format unveiled

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  GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us that the Blu-Ray Disc  Association (BDA) has now approved the full version of its read only disc  specification BD-Rom.  The approval of the...
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Technology advances are nice, but do we really need this much extra space for our video games and video content? I don’t see this taking hold as HDTV is not really taking a firm foothold.

Extra space is great - but for us to use to burn out own disc’s for backup, not for buying. For buying u only ever are usually buying a single item - film, album, software, etc - and NONE of these should need to be that big. xVid can get a full film in near perfect quality to 700Mb - with 4.5 gig it could make it completely totally perfect for 4hr films with extra’s. This just becomes useful for backing up stuff where you are trying to back up several different things onto one disc (system images, your music collection, film collection, etc. etc) Thats when this becomes really useful - till that happens who cares - and that’ll decide which one wins - which one moves into the home users market for them being able to burn the fastest.

Well with my newly purchased hdtv I wouldn’t mind seeing the picture quality of bluray.

“Vid can get a full film in near perfect quality to 700Mb” I seriously doubt that, since HD DVD will be only 1080i, and there are higher resolutions possible so the bigger the better, beside too much space is better than not enough. I am sick of DVD’s that cram so much extras on the flm disc and the image and sound suffer.

Half of the UK has yet to buy a DVD player and stand alone DVD TV recorders are just taking off, all these formats are bonkers.

Half the UK isn’t worth their time developing this technology. We in California NEED THIS!! We are already seeing samples of 1080i HD to 1080p for higher quality, and are installing small quiet computers behind TV’s and such hooked to the HD TV via DVI cable for viewing HD DVD’s and HD downloadable content… This will be a big impact because you need to have a read only format to get anywhere… they finally have it, which makes me a little more for them…

Yeah, half the UK does not the entertainment world make. Over here in the states we have legal requirements to force HDTV into place in the next few years. Simply put, HDTV will be the future. Atleast over here. I know my HDTV is hating the shitty low res DVD’s I have to through at it.

This will be more pratical for the ‘feature-film’ games that will eventually come out. 2 hours movies are fine on a regular DVD, all they need to do is use something better than MPEG2. Whoops, I forgot. With Blu-ray you will have room to view videos from multiple angles…can we say pr0n :stuck_out_tongue: (yes it always comes down to pr0n)

“xVid can get a full film in near perfect quality to 700Mb” This is the biggest exaggeration I’ve ever seen. a) 700MB mpeg4 movies look so washed out and pixelated. Not to mention that’s not even 720x480 (we’re assuming NTSC here) like the original DVD. b) HD-DVD is designed for HD content, remember people, you need a whole lot more disk space there. c) For extra disk space for extra bitrate and content, why not? It’s like when Bill Gates said “640k is gotta be enough”. d) Consolidation: Say I can put all 3 Austin Powers movies into one single HD-DVD, that’s so convenience. DVD-quality, but still nice.

Rember also xvid will never ever be the format for sell able product since it’s freeware and will never require a liscense to purchase to use it. Which of course scares big companys since even mpeg2 you still need to buy a liscense. 2nd for a full 740x480 movie with ac3 audio your talking about 2gig of space for 120min movie for it to be perfect. What you guys are forgeting to add into the equation also is the fact of full dts audio. Right now the dts channel in most superbit movies or any dvd is half it’s potential quality. 1500kb is roughly considered full dts audio. HD-dvd or blu ray can of course support this so don’t think your just getting a video upgrade here. Last this would be horrible for digital video camera’s dv tapes still have more storage then a full size hd-dvd so whoever is thinking of utilizing any of these formats for such stupid convience please stop right now

all i can say is its about time , the more space we can get the better for high deff video and maybe some high deff audio to go along with it . it does make a diff. people that dont have big screens and or high quality home theater Equipment prob dont need it , but if you do. its a diff story. maybe we can get a true 6.1 or 7.1 ( or more ) suround format . it all takes room. ok stepping off soapbox :slight_smile:

I am always very suspicious about a new format that some giant corporation wants to unleash on the consumers. It usually always means new hardware to be able to play it. Does that mean that all existing dvd players will be obsolete? If so, bad idea guys. And if Sony is going to push it, even more reason to ignore it. No backwards compatibility with existing players? Well, no sale just like I have ignored SACD.:r

Well, we just bought a new Pioneer standalone dvd player, so i’m not interested in blue-ray for at least another 2-3 years, maybe more.