Blu-ray most popular blue laser disc format

I just posted the article Blu-ray most popular blue laser disc format.

Over thousand
people voted in our
poll in which we asked you the question: Who will win the next generation
format war. Nearly 63% of you voted for the Blu-ray Disc format, while 37% voted…

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And i was sure “Green-Ray” was going to Win.

Don’t act stupid jef195 - HD-DVD and BluRay both use a blue laser… The heading says BLU-RAY most popular blue laser format, since both formats use blue laser… I think this STINKS - Now all of my DVDs wont work anymore, I can’t believe they are completly phasing out DVD, just when we were getting used to DVD+R and DL formats…bloody arse bandits!

Well I am waiting for X-Ray discs :d

Try doing some research before commenting Rimmer66. DVDs aren’t going to be “completly phasing out” when the Blu-Laser hardware is released. Philips already has triformat drives that can burn and read CD-R + DVD±R + Blu-Ray discs. Standalone devices also already exist that can read Blu-Ray discs + DVDs.
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I don’t think blue-ray or hd-dvd will catch on as easily as dvd did. For one with dvd’s, all you needed was a dvd player. You didn’t need a new tv (maybe an RF adapter if your tv came without rca’s), but other then that you just needed a player and you’re good to go. I think it’ll be a while before we need any kind kind of high definition dvd’s, because hdtv’s aren’t owned by a high percentage of people yet. So people would need to buy a new tv and player. HDTV screens are pretty expensive compared to old tv’s. Maybe blue laser discs will be like laserdisc and just for technophiles. By the time HDTV really does penetrate the market, maybe another format will emerge.

Rimmer66… you obviously aren’t good with sarcasm. Jef WAS KIDDING!! YOU DON’T ACT STUPID… DVD’s won’t phase out that fast. Listen to Wesociety. I think it’s people like you that still buy music cd’s AND pay full price from a catalog

Either format is going to have a slow go of it. Not enough time has passed between the introduction of DVD and this. People forget that most people simply don’t have the ability or the desire to run giddily out to the store and start slinging 100-dollar bills around whenever “the industry” decides it’s time for all of us to move on to the next big thing. Which format will win? No one knows, because the public is fickle, doesn’t always choose the option that seems to make the most sense, and never follows the dictates of supposed experts. If any of that was true, we’d all be throwing out our Betamax machines to make room for DVD players. The public (me included) will wait for all the “early adopters” to go out and spend $500 for the first machines, let all the kinks get worked out, and then spend the $100 they’ll cost by then. And if they don’t play/record CDs and DVDs, no one will bother. You can only ask people to replace all their favorite movies/music so many times before they tell you where to step off.

Incidentally, the same goes for HDTV. Do that many people really care how spectacular their picture looks? If you’re a movie afficianado and you’ve got the money to spend, perhaps. But most people don’t care, and won’t care until the day HD sets cost about what run-of-the-mill sets cost now, or a little more.

Some people have 500 DVD’s so they aren’t going to upgrade all of them overnight. The other thing to make note of is the fact that HDTV is only around 6% penetration. Need more people to buy HDTV’s over the next decade for BluRAY to become successful which should happen.
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It probably doesn’t hurt that the phrase blue-ray just sounds better. Everybody loves blue. Ever notice how much blue you see used on web pages and in OS’s. Well ok maybe that makes no sense, but whatever.

Good point, Wesociety! Just like they say years ago that the CD format will be phased out quickly. Guess it’s still going strong after 22 years (1983-2005)! It’s safe to say that the DVD format will be around for another decade yet! Cause the DVD has yet to saturate the global market. High-end products and technologies like Blu-ray at most will be targeted at high-end spenders like corporations for data storage, or organizations like the libraries or national archive for archival purposes…Look at plasma technology - been around for a while now - and yet only high spenders can afford them…I don’t have one nor do I want one…dead pixels and all!
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Zod made a very good point. I think the DVD will stay strong for couple of years and i even think the DVD won’t phase out(maybe over 100 years but not within this 10 years)

The argument that hd-dvd is cheaper doesn’t make a difference. Do you think the movie industry is going to pass the price difference to the consumer? HD-DVD will be just as expensive as blu-ray. The studios and hardware companies are going to pocket any savings. People need to know this else we’ll be stuck with the inferior format at the same price. Oh ya, blu-ray won’t be on caddies (thanks to tdk’s coating) and will have backwards compatibility. It would be dumb not to support dvd once HD goes mainstream. The first players will probably be blu-ray only though. As for dvd-forum having a say in the next generation format. That’s ridiculous. They’re just an organization, they don’t have control of technology. It would be a bad precedent if dvd forum had control over future formats. So anybody still want to vote for hd-dvd?

As I said, the public will decide, based on reasons that may or may not be at all logical