'Blu-ray more than five years left'

I just posted the article ‘Blu-ray more than five years left’.

A Sony VP, Rick Clancy, reacted on a statement from Samsung’s UK director that the Blu-ray format still has only five years left. According to Clancy this is incorrect, or even better "he…

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“he couldn’t be further from the truth”.

Really, Rick? You can predict the future?

Lol…why would other hardware manufacturers want to put out Blue-ray hardware, when the only one that is selling well is the PS3. I like how he contradicts himself.

I don’t think any CE wants to put out ‘Blue-ray’ (what ever that is), but they do wanna out out BluRay and make money off it. Netflix + NMT gets my vote. Oh Sony…I wish you the best but V0D keeps getting better amd cheaper and Sony keeps getting…???

‘Blu-ray more than five years left’ … to do what?

'Blu-ray will be DEAD Before five years.

Frank, sure it will be dead…:stuck_out_tongue: ya but monkey…

They’res no point in going in when player prices are still to close to ps3 price. If the components can start be manufactured cheaper, and you can make a buck selling them as a seperate entity, then you’ll see more companies making them. It’s all about cost, and they’ll catch on more when that goes down. I don’t really see them going away either, as UHD technology would require a really bigass tv to benefit from, which means HD technology will probably be sufficient for quite the while?

i dont uderstand why they are so obsessed with bluray when holographics storage is the real future. Holographic storage has been talked about since late 1960’s. And now they have a 300GB holographic writer. So why should people invest in bluray when it was obsolete the day before release. Why would someone want a disc that on average holds 50GB when you can get one that holds 300GB and then to top it off will be able to hold a couple TB in size in the future? Would’nt it be smarter to give people what they want. I have a friend how isnt hard drive crazy like me, and she is dieing for a large capasity optical disc, and i am too. I really want a 1TB optical disc so i can back my computer up without the need to buy 2 hards for every one drive i need. No disc is good for backup so i have to have 2 hds for every task, one to store and one for back up. I would rather store the backup copy on optical disc that can store 1 TB. IT would be cheaper to buy say a $10 1TB Hologrphic disc then say $150 for a 1TB HD. Stop the bluray BS and bring the damn holo discs to the consumer market and quit d**king around.

Oh yes it would be awesome if we could buy a 1TB holographic disc for $10 to bad they go for around $150 bucks with the recorder costing $10,000. Holographs are an enterprise product and are supposed to replace tape drives they are not for mass production like movies

Blu-ray more than 5 years? My prediction is around 15 years just like DVD! :slight_smile:

I can see need a TB of optical space for backup purposes and what not. But if holographic doesn’t become popular for another 10 years, and people build up blu-ray collections, are they going to switch again? Blu-Ray (and hd-dvd) are in HD 1080p, which means they still look good on a 60inch to 80inch TV. Blu-ray already has the capacity to do this and make it look good. So what size of TV would you need to take advantage of Ultra High Def? Pretty soon people just aren’t going to have room for 100inch TV’s. I think blu-ray adoption will be gradual… but unless people have monster sized tv’s, i think its demise would take even longer.

@BluBalls: NMT can’t play Blu-ray disc so it’s not usefull for people who buy the disc and also wanted to play the extra features, PIP and BD-Live eh?

Well HDTV will come…sooner or later many ppl need a HDTV to watch digital terrestrial TV… Well in japan the transition will be completed in July 2011 and after that analog broadcasts are gone (other countries may do the transition sooner while other later but they will). So to watch TV after the transition you either need a HDTV or a tuner box… So lets say your TV breaks down tomorrow and you need a new one…ppl then will buy a HDTV since digital terrestrial TV will be 1080p and why should you invest money in something which you know will be dead in less than 4 years. Once you have a 1080p capable TV the next thing which you will notice is the difference in picture quality of DVD and BD… Even with upscaling the quality will never be as good as native HD. Also if you like to record shows to keep (well some do) DVD will not be sufficient for HD contents in full HD. So the next thing ppl will buy after their DVD player/recorder dies is a bluray player/recorder. So for bluray to really break through it still needs a few more years untill the transition to digital TV is done. Well maybe we will see a new and better format till then…but i doubt that that new format will be cheaper than bluray at the time of its introduction. So i think bluray will be around longer than another 5 years.

Yeah Blu Ray will be dead…just like DVD was going to be killed by the mighty VHS tape. Stop it!

@ applegodel8 - blu-ray wasn’t obselete the day it came out. Only when holographic storage comes in at a decent price point will there be any chance of it making blu-ray obsolete. With it’s current pricing, holographic storage is more likely to become obsolete. The concord was twice as fast as a 747 but which one became obsolete? The concord.

All I know is I’m going to buy a Blu-ray ROM drive, rent Blu-ray discs, rip Blu-ray discs (and convert to x264 for NMT), and then return rented Blu-ray discs. That’s my plan.

Sure many guys like us who understand the ripping process and how to convert the video will go that way or rip and burn to BD-R. But that is only a minority of all users (my 29 year old brother doesnt understad what ripping of a DVD is…lol so he buys DVDs he likes and most likely will do so with Bluray.). Same as with DVDs ppl who know how to rip and copy DVDs will go to the rentals and rip the disc and return the disc same day to safe on rental fees (friend of mine has his laptop in his car and rips the dvd in the parking lot of the rental shop and returns the disc right after ripping…) and later burn to DVD and build their own DVD library…but the majority of users will buy the discs and build their own library…same will hapen to Bluray. Well that is formovies they like to keep…

About price of Bluray being more expensive than DVD…remember when movies where released on VHS and DVD? DVD used to cost more than VHS (well at least in JP) and even rental fees for DVD where higher than VHS but ppl went with DVD because of the better quality and usability. Since the transition to HDTV will happen ppl will sooner or later become aware of the superior quality of movies in HD and drop DVD for bluray as they did with VHS in the past…

@ koba
"friend of mine has his laptop in his car and rips the dvd in the parking lot of the rental shop and returns the disc right after ripping".

LOL. How can you go back to the store 12 minutes after renting a DVD and say “thanks” with a straight face? What if it’s a slow day and his last two customers were the SAME GUY. I can just see the expression on his face. Too friggin’ funny.

I made the mistake of buying 650 movies on DVD. They cost me $12,000. I’m not going to make that mistake again. I’ll buy a Blu-ray ROM drive ($150) and an NMT ($260) and throw a 1TB WD green drive in it ($150) and I’m all set.

WHat is NMT?