Blu-Ray MKV

On my last thread I posted up about MKV converting, so now I have a question about blu-ray. I imported my blu- rays disc to my computer a few weeks ago, and I saw that the files are too big. I imported it with anydvd, and tried to shrink or compress it to a smaller size. I used Ripbot, yr_eac3to_more_gui.1.10.01, and BDedit. I have not had any luck finding a tutorial or program that would help. Any hints would help. Thanks!

All right, we are going to assume that you have the entire movie ripped to the hard drive, and for this first example, we will assume that the main movie is contained in a single m2ts file within the Streams folder.

You should download a program called Handbrake. It is free to use. Once you have it installed, open the program.

On the right side of the main window in Handbrake you should click on High Profile. Now, change the output file type from MP4 to MKV. At this point you are ready to import the video, so click on Source–>Video File and navigate to the largest m2ts file in the Streams folder of your blu ray movie.

Set your destination file by clicking on Browse at the end of that line.

This is what you should see at this point:

Now we change some settings in the Video tab. Click on Target Size and set the output size you want. If you are going to a single layer dvd, this should be about 4400 MB (4472 max). This is about as small as I would want to go when compressing blu ray video. 8100 MB would be the approximate size for a double layer dvd. I don’t know your intended target however.

Put a check mark in the box for 2-pass encoding and one in the box for Turbo first pass.

Next, click on the Audio tab and see the selection of audio streams. Since you are compressing, you may want to save space and not use a HD audio stream if that is an option. The preset in Handbrake will try to give you an AAC audio stream, since it is set to output MP4 files by default. You can change that to AC3 when making an MKV file if you are starting with AC3.

Look in Source in this Audio tab to check the original type of audio. You can set the type of audio you want and you can remove extra audio streams while in this section of the program

There are options here to work with subtitles as well, but blu ray subtitles are not simple. You might have to import them as an srt file.

You should be ready to start the encoding. Just click Start at the top of the window in Handbrake.

If your particular blu ray has the main movie split into several m2ts files, I suggest using ClownBD to extract the main movie only from your ripped blu ray. You can then use Handbrake to compress the movie to the size you want and output as an mkv file.