Blu-ray media



Are there any blu-ray blank media disk available for sale?


Where are you located? There are many stores that sell blank blu ray media.

In the US, you can look at stores like,,,…etc. If you want to get Japanese made media, I’d recommend going to and look through the selection. Shipping is fairly expensive though.


I am located in North West Florida.
Not many stores here to select from.
Best Buy, Sams, Office Depot, etc.


I haven’t seen [B]any[/B] good deals at the local stores. Best Buy should have some, but the only “reasonable” prices are found online.

For example:

or (this one includes shipping) This is the regular BD-R by the way. Newegg has the wrong description posted for them, as these are not LTH BD-R disks.

For now I’m using and recommending Verbatim BD-R disks, but not their LTH variety.


Thank you for your responses to my question.

I’ll try that web site that you recommended.


Are these LTH as well, because this is a better price, although shipping not included ?


^ The Verbatim disks you’ve linked at B&H are not the LTH disks. Good price depending on shipping costs.