Blu-Ray media sale at CompUSA

Memorex 2x-rated BD-R and BD-RE are 50% off this week, online and in stores, which makes both decent deals if you are into Blu-Ray burning already.

Memorex 2x Blu-ray Write Once BD-R Media, Single - $9.99
Memorex 2x Blu-ray Re-Write BD-RE Media, Single - $14.99

Memorex Blu-Ray media is made in Minneapolis and appears to be as good as any Blu-Ray media from Japan.

If you intend to buy this media from one of the 120+ closing CompUSA stores, call them first because closing stores may already be in liquidation and therefore not honor advertised prices.


I read on Cnet that Sony might have a $300 BR set-top player out by year’s end. Hopefully these drives and media will be within reach of the average CD Freak very soon! :clap:

get them memorex while they are still MIJ

MIJ Memorex? That’s a first. :eek:

I think Memorex used MIJ CD-R media back in the day (TY and Ricoh).

I just noticed that the discs are indeed made in Japan, like all other brands, Sony, Panasonic, TDK and Verbatim. They are “assembled” in USA. :slight_smile:

Welp, Blu-Ray discs are fairly new, no MIT yet

Some scans please :bigsmile:

Yes the Blu-Ray and HD Memorex are MIJ, for now anyway.

Supply me a burner and I’ll supply the media and scans. :flower:

I dont think there are any burners with the scanning capability just yet. And not really worth it to get blu-ray since most of the movies are using crappy format and thus translates into crappy picture quality. Most newer movies are using better format so it is worth it to wait. And $9 for a blank media, no thanks for me. I did spend $12 on the gold (gold recording layer, MIJ 2X, used on my scsi sony 2x caddy burner) Maxell CD-R in the old day just to record a CD and music CD back in the old day was around $9.99. The good old day, but now I am a bit older and smarter, I will wait for the price to drop

Ditto, I bought a PS3 and a BD dvd and the quality was very bad. Took the whole thing back for a refund. The PS3 would not upconvert DVDs and the conversion process for producing older movies in BD format is not that good yet for BD. I was expecting a drastic improvement on my new 1080P monitor and instead it was worse. Sure, the BD was a bad example of a movie, but that is what “ghetocowboy” is right on in his statement. Stay clear of this stuff for a few more months. :iagree:


When the format war settles (BD vs HDDVD) ,major price drop occurs and the technology matures I will get the drive and media .
I would only pay 100$ for a drive and 2$ max for media , maybe next year or something :slight_smile:

etp, which Blu-ray movies did you watch/test? AFAIK not all Blu-ray movies made with the same HD quality.

The other day I was walking into our local Bestbuy with my 6 yrs old son and he suddenly stopped me. He was eyeing on a display of Open Season movie on a Sony 40" 1080p (forgot the model# but the price was $2-3K). I can see it’s feed from a Sony blu-ray player via HDMI. After a few minutes he said “Dad this is a different movie”. I can understand why he said that, it looks completely different compared to what we’ve watched at home in DVD. It’s like playing games with all settings enabled with high-end video card VS low settings from an onboard video.

X3-Last Stand (Blu-Ray)

I’ve seen that display too, it seems like they are always playing one CGI movie or another, I’m guessing they do this because they are probably the highest quality HD movies right now since it is a digital source that can be re-encoded @ 1920x1080 instead of being captured from film. kind of a dirty trick by the big corps. but it does look awesome…hopefully they learn how to properly encode/master BR/HD-DVD by the time players are in the $100-$200 range and blanks are <$1 :bigsmile:

And most Blu-Ray players are not true 1080P player, they use hardware decoder that is only 1080i capable then deinterlace the 1080P movie to 1080i then upsample it. This practice is seen in Toshiba A2 HD DVD player, Panasonic Blu-Ray Player, Samsung blu-ray player, pioneer blu-ray player. I am not sure if PS3 does the same thing or not. So not a good idea to jump on anything right now