Blu-ray media is here

TDK Blu-Ray 25GB 2x Re-writeable BD-RE at supermediastore.
$24.99. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanna see scans before I buy any. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanna see a 10,000 percent price drop before I buy any!!! In all honesty, I might consider it once prices drop some, but with all the copy protection crap and the fact that it is imbeded enough to delay release of products, I think I will hold off not only till others have tested to see how well they work, but also till prices drop quite a bit.
Off topic of the copy protection, I have to wonder how well a disk can be read that doesn’t have a protective cartrige, with such high data density, and the same polycarbonite disk material. I’m defanatlly going to be sitting back not buying this for a while (fine so I couldn’t aford it anyway, but I would still sit back and wait even if I could afford it).

So instead of paying X amount of money to get a Blu-ray disc, you want to get paid 99 times X amount of money and have the Blu-ray disc for free?

Good luck with that! :stuck_out_tongue:

lol Me too. I learned my lesson with dvdr and wait and watch and wait and watch :wink:

looks quite [I]cheap[/I] in states, i expect price a little more higher here, my guess is about 35$. is there any BR drive avaible on the US market?

I personally don’t think it’s that expensive for a [B]RW[/B] disc of 25GB, considering it’s a new thechnology!
I’m also surprised that the first BD disc I see is an RW model…

So lower price could be expected for write-once media? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also one of the first bluray drives is soon available in europe/germany

Well YSS is going to buy a Bluray drive for shure…
He started buying Bluray discs without even having a drive yet…
Here is the link to the Discs he got.

hmm burning 25 gb at 2x?

Reference transfer rate (1X) for DVDR = 11.08 Mbits/s
Reference transfer rate (1X) for Blue-Ray = 54 Mbits/s

So 2X for Blue-Ray is (very) approximatively the same as 10X for DVDR. This is higly approximative as I have no clue, as yet, about the writing strategies.
If by chance 2X Blue-ray is CLV, then it’s actually much faster than 10X for DVDR.
Too lazy to perform more calculations :bigsmile:

Too much protections for my taste :doh:

[I]Right?[/I] :bigsmile:

From what i’ve seen, no doubt. :slight_smile:

1x BD is 36 Mbps. 54 Mbps (required for BD-video playback) is 1.5x. Burning a full SL BD-R/RE at 2x (72 Mbps) takes about 45 minutes.

For Europeans has Panasonic, Sony and TDK media listed although only Sony BD-RE seems to be available now:

You have no choice - I have heard from someone that all blank DVD media will be phased out in 1-2 years, so you will once again be FORCED to buy a new burner, new media - Luckily the next generation dvd players will still read your old DVDs, but eventually they will phase that out too so you are screwed either way :smiley:

I’m guessing that this is your source?!

What about the holographic drives?

Sure, we will only have CD-R and BD-RE left. :iagree:

Greg even without their assumed 75% reject rate of new formats, DVD’s are not going anywhere for a long time. Even switching over in 2 years the companies would have to be switching production equipment starting now to be ready. The world will be darn luckey or unluckey (depending on how you look at it) if the new formats even get off the ground by then if ever. The years of testing posted here continue to this day. 10’s of thousands of scans and comments means DVD itself is still not 100% yet. This whole process will have to start all over again but at $25 a pop not many people are going to be generating test discs with cd-speed and not many will be jumping in without that new scan data.

Protections yes but ill assume for personal data storage it won’t matter. :confused: It’s the lack of ability to make the discs and mostly the price that will likley kill it or at least put if off for 5 more years for main stream and no doubt the continuing disagreements over protections are putting a big dent in equipment production companies, many of which I think would just like to drop the whole idea compleatly because the markets are so uncertain. Blame Hollywood :iagree: