Blu Ray media in the United Kingdom UK

Where is the best place to purchase media in the UK? What places do you recommend?

Which media is low cost but decent quality?

I have used Aone DL DVD’s in the past and the quality was very poor and most had to be binned.

Blu Ray disks are quite expensive so I want to find some which have decent quality but with a low price.

There is a 10 pack of white Aone Blu Ray x4 25GB disks selling for £8.19 and the reviews by purchasers say they are okay. My past experience with Aone disks makes me very cautious of these. Are they worth considering?

I will be using them with a Pioneer BDR-206BK.

dont know about that, but ive brought Infiniti Bd25 at 11.95 many times and no problems at all with my liteonihbs and samsung bd player
check their site (wasnt so easy to find it the first time so i paste the link:)

Aone x4 10 pack @ £8.19 - or £9.62 inc del on fleebay.
These are selling them @£7.39+del of £3.09
Scan now have them back in stock@£8.03 and I could get the drive from there as well and get free delivery.
eBuyer Extra Value x4 10 pack @ £8.99 - I think Extra value means any type they can get so the manufacturer and disk is not guaranteed. The image shows a brand called Xenta which I have never heard of.
DataWrite x2? x4 10 pack @ £11.00 - eBuyer lists these as x2 speed but the carton suggests they are x4 speed.
RiDisc x4 10 pack @ £13.29 - a reviewer claims he was sent x6 speed disks instead of the x4 speed ones which he burnt at x8 speed.

I cannot edit the first post now and should of mentioned that I don’t need printable disks, just anything that works and as low priced as possible.

Delivery costs need to be considered as well. From eBuyer I can get the drive and then free delivery so experiences with the Aone disks I would especially like to hear about.