Blu-Ray media/data burn.Help!


i have a midspec notebook with just a standard dvd burner,it is not
HD-or bluray enabled.I hear that the bluray blank media dvds hold
upto 25gbs of data.Will it be possible for me to burn say 20Gbs of
music files(mp3,avi,wmv etc ) onto the bluray disc???I dont care about
quality or playing the files on anything but a notebook.But the appeal
is the huge amount of data these discs can store!better that than
burning onto multiple standard dvds.i know these blueray blank discs
are expensive at the mo,so dont want to buy some only to know
my drive wont burn anything onto them!any advice?

You will need a blu-ray burner for your laptop if you want to be able to burn (and read) blu-ray discs.

Yes you can burn up to 25GB on BD-R (write once) or BD-RE (rewriteable), or up to 50GB on BD-R DL or BD-RE DL.