Blu-ray mass adoption not likely until 2009

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Despite Blu-ray succeeding in winning the format war with the help of the PS3, according to a new report from Bernstein Research, mass Blu-ray adoption is predicted to not take place until Blu-ray…

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That’s what I do. Upscaling to 1080i and I hope I never have to buy Sony :r Blu-ray crap.

Good article, but I wish people would stop reporting that there was ANY HD war. A ‘war’ would’ve fought by consumers - but in the end Sony paid the studios to ‘be on their team’. Consumers did NOT choose. Shame they didn’t quite get the message that people don’t have HD TVs (most of which are crap anyway compared to the old CRT) - and furthermore don’t care about HD in general. Upscaling for the win !

Roses are red Violets are blue Sony is the devil I don’t care if this doesn’t rhyme

Bah! More Flu-Ray garbage… Nothing new to see here, move along now…

Sony can take this format and shove it up their mothers ***! The only way there will ever be mass adoption is when Sony has brainwashed all the stupid people into buying this crap, or pays the other studios to stop producing dvd’s (Watch, I bet this will happen) or the players are about $100 and the movies discs are $18. Otherwise any smart person will skip this cash grab and wait to see what the future brings.

Blu-Ray adoption is on the rise now though as I have seen some titles being released that are only in HD or BD. If they continue this market trend (it won’t surprise me) then they could force users or consumers to get BD players and movies, not that this would influence all but it would hit home to go with the flow. I prefer the U.S. to be a bit more like China and such…every 5 years the people must get the newest thing etc…(So I have heard). I am not one to say this sucks or that I look at things on all scales if it was HD that won the same thing would be happening there on that so it isn’t just a sony thing they just did the push comes to shove on the studios.

its been awhile since i made a post, but i have to make a few points. Why would any one want bluray for anything? Now i admit i knew Bluray would win and i supported it do to the only 2 choices. Fact is however holographic storage is out and that is the future of optical media, cheap high capacity discs but for backup. The true future is file download and hard drives. I have been convertering over to files for my videos and i have filed my music. My cds sit in a cabinet and are never touched. When i can get the HD storage i need i will bring them back out and rerip them uncompressed. Why would the industry even invent bluray when holographics been achieved and has a better future, the discs can get up to over 1 Terebyte why would you settle for a bluray which has a theoretical limit of 266B? i think this site needs to be speaking more on holographic and downloads without DRM then anything else. These companies are seeing what we discuss, tell them, complain. dont just outright bash it does no good. And as for sony i was a huge fan and well they screwed up to much, and i am in the anti sony camp but i dont trash them every second i get. complain in the civil manner and to them. Flood there mail box or mail a spider or 2. :B

I have to disagree about the future being Hard Drives for video. Hard Drives crash to infrequently to trust your movie collection. Especially with more and more ISP’s incorporating caps and throttling. Could you imagine losing your 1TB movie collection and having to redownload it? (assuming the company you bought it from will let you?). I’d rather have a collection of physical discs, which as long as you treat them ok, aren’t going to spontaneously die. As for the article and thinking they’ll be 25% penetration by 2009… I don’t think so. They’re aren’t many players cheaper then a ps3, so you can buy a game console for the same price as a bluray player? they’ve gotta drop prices, and people really have to ramp up their hdtv purchases.

@Zod- well there is Windows Home Server or even a RAID setup that would safeguard your collection. It’s so nice to just pick a movie and watch, without having to get up and find a disc. Plus, if you go on vacation, you can transfer the movies you want to watch to a laptop or burn to DVD-RW or put on a flash drive for a PMP.

I wouldn’t get blue ray if they gave the players recorders & media away for free… blue ray screws the consumer. Might as well put them in the landfill where they belong and on to the next format. By the time the format would get market acceptance… consumers will be yearning for something better with higher data capacity.

ScrewBlueRay wrote “I wouldn’t get blue ray if they gave the players recorders & media away for free… blue ray screws the consumer.” Don’t worry you’re not getting it for free…just move on and get a life.

Posted by micro$soft (guest) on Sunday 27 April 2008 17:16 ScrewBlueRay wrote “I wouldn’t get blue ray if they gave the players recorders & media away for free… blue ray screws the consumer.” Don’t worry you’re not getting it for free…just move on and get a life." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Actually, I can see this is one of the few ways that Bluray could catch on and I would not be surprised if it is being nervously discussed, especially due to the agonisingly slow adoption rate at present, coupled with the economic climate in the US- the main customer for these curiosities. I bet the investors for the Bluray lines are kicking themselves for getting tangled up in this mess. What with Sony and the cartel beginning to put the screws on everyone that shelled out the big bucks to become an early adopter of this questionable format. You COULD get a Bluray player for free or at much reduced cost, if there were versions designed to push ads into your home, targeted ads, through the Internet connection port, available on players, that are based on your rentals or even ad supported Bluray disc “films” that people might actually purchase for a much reduced cost than even DVD. And it could be done easily with the sophisticated DRM bundled with each and every Bluray player. On television, the ad sources are getting smart. My company wont even use television ads any more, since the arrival of TIVO and other time shifting devices. They might just place an ad on a disc that they thought would most likely not be skipped over. :X Of course, this would be great for those of us that are familiar with Slysoft products! :d If they don’t do something to get the cost cut by several hundred percent, this format is going to wither and die on the vine. Right now, due to the complexity of the product, burdened with so many DRM restrictions and checks, they simply can’t provide a product at a competitive cost any other way. Hell, even the discs are deadly expensive to produce and have to be subsidised! Why not let the sponsor subsidize them? :S
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People…Just buy an NMT based media server and grab x264 rips. That way you don’t give any money to Sony. And if you already have a BD-Rom drive, which some of us do, you can play ALL BluRay discs including ALL raw BluRay 1080p ES video streams and HD audio streams(via LPCM) and for HALF the cost of a PS3 and you’re NOT giving money to Sony. :S :S