Blu-ray Managed Copy coming next year

I just posted the article Blu-ray Managed Copy coming next year.

Allowing consumers to make one copy of their Blu-ray discs will be required for all discs beginning in the first quarter of next year if a new licensing agreement becomes official.

The mandate is…

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This is just one more smoke screen to make us think they’re giving us what we want. AnyDVD rocks.

I actually have to agree with you Duke. I am a BD fan as well but this is a smoke screen.

Thanks, Doc. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this feature was built into the HD DVD spec from day one. Who are they trying to impress?

Well sort of correct HD-DVD wasn’t near a pain to make a backup if I remember right. I am sure if this passes you’ll be getting movie only minus the extra audio that may be wanted and such to I bet.

One other thing the writer forgot to mention. This will be required for all discs EXCEPT Fox movies. This is why Fox didn’t jump on HD DVD, because they wanted an extra layer of protection (BD+) so NO ONE can make a copy of any of their movies.

Of course, since BD is the only player in town now, I guess they can tell Fox to suck it then…

Can you see the poor soul that thinks he/she can make a backup only to be told “This title has made it’s limit of copies” and it just being out of the celephane wrapper. Heh, protect protect protect, and from who…

It doesn’t matter what they do, because SlySoft will undo it.

I love Slysoft for that. Minutes after the new code hits the store shelves it’s broken. Ha!!

My daughter loves the sheep eating popcorn :wink:

Fascist control freaks.

I sure as hell will backup whatever I like as many times as I want.

Right on, brother.