Blu-ray machine sales exceed forecasts



I just posted the article Blu-ray machine sales exceed forecasts.

A German manufacturer of Blu-ray machines, Singulus Technologies, announced that its sales exceed the company’s forcasts. With success in the first half of 2008, Singulus now expects more…

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Not from me. Sony won’t get a single cent to fund their rootkit and DRM crusade. I’ll stick with DVD until HD-DVD makes a comeback. If it doesn’t, the future is downloadable.


I’ll buy into this as soon as there is more titles out. As those of us that are movie buffs they can still open a can of worms and just quit DVD altogether. Then what? Oh that’s right according to cdfreaks poll how you get and backup your DVD’s there was like a 5% that bought, 15% that rented and a 80% of users that download P2P or torrents. That poll spoke loudly and I see users not even using fair use but stealing according to that poll.


Your name shows that you’ve probablty got a big problem with “downloading=stealing”. Really wish you guys would get into the current world: it ISNT STEALING. Look at it, it takes no inventory from them, they can just copy more and produce more. Stealing takes something from someone. If I couldnt get it for free its not like i’d buy it and honestly thts why they will never see me with a BLU player until DRM IS CRACKED. I probably wont get one anyways, unless HD-DVD comes back because there’s no way i’ll support Sony and their Rootkits. Never mind that upsampled DVD is pretty much exact as good as Blu-Ray. :r :r


umm drm is cracked for bluray isn’t it?


@ joeb0b “Sony won’t get a single cent to fund their rootkit and DRM crusade.” I like the cut of your jib. :slight_smile:


To steal= To obtain content that wasn’t given to you or bought. Downloading a DVD or movie isn’t given to you by a friend or relative. Example P2P’s usernet, torrents etc… these are the exact reasons (well part of it) why they are improving encryption as well. It isn’t all for the movie buff always. Download a movie = stealing, rather you would buy it or not. If you aren’t going to buy it then don’t download it. That is called stealing.