Blu-ray is projected to be the winner in EU

I just posted the article Blu-ray is projected to be the winner in EU..

The war over consumer entertainment continues and in Europe it appears to be moving towards Blu-ray. Speaking at the Blu-ray Disc Association last week, Jim Bottoms projected that by 2010, only…

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If it wasn’t for the DRM I’d have high def right now. Especially the broadcast flag they WANT.

Can’t we just go back to VHS? VHS movies are now down to $2 each. Yay !! :wink:

I am completely neutral ob blue lasers war , and o I wish CDFreaks would be, at least you should be more careful naming your topics. After all even I can tell that Blue Ray association will not call someone to speak in their favor.

What would you expect the person from the BD Association to say? It would be nice to get some opnions with some logic and reasoning behind them instead of the wishes and feelings from folks that have ties to either side of the battle.

The Blu-ray camp is full of wishful thinking and hot air. Industry support doesn’t ensure longevity or market acceptance for that matter. Sony should remember the beta vs VHS fiasco before it starts claiming any type of victory.

Yeah, Sony remembers the Beta v. VHS fiasco very well. It also remembers that, back then, it was Sony v. the rest of the World. This time it’s Toshiba v. the rest of the World… Also, we don’t need opinions either biased or not. We need facts. And the facts, however painful they may be to the anti-Sony crowd is that HD-DVD has very, very little chance of being successful over here, in Europe. The numbers are leaning towards Blu-Ray and I don’t see how this will change.

“Yeah, Sony remembers the Beta v. VHS fiasco very well. It also remembers that, back then, it was Sony v. the rest of the World. This time it’s Toshiba v. the rest of the World…” Typical wishful thinking from a Sony fanboy. Toshiba v. the rest of the world? Oh really? Here’s an incomplete list of companies who support HD-DVD. Canon Digital Theater Systems Fuji Fujitsu HP Hitachi Maxell Intel JVC Kenwood Konica Minolta Memory-Tech Microsoft Mitsubishi Electronics New Line Cinema Paramount NEC Sanyo Toshiba Universal Pictures Warner Home Video Some of the big names to note are Intel, Microsoft, Paramount, Universal and Warner. Also worth noting is that a lot of companies support BOTH formats. Also, in the past 12 months Sony and the BD crowd have announced three times, yes THREE times that BD has won the next gen war. They think if they keep wishing it, it will come true. Consumer are smart, they’re not going to fall for this kind of crap. Then you wonder why people hate Sony so much, when they keep pulling this kind of trick. I would also like to say to the people from Europe who post here, please stop acting like Americans. You seem to think, just as Americans do, that your region of the world is the deciding factor. “If it’s winning in Europe, it’s winning in the entire world.” is your attitude. Also, I very very much doubt that BD has 72% of the market in Europe. Just because the PS3 launched in Europe recently doesn’t mean BD has automatically won. In fact, the PS3 is sinking faster than a Titanic made of lead. It’s been selling horribly in the Americas and even in its home country, Japan. I have no doubt it will sell even worse in Europe, due to crippled hardware, lack of games, and an astronomic price tag. So I wouldn’t count HD-DVD out just yet.

@ Kashim Well said, brother. :slight_smile: