Blu-ray is dead - heckuva job, Sony!



Blu-ray is in a death spiral. 12 months from now Blu-ray will be a videophile niche, not a mass market product.




Anyone who was paying attention to the details already knew that HD-DVD was the format that stood the best chance of long-term success in competing against DVD. Unless or until the BD movie catalog increases 10-fold at prices equal to DVD, the format is doomed. And none of the low-end distributors that make up 75% of the 2-300 DVD titles releasing weekly will ever be able to afford BD costs. These are the $10 titles that make up a huge percentage of the real profit in DVDs. All this writing was on the wall years ago, but Sony can’t read.


When it comes to Sony, never underestimate their ability to screw up a good opportunity.


Lol … Betamax all over again :slight_smile:
If bluray dies, I wonder what wonderful technology sony will have up their sleeves :wink:


[QUOTE=debro;2149153]Lol … Betamax all over again :slight_smile:
If bluray dies, I wonder what wonderful technology sony will have up their sleeves ;)[/QUOTE]

I think they’re already looking into monopolizing flash memory chips as a medium for entertainment content.


Flash memory chips? Uber-Compact little squares with a USB interface or otherwise.
Hmm . I wonder what’s worse for the environment … polycarbonite production, or silicon production :slight_smile:
And ongoing costs as far as reading/writing - Mechanical mechanisms versus flash RAM :slight_smile:


The problem with blu-ray: it doesn’t meet the new technology requirements to become mainstream. It has to be [I]better[/I], [B]cheaper[/B], and [B]smaller[/B].

It would seem to me that flash memory chips would be ideal assuming you could get blu-ray quality. Hopefully, it would avoid the replication monopoly and copy protection surcharge ($3000 per disc right now for Beta-Ray.) Flashing these could be done by the distributor instead of having to send to a replicator… everyone would use the same blank chips, so they could be made cheaper since there would be no need for specific glass mastering that is expensive with beta-ray.


The sequel:


Lol … I remember that scathing review of Vista by some New Zealand Scientist that couldn’t turn on his computer :iagree:
Pessimists will always be right & be able to red-circle some aspect about anything - and CD’s took about 5 years to take off … DVD’s took 6-7years before they became popular.

HDTV will take 5 years too … and it’s entering mainstream awareness now … that means bluray is entering awareness too.


Ermm what? I did, and wrote it here almost 2 years ago (article in Greek sorry). And i am sure many of us here knew that if BD would come out of the “war” the winner it definetely had no time/chance to make it to the market, as CDan already said. Streaming is just around the corner…

Now really, is this guy who/what he says he is/was??? Geez


7 months on …


People still want a hard copy so download streaming was never a winner in my book but I too thought that USB or memory cards were going to win. I still do too. In Texas they have 3 block busters I hear and they are testing the USB ordeal.


I want full hd video and sound, till they can do that cheaply and in a way that it wont blow up in a month I’ll stick with disks of some sort. I went purple right after HD-DVD gave up and still have double the HD-DVD’s vs Blu Ray as they were always cheaper and look just as good for the most part.
Now I’m mainly archiving my HD TV stuff to AVCHD becuase that’s the player and format most people own and tsMuxer does the conversion very quickly, before that I burned to HD-DVD with the same quality as the originals in either format to DVD.