Blu-ray hits Australia, JB Hi-Fi stocks Blu-ray only

I just posted the article Blu-ray hits Australia, JB Hi-Fi stocks Blu-ray only.

Blu-ray has officially launched in Australia, receiving support from 20 Australian companies, including the retail giant JB Hi-Fi, according to iTWire. As seven Hollywood leading studios and…

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Uhmm… Suddenly there seems to be a total drought of good news for the HD-DVD fans. Lately we can only read about Blu-Ray advancing… It must suck to be on the anti-Sony bandwagon. :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t despair people, you can do like me and stay with good’ol DVD.

So that means Japan and Australia are confirmed BluRay markets. That leaves Europe and North America only for HDDVD… but HDDVD is losing ground to BluRay in North America every month, and Europe is getting closer and closer to the PS3 launch, which is what single handedly reversed the war in North America, in favour of BluRay.

Oh well , if you saw the total selection of titles available at JB Hi Fi , which consists of one small card board rack , none of the movies on display did all that well at the box office or are the ones to inspire additional sales. But then again , back at amazon of the total shown to be available for retail sale , far less then the number of fingers on ones hand leap out and grab ones attention , the rest are also rans and were literally mostly dogs at the box office! The current choices of decent movies for use in todays overpriced players is very limited and restricted to say the least! As with all new untried and untested technology , you pays your money and takes your choice! Now then , if the the MPAA fellow members offered a free exchange of all DVD/HDDVD titles , then maybe they may just have a winner! Only time will tell! , although Moore’s Law is showing that a superior alternative is not all that far away either:r

don’t think JB Hi Fi could represent the whole australia market is bluray just because they stock bluray player. What about Binlee, Harvey Norman, Good Guys, Retrivision chains? they are much biger than JB. yeah, only time will tell.

p.s. the above Harvey Norman etc are only stores that sell the players not the software ! A quick Google shows JB Hi Fi , arch rival EZYDVD has approximately 60 plus titles listed for sale by special request pre order only with many showing as out of stock unavailable , so whilst you can buy the player you ain’t really got much choice in the what can be seen , as not much is available to be seen! , Sadly , on the 107 inch wide screen the compression anomalies are truly annoying and very irritating to say the least , and digital noise is very self evident! And just how many titles are available on both VHS and the plain DVD! Oh I do love the hype of the old chicken and egg argument of which came first , but given the pollution problems from the billions of the older DVD’s sold in this man’s world , those that replace that technology , should be made responsible to clean up and recycle the older technology they are replacing , lest we wish to turn the entire planet into one big garbage dump as per the BBC TV show “Red Dwarf”! :X

JB Hi-Fi are a small franchise in Australia with only a limited presence in major capital cities. I hardly think their braindead decision to stick with Blunt-ray is cause foi concern. HD DVD has made some inroads here as far as titles go but its Sony’s marketing clout that has got Blunt-ray more exposure. yet Sony seems to be winning the PR war in this