Blu-ray help



Hi folks,

First post here, and I would be grateful if i could receive a little help

First off I hope I am posting this in the correct forum

I have just purchased a Sony laptop and with it came a copy of the new Star Trek movie in the format of an M2ts file

I wanted to watch this on my Phillips blu-ray player so I burned a copy to a dvd disk, however now I know that my blu-ray player does not support this format

So really what I am asking, is there anyway to convert this file ( I don’t know what type of file to convert it to ) and burn it to a dvd disk, and will the quality be anywhere near the original M2ts file?

I don’t have a blu-ray burner, that is why I am wondering if the quality can still be kept with watching on a dvd disk

Thanks very much in advance


Hi [B][I]misled[/I][/B]: welcome to MyCE. :slight_smile:

Since you posted twice about the same thing I’ve moved the thread which has a reply to the High Definition Content forum (here), and closed this one. Please let’s keep identical questions to the one thread; thanks.