I can’t seem to find much info about any forthcoming offerings on BL of HD drives for computers, cost, cost of media, sizes etc. OK I have read here and there about this and that but nothing that gives an ‘overall’ picture of how it’s going to play out.

Maybe I missed it on this board? Search results are a bit hit & miss from what I can tell.



do you really want DRM-crippled hardware?
As far as I know, both types of drives didn’t hit the market, because the copy protection- and DRM-schemes aren’t yet ready.

There should be some articles on about that.



The only thing you could do with one at the moment is make 30GB data discs, and $20 coasters. As far as we can see, there will not be any HiDef video content available that will allow burning discs, although this may change to allow 1 copy if you validate your ownership online.


Blu-ray and HDDVD, I think, will both die quickly.

There will be the odd one or two people that will get them to go with their HDTV equipment and then find that they wont work together due to different connecters and the need to spend $600 on a converter that is needed to bypass the DRM c**p. There is so much DRM wrapped up in them that even the studio’s are now re-thinking things (

Persoanlly they have locked the format down so much that even looking at the disc will cause failure to play on a set-top box for fear that you have a video camera pointed at the screen. I would not put it past them to stop set-top drives playing recordable discs because you could have copied an original movie onto it.

As always, this is my personal opinion and is probably total b***ks


any one want it?

all is made in japan,and now.but just in a simple factory packing

i have many to sell :stuck_out_tongue:

the price is about 120$ :flower:

the details from cdinfo::

"The NEC HD DVD Multireader HR-1100A is the first drive that is capable of reading the HD-DVD format. HD DVD media are read at 2x speed. DVD minus and DVD plus media can be read at up to 8x DVD speed, as well as rewritable and dual-layer DVDs. It can also read DVD-RAMs at 5x speed. Finally, the HD-DVD Multireader delivers a 32x CD speed as a CD-ROM drive. According to NEC, a combination device that writes CDs and DVDs will be sold starting in May. The Japanese company has also announced its first HD DVD-/DVD-/CD burner for July. The first list price for the HD-DVD drive will be probably below the original target of €500. "

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Activation failed to make Windows the least profitable software in the world. Hardware makers and entertainment industry involved with Blu-ray and HD DVD will continue to evolve as they have for decades to compete against other emerging, at much faster rate, technologies.