Blu-ray/HD DVD unification talks in deadlock

I just posted the article Blu-ray/HD DVD unification talks in deadlock.

reports telling Sony and Toshiba were close to an agreement of a unification of
the Blu-ray Disc format and the HD DVD format turned out to be wrong
and the negotiations are now in a…

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“both sides are loggerheads” No way, just because Toshiba won’t admit BluRay is superior doesn’t mean Sony is a loggerhead. What is a loggerhead anyway? A loggerhead :d

HD-DVD should fade away and we should keep BluRay. Like all high tech the price will fall pretty quickly. DVD burners were $700 when new and now $50 so BluRay is the way to go.

Which one of two on the pic ?:slight_smile:

simple 0.1 + 0.6 = 0.7 divide by 2 and you get 0.35 both sides happy :slight_smile:

there’s room for two. And more :slight_smile: Bring more formats in. Or a total outsider with technology & price that crushes them both.

Anyone else predict this? I saw this coming a mile away. The “unification” talks were always a joke in my opinion. More of a publicity stunt. I knew that neither side would abandon their “brainchild” .

Well that’s a bit to fast. It was not a publicity stunt at least from Sony’s side. Still Sony did overpresent it a little. Both parties agree on most stuff except there are a few big bumps and the one mentioned here is one of the really problematic ones. Both parties have there good reasons in this case to choose 0.1 or 0.6 mm. (0.35 hasn’t so that’s why it not so simple as counting up and takeing the halves.) Also 1 format means in the end better profit for both parties in the long run that is. So that’s why abadoning is a option and both sides are interested.

Doesn’t a short distance like 0,1mm to data surface make blu-rays much more sensitive to scratches?

not if TDK’s coating is used

>>> not if TDK’s coating is used

Hmm… I wouldnt mind having 0.6 mills TDK coated. The problem is with 10x more bits and bytes per disk chances are 10x more data is destroyed with the same scratch (compared to DVD). Whereas it may be handled by a video player, it ll just skip a few frames, it may be critical for data storage, such as in medicine. For me personally, i would be p_ssed it it was my photo album or a favourite movie. I m in favour of higher data capacity, but it must not come for the price of neither reliability nor manufacture costs. (now the double layer is still reaches 10 bucks, and they say its ok to have 8 of those). Any way, my prediction is HD-DVD will gradually gain more support from general public: cost, hybrid dvd/ hd-dvd, reliability, more familiar name (my granny still uses “cassette” for anything can be played):slight_smile: