Blu-ray, HD-DVD or something else?



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The only thing certain in the current format debate is that the consumer isn’t biting on what the industry and studios hoped they would, and in so doing, make HD-DVD or Blu-ray a clear winner. …

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“While there are some indications HD-DVD might take some kind of lead,” But BluRay just declared themselves the winner, didn’t you hear? :B


There was also an article by a Ron Enderle declaring the ‘format war’ over about a week ago. There’s a lot of claims indeed.


Even limited budgets households will get HDTV, eventually. Look how many poor households have cable these days. In the USA being poor today is a higher standard of living than it was 80 years ago.


Most everyone will stick with DVD. It’s going to take a lot more than this to get anywhere with the general public.


Trust me on this, a lot of consumers are not technically inclined to buy all the necessary equipment and operate it to play these next gen formats. I know a lot of people back in the day that had a problem programming their vcrs for pete’s sake. The industry just succeeded in getting just about everyone over to a DVD format and that took nearly a decade. The only reason DVD made it was the fact that your existing equipment could play the format, i.e. SD TV more importantly.


There is already another kid in the block, able to support 1920 x 1080, called HD VMD and said to be “cheaper”, have a look here:


This is crazy. I’m waiting for this war to be over. I blame the movie studios for going along with this crap. They had a chance to nip this in the bud and they didn’t. Now we have two competing formats. Absolutely no standardization. … :r

[Editor’s note: I agree that this was some kind of “look before you leap” from the studios, but still we don’t allow profanity. Sorry.]

#9 - a little more info on agomes’s post, including codecs and specs. To me it looks like a sound alternative. In india they claim to sell a player 10 movies bundle for just $299! the player apperantly supports chinese HD EVD as well as DVD. No output restrictions either. I think this will win the war as easily as xvid and mp3 did (initially known to pc geeks only)


Absolutely right!. My grandson, at 4 years old, cracked one of his movie DVDs while removing it from the case. My grandaughter, now 4 years old, has also cracked one. I feel that that it is my DRM to make a backup copy of all there legally purchased movie DVDs. I won’t be buying them movies that I can’t backup. Slim


1st of all, everone should interested read this Some Very strong arguments why HDDVD will win and blu-ray will only survive as a storage medium. Read the links on the article too. Also, PS3’s are easy to find and not flyoing off the shelves (according to many retailers) That aside, we need an optical format, or at least some physical format, this is 100% certain. I want to OWN my movie, be able to put it in a player in any room in my house and bring it to a friends house to watch it. This idea of IPTV or other VOD service with the movies being downloaded and only existing on some hard drive storage is ridiculous ! And that aside, what about the masses that aren’t connected to the IPTV and VOD services ?


i agree on that, the whole US OF A doesn’t have High speed internet. Physical discs are best. Ip based stuff limits.


IPTV would have a chance if it was peer to peer and cell phones were aggragating on 1TB flash all day, but the suits don’t want to give consumers that much control. They insist on serving IPTV from central locations, which just won’t work unless we pay up a huge amount for the bandwidth. IPTV would be the future, if only enough people could make the $840/year for broadband + subscription fees for IPTV service. Physical media is still the only one you don’t have to keep up with a monthly fee on and which doesn’t require additional services solely to transport it.


Wow! Great input, heroineworshipper! I hadn’t noticed the price tag they wanted to put on IPTV, but that would make it prohibitive as a ‘valid’ offering. :stuck_out_tongue:


HD-DVD has won. The porn industry has decided to go with HD-DVD, for a few reasons. Can you believe Sony will not allow porn on blu-ray ? That killed blu-ray right there. If you think I am joking, know that the porn industry sells many times more DVD’s than all studios hollywood combined.


I could see why the porn industry would have a lot of say so, with the billions they sell. Directly related to HD-DVD, I am inclined to believe HD-DVD is the front runner, as the Ron Enderle article made a very convincing case for Blu-ray only for data storage and PS3 games. However, I could not be 100% certain, as it seemed to me ‘too early to call’ still at the time of the article. I’m with you ivid, that HD-DVD probably will come out on top, since it is the lower cost option of the two basically.