Blu-ray & HD DVD get the go-ahead with AACS agreement

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 After  worries about Blu-ray and HD DVD being delayed due to the AACS final specs failing to reach an  agreement, the negotiators have managed to reach agreement on Wednesday on  an interim...
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hmm, we be looking, just in time for Xmas '06, as a product present must have item (primitive first gen versions no earlier then june if lucky, but closer to year end!, with sony possibly throwing in as a bonus mostly unsold PSP UMD discs, just to get rid of them from unsold stock storage!) Oh well, looks like christmas '06, wil be any extremely interesting eclectic volatile mix worldwide indeed! Ah, choices , don’t you love them! :S

HD camcorders are already cheap and widespread.

Stupid industry, there will allways be piracy, if they think they can stop it by doing all this stuff. PFFTTT. They are better of letting consumers decide, of course if piracy was 80-90% (as in vietnam) this would be a problem, but most people still buy products. Sigh.

are blue-ray and hd-dvd gunna use 1080p or 1080i then?

1920x1080p24 is the standard for both formats, although the first generation of HD-DVD players won’t be able to output 1080p.