Blu-ray/HD-DVD combo: Plextor launches PX-B300SA



I just posted the article Blu-ray/HD-DVD combo: Plextor launches PX-B300SA.

Plextor is first in the market to offer a combo DVD- Rewriter that also plays Blu-ray and …

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Come back when they have a rewriter that also writes to both formats.


Before Saying Plextor is the first, Please check the LG GGC-h20L, CCW-H20L and GGW-H10NI Some of which can currently be purchased, and have been for quite a while.


Lets wait and see from which brand this is plextor is a rebadge… so we can buy it 3x cheaper :B


By the specs it pools to be a re-badge of the LG GGC-H20L. The only question is whether the software will, in fact, play HD and BD movies.
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As other posters have said… the LG GGC-H20L has been available for a while and is doing a splendid job in my system :stuck_out_tongue: