Blu-ray/HD DVD combo discs due early 2008

I just posted the article Blu-ray/HD DVD combo discs due early 2008.

Warner Home Video which launched the Total HD brand back in January plans to launch its Blu-ray / HD DVD combo discs early 2008 according to the US trade paper Video Business, going by this…

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I’m still holding out hope that by next year it will be clear that these discs won’t be needed anymore.

yeah i really think holographic is the way, and its very upgradeable compared to other optical techs. they need to stop and dump the HD discs and wait, they are in such a rush to bleed money from the consumer that they dont plan for future use and capacities. CDs should have been 1.3 GB not 700MB, that way you could have had 48K sampling rate and a better recording time, and the Double density cd did come out in mid 80’s if im correct and that should have been our cd, not what we have now. so sad they cant get things right.

All this is going to do is confuse the consumer even more. Joe Six pack is only now starting to get some idea of what “Blu-ray” and HD DVD are all about. By throwing more confusion into the mix these manufacturers are pissing off would-be adopters of HD content.

>but instead just needs to ensure they load the disc the >correct way up depending on whether they have a Blu-ray >or HD DVD player. Correct Way to load…??? Is a new double face crap mediaformat !?

And it will be as annoying as a flipper DVD. Atleast we can burn a BD copy for safety :slight_smile:

I don’t know, I’m pretty close with the guys at InPhase who are behind holographic media/drives, and although it’s a very awesome technology, I don’t think it will EVER become mainstream for movie distribution or home recording. Consumers have high storage capacity flash memory to look forward to :B

Dolphinius_Rex: I also am close to InPhase and they are positive they are not the next consumer line. They are professional grade only. I can’t believe Warner would waste so much money on a disc no one will want. If they have a blu-ray drive they’ll buy the blu-ray version, if they have a hd-dvd drive, they’ll buy the hd-dvd version. If they’re educated and have money, they’ll have blu-ray, if they’re educated and don’t have money, they’ll be saving up for blu-ray. Who wants a format that won’t carry 80% of the movies released?? Why don’t people see that. Its like if you sign up for netflix so you can watch their streaming content not their discs… their streaming content sucks and hardly holds any movies, that’s like hd-dvd.

The reason for the delay is probably related to the discs failing environmental tests. Since the physical properties of BluRay and HD DVD are very different, the disc probably warps and twists under test conditions.