Blu-ray, HD-DVD and Managed Copy; what does it mean to us?

I just posted the article Blu-ray, HD-DVD and Managed Copy; what does it mean to us?.

 Recently,  there has been a bit of wrangling and hoopla over both of the new blue laser  high definition optical formats, specifically on just how the new copy  protection would be implemented...
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End of fair use rights!:r

Easy just avoid tell your friends to Avoid. But be warned People on this very Site and ones like it will and are going to Betray the cause because a “Geek” must have it.
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The Managed Copy element of the new formats could be what prevents them from ever being widely accepted. In an age when we are all snapping up portable media players - and ever more so portable video players - the inability to dub to a portable device is unacceptable. IMHO we should be glad that HD DVD has made in mandatory. In this respect the format has a significant consumer advantage over BluRay (one the BluRay fans boys are yet to realise). However if, as suggested, we have to end up paying extra to do even a single dub then I think it is quite likely people will look for other distribution models, i.e. downloads legal or otherwise… Until BluRay supports mandatory Managed Copy it is as worthless as a consumer format as UMD discs.

@jamesL I don’t inderstand why you are glad that HD-DVD calls for mandatory managed copy. If a DRM is applied to a disc, surely this costs money and then this cost is passed on to the consumer, so even if they do not charge for my backups, or streaming or transcoding, I am still paying. Paying for something that is supposed to be my legal right. It seems to me that if the formats are not adopted due to this mandatory DRM stance, then the industry will have nowhere to turn as they will not be able to supply discs that can be used in the way most modern day consumers want, unless they change the spec or pass on the cost of managed copy to the consumer. The old saying “at first it’s free” applies here as well. I am afraid to support a tech that can come along later and pull the rug out from under me. Of course, this can always happen no matter what, but at least the groundwork is not laid in advance of the launch. At least Bluray does not make it mandatory so there is choice for the industry. If this makes me a “fan boy” then so be it. But I am really interested in your logic on this one. :slight_smile: I know you know a lot about this stuff.

Crabby - >>>> I don’t inderstand why you are glad that HD-DVD calls for mandatory managed copy

Thank You! You make a good point. Now I understand!! :slight_smile:

Want to know how to get exactly what you want - a format worth supporting? Avoid the formats. It’s quite simple. Managed Copy: two-carefully chosen words that just mean Restricted Copy. That restricted copy is what you get at format introduction. It will cease to exist later, you can bet on it. Both formats will look damn alike then. You will have NO choice. Then they’ll have their installed base - and they’ll have total control over what you can and can’t do. Don’t choose to participate. Don’t become another statistic fattening their wallets and paying their legal and politician fees to change the laws; laws clearly used against you - make no mistake - targeting you explicitly for what was your right. The companies will stop at nothing to trample all over your rights if you let them. But they need you; they need you to give them permission. They need your money. Do not buy their content. Do not buy their hardware. It’s amazing what people will accept if, one-by-one, their rights are taken away in bite-sized pieces. People often only accept when they feel powerless. But guess what? We’re not powerless. All companies and “bright ideas” crumble with enough public outcry. All of them. Think of Sony DRM rootkit CDs. Now think of something 10x worse on the horizon. Will YOUR money be going to them, so you can spend a few moments in HD? Is it worth it?

DIVX 7: !! Rip from Blue Ray/HD, on a DVD without any losses of quality!:+:S The futur is here!:B

All companies and “bright ideas” crumble…Lol…Nice statement, I just finished watching threads. Gawd I feel good.:S

Chances are few of these extra features will even be used. DVDs have the ability to create on-the-fly pan-and-scan versions of widescreen content, but did any studio fiddle with that feature? No. It is unused. Similarly, all these ideas about making extra content available online, and making managed copies, won’t be worth the studio’s efforts. They’ll just release films on DVD, period. And yeah, they’ll be copy protected too. Difference for the average consumer? Nothing.

Actually, there was at least one DVD released early on using the OTF P&S/WS, I just don’t remember what it was. I was working in retail and someone wanted to return it because he wanted widescreen and it played P&S. I played it on our demo player and it was WS. Happened that he had the same model, so we went into player menus, I set to 4:3 P&S, and it played P&S.