Blu-ray has several hurdles must jump in 2009



I just posted the article Blu-ray has several hurdles must jump in 2009.

Sony has had anything but smooth sailing since its Blu-ray format handily dispatched Toshiba’s competing HD DVD format prior to CES last year. Sales of both standalone Blu-ray players and…

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Great interview. Very insightful. Always interesting to hear what a Forrester analyst has to say too.


blu ray discs are stupid expensive. how about changing that first?


Wow! This is a very good interview and speaks to a lot of what we have been saying here. It hits about every pertinent point.


Crabby: Yep, most of you guys have been right on so far! I figured giving some of the doubters an official insight into the industry by an analyst would help them learn a little bit more.

I have another interview pending for after the holidays, so we’ll see what happens. :wink:


Blu-ray is living on borrowed time. The wise will bypass it completely, much like people are giving Vista the flick.


I don’t know about borrowed time. Sony will just throw more money at it like they did with the PS3 and throwing 3 billion down the drain. I think it will stay but they have a long road ahead and more money to throw at the problem.


I agree, I say until Blu-Ray reaches the magic $129 price a price tag that new released DVD upconverter players use to get (now they’re $39-49 including 1080p), I will not purchase one.

I wish HD-DVD won because Toshiba was looking out for the consumer, SONY is more concerned with profiting themselves out debt.

Seems only the generic no-name Blu-Ray players are at $200 but that’s a gamble as they might fail, plus they have a 3 year old specification version 1.1.

Blu-Ray 2.0 is still greater than $349 dollars.


@shaolin007, can i just point out, that sony do not own the blu-ray format and there is more than the sony corporation, that is behind the format, so why do you always feel the need to have a go at sony? either you have a xbox360 or you have had a DRM problem in the past i bet!:stuck_out_tongue:


Great discussion. Really helps a novice like me.



Not buying a blu-ray and none of my friends will be either. I think all of us are waiting for digital streaming media (sans DRM) to finally take over.

Either way, we all have video capture cards, so anything we stream can ultimately be catelogued.

I think this idea of streaming/storing data is truly what the consumer wants, and I can only speak for my group of tech-savvy friends, but this is what we’ve decided to hold out for.


repeat after me…not going to happen!

bandwidth is no use for streaming media, so dream on!