Blu-ray gets picture in picture feature - also on PS3

I just posted the article Blu-ray gets picture in picture feature - also on PS3.

How about a talking director in a seperate picture while you are watching a movie? According to some this is where you are waiting for and picture in picture is going to bring this. The feature known…

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Not a selling point. This will not convince me to upgrade from DVD.

I will go from DVD to BluRay just for the extra space in backing up files on my hard drive.

This is just more happy horses**t to justify spending all that money for a Blu-Ray player. It won’t work for me. I just want to watch the movie and be done with it. I don’t care about seeing and/or hearing anybody else’s opinion/insight about the movie on screen or even in print, after I’ve already watched the movie, let alone while I’m watching it.

Whooptee do!! DVD already has audio commentary so why do you need PIP? To see the hand movements or something of the director? Who cares.

I hate extras with a passion. That’s why Superbit was so great (in the beginning), just kill the extras and use the space for a higher bitrate of the movie.

^A lot of people buy movies more for the extras than for the actual movie itself.