Blu ray from laptop to television

Hi, I am trying to play a blu ray dvd movie from my laptop ( MSI gt627 ) to a televsion. Polaroid 32" lcd with 2 hdmi ports. I plug in the HDMI cable to both units, turn on the TV to the correct “sub channel” (HDMI 1). Then I turn on the laptop. The laptops powers up and immediately windows pops up on my Television screen. Shortly after that, when WINDVD 9 comes on, The TV goes to a blue screen and says NO signal. The laptop on the other hand WILL play the movie. I’m not sure what I could be doing wrong here, ANY help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. When I go into Windvd setup, hardware acceleration IS checked but it is grayed out. I couldn’t tinker with this setting if I wanted to. It is also set to mirror mode but it is grayed out as well so I can’t tinker with that either. I’m kinda lost :a ty in advance for the any help.

the computer is vista 32 bit edition home premium

“No signal” might means your HDTV doesn’t support the resolution from the laptop. What is your laptop screen resolution?
Try setting display properties in your laptop to 720p or 1280x720 pixel.

thx for the response… I did try to drop the resolution down and it didnt change anything. I was just brain dead for awhile. I didn’t go into the display properties and tell the video card to send the image to the TV. WINDVD9 was set for that but not the card itself. Its amazing how sometimes if you just walk away from something for a little while and come back later, you have a much better chance of figuring out whats stumping you. :stuck_out_tongue: thx again