Blu-ray format wars could hurt an already timid audience



I just posted the article Blu-ray format wars could hurt an already timid audience.

It seems that some analysts and those in the know at big corporations, think Blu-ray is years off from becoming the successor to the DVD. Citing a five way battle in this article it seems…

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They made it one more time…old video recording lessons seem to have been forgotten!!! During the tape days we ended up with VHS that was far from being the best format, just wander what will happen now…but if we get HD screens the manufacturers will have a lot of people ready to spend the $$€€s, and they are aware of it!


I think the article is right about DVD recorders replacing VCRs. I just bought a DVD recorder and have copied all my home videos over to DVD. Eventually, keeping a VCR will be like hanging on to an 8 track tape player! If they just release another player they are setting themselves up to be another technology competitor to VHS and DVD. It really needs to have the recording capability installed to really reach a larger number of people. If it did, it could persuade people from “old” DVD recorders to the “new” Blu-ray recorders. This will put its features/technology up with what is available today. Without a recorder, I’ll just wait till it drops down under $200.


Personally, I could care less what “format” is the next big thing for video. I’m happy with my collection of DVDs and VCDs. I’d really like to see Blu-Ray win, simply because it offers more storage for people who never seem to have enough. Like me.


It seems like DVD writer market is heading towards that of the IDE HDD market. Take care :wink: :wink:


Not impressed with set-top dvd recorders … as far as replacing the vcr. Of course, I have Tivo. I imagine the only replacement I can see is a more mobile DVR, a kind of I-pod for Tivo. Probably to be based on Flash Memory or those Vertical storage mini-Hard Disk Drives … whichever has the lower price per capacity. But really, how often do you travel with your VCR tapes, anyway?


I would be very impressed with the HD format since I can really tell the difference between the two formats. I have Lord of the Rings - fellowship of the ring in 720p format in 4 TS streams that my friend sent me and I can really tell the difference between the SD and the HD version. During the fight seen at the of mount doom each and every ork can be seen without a blur and the arrows are very visible when flying through the air. I believe that it will take time for the consumers to advocate up to the next generation but for the videoediting junkies they would be the first step in moving toward the new HD formats. Not to knock SD format but HD format has a much clearer picture, but you have to pay the price for it if you want it.


My primary interest is not video, but computer data, and with ever growing capacities of external (USB and/or FireWire) harddisks, recordable CDs and DVDs become less and less interesting to me. I mean - heck, I have two 160-GB USB disks (one “master” and one “backup”) that still provide me with plenty disk space for archiving all of my data and then some. Far more flexible than burning to CD or DVD. Plus, as DVD (or its successors) capacities grow, so does the time it takes to burn them. With an ever more aggressive and consumer-unfriendly industry behind music and video discs, I won’t easily be convinced to come back as a customer. And, no - you won’t find me on any of those download services (legal or illegal) either - I’m no longer interested in their stuff, and I’m perfectly happy that way. I did rip my music CD collection to both WAV and MP3 format (which required an additional 250-GB harddisk), and that’s that.
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