Blu Ray format DVDs VS Samsung BD-P1400



Hello all,

I have been researching and researching here and on google about making my own BR format onto a DVD-R 4.7. Using tsmuxer and imgburn, I followed the specified procedures to mux a .MKV and then burn onto UDF2.5.

However, the chances of my BR DVDs playing on my P1400 is less than 50%. I was able to play some of my BR DVDs but a lot of them won’t even play. It loads for a min or 2 and then says STOP.

Anyone got ideas why this is happening and how to make my files play?

Edit: Would it be because my .mkv files have resolution not supported by the player/TV (some video does say 1280:688p when they mux)? OR the fps is 25?

I don’t know if those characteristics matter…:bow:


In your case, the less than 50% success rate of playing back the movie on your Samsung player is not due to the method (Tsmuxer and Imgburn) but it’s because of the source (MKV) was possibly non standard.

If you make them from the original disc than your success rate will be close to 100%.