Blu-ray format continues to lead the market

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So far since Blu-ray took over HD DVD back in January, the Blu-ray format has kept its lead starting at a 63.3% of the market share on January 7th, reaching a peak of 69.6% since…

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Screw blu-ray, its a rip off and should survive as a format only for PS3 games and data archival. I suspect as HDTV prices plummet and more "average Joe’s " jump on the HDTV bandwagon and want a HD player to accompany their new HDTV, that the cheaper players will prevail. Go HD DVD !!

Obviously its the PS3 owners who are affecting this current lead because no way are there that many out there who would buy the standalone bluray player for the price that its going for. BTW, while blu-ray may be outselling 2:1, they are both selling poorly compared to around the XMAS rush. Its as if everyone who owned a player went out and bought every title they wanted. Since new titles are only trickling out in these formats not many are being sold.

… and all this thunder when i cant even find a good dvd player with x.264 and 2.0 usb stick support. Try learn how to build upon present tech and THEN i’ll consider your overpriced and buggy drm junk. :r

I can’t wait to see some Hi Def porn!

@ivid I’m supporting HD DVD. Anything $ony touches will probably end up giving you diarrhea or testicular cancer. @FidelC I downloaded my first x264 movie, Superman Returns, two weeks ago. Even at 720p it looked awesome. I fully support your idea. @StarGhost I don’t think you’re alone. :slight_smile:

@ivid I agree take away the PS3 and take away the xbox hd drive and just go off the sales of the media and the stand alone players then look at the numbers.

Optical formats are a dead end. The future is in content streaming. Even Microsoft knows this hence their reluctance to endorse any HiDef optical format.

Bitrate is correct the future is streaming, who wants racks or box of discs at home when you can simply stream what you want to watch over a fast web link? However, the concept will only work if the business model is a fixed fee per month, watch as much as you like. You media companies can forget pay per view, you’d have to be stupid to sign up for that! As for Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD - do we really care which one wins? Both formats are backupable now…

@ Bitrate You’re not thinking it through. I agree that a lot of people will go streaming video in their homes. I’m thinking I might do it, myself. However, people will want to backup their games/movies onto something other that HDD. Blank DVDs are about 25 cents each and you can burn almost 5 GB to one. That’s a pretty cheap backup solution. In time, HD DVD discs will be just as inexpensive and we can burn 15 GB to them. That’s alot of porn you don’t want on the PC for your wife/kids to see. Umm… so I’ve heard. :wink:

@ GristyMcFisty “backupable”? Have you been reduced to making words up now? LOL. :slight_smile:

“Blu-Ray is crap. HD-DVD rules.” “No, Blu-Ray is great. HD-DVD is trash!” “No!” “Yes!”. All you fanboys should pause for a moment and consider how silly you all sound. Oh, by the way: Long live DVD!