Blu-ray for data backup

Hi to all,

I’m a noob on this forum, but I’ve read many of the reviews on this site and you guys do great work.

I’m interested in buying a Blu-ray writer solely for data backup. I’m very concerned about the integrity of this data; I cannot have anything corrupted at all. I’ve been trying to find datasheets or other material for technical information, but I have found nothing about error checking anywhere.

Speed is not really a concern, neither is price. I’m hoping to using a 5.25" drive with a SATA interface. Will be using a Linux workstation. The newest 8x speed in drives like the Pioineer BDR-203 is nice; i’ve read the review and have been considering that drive for some time now.

Help a noob:
Is there any way to ensure 100% integrity of reading/writing data? What drives/software do you recommend (with Linux support)?

Thanks for your help.

no answer probably means no, huh?

100% data integrity—impossible, i’d say.

You may get a bunch of fat harddisks instead.

With 1TB drives being less than $100, i’d go with that as opposed to a disc. I would think that a HD would be safer over a period of time because any disc is going to deteriorate whether you use it or not because of the dye used in them.