Blu-ray: Focus on consumer not HD war



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After reaching the ‘one million’ milestone two months ago, the Blu-ray Disc Association now announces that they have sold two million movies in Europe. Recent GFK figures show that Blu-ray disc…

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I hope Blu-ray fails! It’s just another way to extract yet more money from gullible consumers.


Focus on consumer not HD war? Since when? How about getting your #^&$%@ standard ready before putting the expensive paper weight on the market?!


Really?? Then why does the average Blu-Ray disc cost more than the HD-DVD equivilent? Why does their hardware keep upgrading and older ones obsolete? Why even put DRM in it, at least more then whats in HD-DVD? Why not let the consumer decide which format they want instead of buying the support for yours? Why, Why Why!? Sony cares for the consumer as much as a lion cares for its prey…


With the end of HD-DVD, what will become of the HDi interface? I remember that it was said that it is more consumer-friendly, convenient and simply better than BD-J… Can BD-J be updated to having all the good features that HDi has?