Blu-Ray/Finalizing a DVD



I just bought a Panasonic Blu-Ray Home theatre system(SC-BT203). I make a lot of data discs(dvd+r/dvd+r dl) with mostly videos. They all play on my xbox 360 and work on the computer, but when I try to play them on my home theatre, it says it is not compatible. I looked in the instruction manuel, and it said they needed to be finalized. I’ve finalized discs using imgburn and nero burning rom but it still says they aren’t compatible. All the videos are either AVI or MPEG4. I don’t know whether I bought the wrong home theatre or I’m doing something wrong. Please help!!


Looking through the online manual, there is a page that says this system is not compatible with Divx disks. (page 43) That means it will not playback avi files using divx or xvid codecs, and is probably not compatible with mpeg4 files either.

The player[B] is[/B] compatible with dvd video, blu ray and avchd. I suggest either making your videos into dvd video or avchd. AVCHD can be high definition, unlike dvd video.

I suggest looking into a program called multiAVCHD: It is free to use.


I downloaded that program and it looks very nice but I’m not sure how to use it. I have MKV files and MPEG4 files that I want to put on a dvd+r dl disc and play it on my dvd player. How do I burn files like these onto a disc that will play on my system using this program? I’ve got as far as adding the files but I dont know what settings to use.


I would just try the basic settings for a first time experiment. Depending on what you want as output of course…hit Transcode to change output resolution, and adjust the Quality setting, it seems to be on a very high quality 1 pass encode as default. Once you have the files loaded in the program you can hit Fit All to select the size of disk you are burning to.

You can spend a fair amount of time working with the menu creation. It isn’t the most straightforward gui I’ve seen for that.

Click start and the program will give you a list of possible outputs. I’d try a strict AVCHD output as a first attempt.

The main reason I’d use this program is to make high definition AVCHD files on regular dvd media. [B]If your original files are not high def resolution to begin with, you should simply make dvd video out of them[/B]. There are much easier programs available for that, like DVDFlick or AVStoDVD.


Thank you for your help. I believe I have it figured out, I just have to buy more blank DVDs to test. I have, however, run into some trouble with AVCHD. Sometimes it does not run properly or it tells me that my files are not compliant and when I transcode them, it fails. Do you have any advice on this problem or know of any similar programs? I love how simple and yet how detailed you can make the menus in this program, but I haven’t found another program like its menus and such.

-Thanks again.


You should read through the tutorial by the author. It is found here:
The site is a bit slow, but will load.