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BBC News published today a nice list of common questions about Blu-ray, HD-DVD, and Hi Definition. One of the most interesting is the following one: I’d like to know why the Samsung…

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what a load of crap, if thats true why on earth do Europe products come with all the Europe languages in them?

I think they mean they have difference cables/plugs which must cost them a whole buck . . .

what i hate the most is when they equal all the currencys (like 300$=300€=300 pounds - idiots)

i dont think it was that big a gap from introduction to reasonable prices. so i think i will wait until they are £39.95p

Heh, sad but true. Most stuff I buy in the UK these days comes with two different powerchords so it’s not like they need two production lines or people to put different cables in x box and box y. Ah well :B

what a bunch of idiots, people will buy from USA, if you ad the 200 dollars for ups, it is still cheaper. and for the regional code, they will crack it…