Blu-ray faces uncertain future in 2009

Blu-ray had a bumpy 2008, and it’s unknown what to expect in 2009.

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And yet bluray has much better market penetration compared to DVD … for the same timeframe.

When I was a youngster (15 years ago), a friend was touting how wonderful DVD’s were (despite the $1500 price tag for players & the costly DVD’s) because he could get a porn DVD, and set the start & end markers & just repeat the good bits.

I’m sure the creators had that in mind when designing the DVD, and of course, now bluray :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice reading randomus

With the upconvertors doing most of the work and so many people not able to afford the player it will be a tough year for Blu Ray.

The biggest issue is the High Def TV cost.
I have Blu Ray on my computer but I will not be able to get a High Def TV for a couple more years at the price they are running.