Blu-ray expected to top digital distribution

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Blu-ray disc is expected to become dominant over digital distribution this year, according to research firm Media Control GfK International.A projected 150 percent increase in Blu-ray title sales,…

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With ISP’s puckering up, I don’t see HD as a viable form of digital distribution. ISP’s want to cap downloads, and HD files on digital distribution are already compress quite a bit compared to a bluray. As long as there are bandwidth limits and people want HD, I think bluray will slowly gain ground. So this theory has merit. Slowly I see more people I know adopting bluray as the prices come down. The same thing I saw happen to DVD 10 years ago.

Well, of course they are “puckering up”. How can Comcast cable TV sell video on demand, if Comcast cable Internet allows you to DL the same thing free off BitTorrent? Of course they are capping downloads. I think it sucks personally. Every day, I see higher and higher speeds for cable accounts. They are upgrading for their market place of HD films to sell, meanwhile, they will sucker folks to sign up for high speed connections to help fund their new business model. Having said that, these companies can “find” the bandwidth to sell us movies already, no problemo. They just don’t want us downloading the stuff free.

The only folks that will buy Blu-ray, once they get a taste of digital downloads are those that want to have a library of films. I think it is possible that these folks will even get pretty picky and only buy classics or mega hits. Then, they will download “films” such as Hancock and Bart the Mall Cop.

They main the average consumer cares about IS Price. For Blu to succeed, the price has to met first, that is it. If they never reach a low price, then it will ultimately fail for MASS market. Of course, it may still live on in a niche market.

Digital distribution already has the model right with Netflix. For a monthly fee, watch whatever you want, whenever you want. They just need to get on the ball with more HD content available.