Blu-Ray Easter Eggs List

What is an Easter egg. It’s hidden feature(s) that are contained on the disc and to access them one must press a sequence of keys to view them. Not all disc will have them.

I encourage anybody to submit an Easter Egg for Blu-Ray movies.

Here is a start.

Blu-Ray Easter Eggs List



2 Eggs

Go to Bonus Features and hit left with your remote. A panda will show up and when you click enter, you will be taken to a hidden Easter Egg featuring Kristen Stewart trying to get into the Razzmatazz dance club (1:22).

Highlight “play” on the main menu, and then hit the left directional arrow. A red ring will appear around the “A” in ‘Adventureland.’ Press enter to select it, and a screen will come up telling you that you’ve won a “Big Ass Panda.”

Almost Famous - The Bootleg Cut

3 Eggs

[B]#1 – From the “Special Features” menu, highlight the microphone that marks Crowe’s audio introduction to “Love Comes and Goes,” and press left to uncover a blue vinyl record icon. Press enter to access the 5-minute “Leslie” scene that doesn’t appear in either cut of the film. Crowe reveals in his 1-minute intro for the scene that it was an homage to Truffaut’s Stolen Kisses.

#2 – From the “Special Features” menu, highlight “Stairway” and press right to uncover a yellow vinyl record icon. Press enter to access the very first take of the first shot of Philip Seymour Hoffman playing Lester Bangs, preceded by a 1-½ minute introduction in which Crowe explains why this particular take is so special, yet so haunting,

#3 – From the “Special Features” menu, highlight “Script” and press right to uncover a red vinyl record icon. Press enter for 9 minutes of multiple takes of a scene between Penny Lane and William on the tour bus, with a 1-minute intro in which Crowe explains how much of a perfectionist he can be during filming.[/B]


1 Egg

This is a kind of a an easter egg. After the credits there is a cool little video of a THX clip.

Avatar Collector’s Edition Blu-ray

Disc Three

2 Eggs

[B]When you pop in Disc Three of the set, you’re presented with a pretty straightforward menu. Scroll all the way to the end, to the Live Extras selection, and then press right one more time, as if you’re trying to loop the selection back to the beginning. When you do this, up pops a little egg/spore thing that looks like (but isn’t) a Wood Sprite from the film. Select this, and you’ll see two hidden 3D featurettes

Theatrical Trailer 3D (3:32)

  • Self-explanatory

Pandora Discovered 3D (4:04)

  • A 3D version of a featurette that’s included elsewhere in the collection, but not in 3D. A literal discussion of the planet, its solar system and ecosystem, this four-minute featurette is an overview not unlike the one James Cameron must have given to the producers, cast and crew as they started to get familiar with the world Cameron envisioned. Narrated by Sigourney Weaver, Pandora Discovered 3D uses 3D clips from the film to give general overviews about the various native species and wildlife, tribes, jungles and religion. It also shows scenes of the laboratory and various human technology.[/B]


Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series

3 Eggs

Sharon Audio Quote (Season 2, Disc 5) – On the setup menu, highlight the French option and press RIGHT to hear this audio quote.

Hidden Deleted Scenes (SD, Season 3, Disc 5) – Technically this might not be considered an egg, but on the ‘Colonial Military Assignment Quiz’ (fifth disc of Season 3) a hidden deleted scene can be viewed upon completion of the test. It looks like there are seven scenes in total.

Music Editing Clip (SD, Season 4.5, Disc 1, 2 minutes) – On the setup menu, highlight the “Evolution of a Clue” option and press RIGHT to access this short featurette.

Battlestar Galactica: The Plan

1 Egg

There’s one Easter egg included on ‘Battlestar Galactica: The Plan.’ On the extras menu, if you highlight ‘From Admiral to Director’ and press RIGHT you’ll see a Battlestar emblem. Click on it for a short little BSG tribute.

Batman - The Dark Night

1 Egg

Select the third theatrical trailer on Disc 2 and enter the following numbers on your player’s remote: 5 6 5 3 7 (enter them slowly, with one or two second pauses between each number)the screen will go blank and the Joker-ized version of the same trailer will play.


1 Egg

For a quick, one-minute bonus called “A Coffee Break with John Malkovich,” highlight “The Journey Continues” and press left on your remote. Click on the dragon-horn icon that appears to access the short.

Big Trouble in Little China

1 Egg

Navigating through the fortune cookies on the menu screen long enough will periodically reveal a random Burton-ism quote from the movie.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

2 Eggs

[B]Go to the “Special Features” menu, and select the “Deleted Scenes.” Then scroll down the list to the very bottom. There, you will find a small icon. Highlight it and click enter on your remote, and enjoy a short outtake featuring Gary Oldman’s Dracula getting a very unexpected surprise from his infant co-star.

Go back to the “Special Features” menu, and this time select and click “Documentaries.” Then, highlight the “Play All” option, but don’t press enter on your remote. Instead, click right, and a small icon will appear. Highlight and click, and watch another short on-set blooper with Oldman.[/B]


Camp Rock

3 Eggs

[B]“We Rock Crew Video” - the crew of Camp Rock dances to “We Rock”. (accessed by putting the Camp Rock DVD or Blu-Ray into your TV or Computer, then go to the main menu. If it’s on your computer, click the guitar on the Camp Rock logo at the top of the menu. If it’s on your TV, go to the Disney FastPlay logo and press the ‘up’ arrow key.

“1234 Goodbye” - Demi Lovato performed her first song the last day of filming, “1234 Goodbye”. (accessed by putting the Camp Rock DVD or Blu-Ray into your TV or Computer, then go to the Bonus Features menu, then go to ‘Backstage Disney’ and press the right arrow key.

According to the Camp Rock section of, there is another easter egg, but it is possibly untrue. In their words, “…and a short easter egg in the Music Video part of the disc (keep pressing down until you see a Pink Guitar)”.[/B]

Child’s Play

3 Eggs

These little surprises of Chucky one-liners are the same found in the 20th Birthday Edition DVD. But rather than placed in different areas of the disc, here they are all located in the Special Features section. When you scroll down to “Evil Comes in Small Packages”, quickly navigate back up and you’ll highlight Chucky striking a pose. Do the same for “Chucky: Building a Nightmare” and find the Good Guy doll, still in its original packaging. Do it once more for “Monster Convention” and discover Chucky’s menacing face suddenly appear in the center of the screen.


1 Egg

Go to the Special Features submenu, select “Deleted Scenes,” then highlight “Habeebo Can Do It All.” Press the right navigation button on your remote, then the down button, and a lightning bolt icon will appear. Press enter to watch a 15-second “Secret Clip.”


3 Eggs

[B]Viral Videos – From the main menu, proceed to the chapter selection menu and highlight “13-16.” If you wait for one-minute and seventeen seconds, a seventeenth chapter will appear. It leads to a collection of viral videos, the Chuai station destruction short, a semi-functional Slusho! website, a corresponding commercial, and a series of clips recorded by a character named Jami Lascano for her boyfriend Teddy Hanssen…

X Creatures – Next, highlight scene 10 in the selection menu and press up to reveal a hidden “X.” Click on this button to watch a short clip of the tunnel attack in its early form.

Military Cast – Head over to the audio menu, highlight the Spanish option, and press right two times to find a helicopter icon. Click on this button to watch the film’s cast members have some fun.[/B]


5 Eggs

[B]Go to the Extras menu.

One - Select “City of Night,” then press the left arrow key and a small black square will appear on the right. Press enter and some on-set footage from the Korean club scene will play.

Two - Highlight “Special Delivery,” then press the right arrow key, click on the black box that appears, and some on-set footage from the office pursuit scene will play.

Three - This easter egg can be accessed by selecting “Shooting on Location.” This time, press the left arrow key, click on the black box and some on-set footage from the car crash scene will play.

Four - Highlight “Tom Cruise & Jamie Foxx Rehearse,” press the right arrow key (do you notice a pattern developing?), click on the black box, and a short featurette plays in which Mann discusses Cruise’s positioning in the cab’s back seat.

Five - Select “Teaser Trailer,” press - what else? - the left arrow key, select the small black box, and a short montage of Mann’s signature thumbs up signal will play.[/B]



1 Egg

Simply press up on the main menu and click on the flaming Daredevil logo that appears. Enjoy six minutes of outtakes.

Dan In Real Life

2 Eggs

[B]From the “Special Features” submenu, scroll down the list of supplement options to the very bottom selection. Click down on your remote again, to highlight a hidden option called “One More Time.” Hit Enter, and enjoy a reel of outtakes with star Steve Carell.

To find the second egg, go to the Scene Selections submenu. Highlight the scene of the talent show, then press down. A balloon icon will appear. Click enter, and enjoy a deleted scene featuring Marie’s part of the talent show.[/B]

Dirty Dancing

1 Egg

Go to the “Special Features” submenu, the select the section containing the screen tests, interview, and music videos. Click your remote’s right button, and an icon with two pink Ds will appear. Click “Enter,” and enjoy a short assemblae of bonus behind-the-scenes footage.


6 Easter Eggs accessible by pressing enter at various time points during the film when Ben Stiller’s character snaps his fingers.

[B]Access by pressing enter at these time points

  1. 12:30
  2. 21:40
  3. 34:15
  4. 44:15
  5. 1:02:20
  6. To find the instruction video for this Easter egg hunt, press right at the bottom of the features menu.[/B]


Elton 60 - Live AtMadison Square Garden

1 Egg

To access the egg, go to the main menu of disc one. Simply leave the menu to cycle for about 15 minutes. Playback will then automatically segueway into a special New York performance from 1982, of the song “Saturday Night’s Alright (for Fighting).”


Fight Club - 10th Anniversary Edition

1 Egg

Upon placement of the Blu-ray, instead of a ‘Fight Club’ menu screen popping up, a ‘Never Been Kissed’ menu pops up. Pretty funny. Fincher designed the gag himself and got Drew Barrymore’s approval and everything.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

2 Eggs

[B]Go to Scene Selection menu. Highlight Chapter 2, then click “up” on your remote. A circle icon will appear on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Click enter, and enjoy a slideshow feature.

For the next egg, go to the Special Features section, and select the Previews. A list of the trailers included on the disc will appear. Scroll all the way to the right, past the tabs for ‘Ultraviolet’ and ‘Ghost Rider,’ to an invisible icon. Click “Enter” on your remote, and unlock a short animated parody of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video.[/B]


1 Egg

Highlight “Joss Sings the Firefly Theme,” press right, and click on the ship for a dose of Baldwin singing “Hero of Canton.”


1 Egg

An Easter egg called Chair 92 can be accessed via the extras menu (click to the right and highlight the paw); it details a spooky little piece of history around the ski chair used in the filming.

Futurama: Bender’s Game

2 Eggs

[B]Watch an amusing Billy West outtake by pressing right in the second Features menu and clicking on the castle icon that appears.

Watch a David Cohen quickie by pressing right in the third Features page and clicking on the hidden 7-11 graphic.[/B]

Futurama: In the Wild Green Yonder

1 Egg

[B]There is a roulette table that functions as a menu, Select 500 - Get a toilet paper Bender animation.

At the main menu on the roulette table, hit left with your remote and the center of the roulette table will be selectable. You will find a “Congratulations - You have found a very obscure Futurama DVD Extra” which is Billy West voice acting as Zapp Brannigan.[/B]



1 Egg

If you’re on a Playstation 3, insert the disc, remain on the console’s main menu, and navigate over to the “Game” tab. Scroll down beneath the “Trophy Collection” option, and there you will find the option to install a cool “Ghostbusters Theme”.


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Ultimate Edition)

1 Egg

[B]There are several games you must play in order to reach various features on the “Special Features” disc. Here is how to make your way through the lengthy games that hide these features.

Highlight the feature titled ‘Diagon Alley’ and hit enter. You have to hit the correct bricks in order for the door to open. Hit ‘left,’ ‘up,’ ‘up,’ then the ‘Enter’ key. Then ‘up,’ and ‘Enter.’ Then ‘up,’ and ‘Enter’ again. Next hit ‘right,’ ‘down,’ ‘down,’ and ‘Enter.’ Then ‘down’ and ‘Enter’ again. Don’t worry if you mess up, you’ll be allowed to enter anyway. The first step is to access your bank account. Highlight the sign titled ‘Gringotts’ and hit the ‘Down’ arrow key on your remote control to highlight the key on the sign. Then hit ‘Enter.’ Then in the bank, hit ‘right’ and ‘Enter’ to open your vault. Exit the bank and highlight the sign titled ‘Ollivanders’ and hit ‘Enter.’ In here, it doesn’t matter which boxes you choose, on the third or fourth try, you will get your wand.

Now that you have your wand you can go to class. Return to the Main Menu, and select the ‘Classrooms’ entry. Then, choose potions from the next menu. Hit ‘right’ to highlight the mortar and pestle and hit ‘Enter.’ You will now be required to choose the correct ingredients for three potions. The first potion is the Sleeping Potion. The correct ingredients are Asphodel and Wormwood, hit ‘right’ twice and ‘Enter,’ then ‘right’ once more and ‘Enter.’ The next question is for the alternative name for Aconite. The answers are Monkshood and Wolfsbane, hit ‘right’ and ‘Enter,’ then ‘right’ twice more then ‘Enter’ to select them. The final potion you have to create is the cure for a boil. The correct ingredients are Snake Fangs and Porcupine Quills. Hit ‘right’ and ‘Enter,’ then ‘right’ three times and ‘Enter.’

You will then be transported to a room with lots of flying keys where you must select the correct key. Hit ‘right,’ ‘up,’ ‘up,’ ‘right,’ and ‘Enter’ to select the small key with the broken wing. Next, you will have to choose the right potion between seven of them. Hit ‘right’ twice, then ‘Enter’ to select the yellow spherical bottle. You will then finally be transported to the Mirror of Erised, where you can select the sorcerer’s stone and be transported to the bonus scenes.[/B]

Hellboy II: The Golden Army

1 Egg

In the Extras menu, go to Gallery then highlight Production Stills and hit DOWN. Select the red BPRD logo to watch the actors flub their lines.

Heart: Alive in Seattle

1 Egg

Interview: At the main menu, highlight “Program Start” and press Down to highlight the big, pink heart in the middle of the screen. Press Enter to see Ann and Nancy Wilson discuss the tour and its set list.


1 Egg

When highlighting the “America’s First Horse” featurette, press down and click on the horse-shaped symbol that appears. You’ll be treated to a nice three-minute short that features actor Viggo Mortensen discussing his work with horses, a handful of his personal on-set photos, and interviews with Native Americans about the legends surrounding the real Frank Hopkins.

High School Musical 3

8 Eggs

[B]Select the Table of Contents which gives you a yearbook like menu with photographs.

You can go to previous or next page via remote, if you press up on each page with your remote and select on the photos for each page, you either can access a special feature (that is also listed on the special feature section) or get a East High Wildcats claw.

These claws are hidden short video segments featuring behind-the-scenes footage not featured in the special features section. The hidden claws can be found on the following pages and you can access the following Easter Eggs:

Page 2 - Crazy improv segment
Page 3- Tiara vs. Sharpay segment
Page 4 - Choreography segment
Page 5 - Basketball rig triggering
Page 6 - Basketball dance choreography
Page 8 - Two Easter Eggs (prom advice from the cast and Ashley Tisdale and Chris Warren choreography)
Page 12 - Two Easter Eggs (graduation dancing scenes)
Page 13 - Ashley Tisdale/Sharpay easter egg [/B]

House of Flying Daggers

1 Egg

“HD test patterns”: You can access these by entering 7669 on your remote control from the disc’s main menu. Use the Skip button to page through the patterns. Please note that due to an error in the Sony encoder used to author the disc, blacker-than-black and whiter-than-white portions of the video signal have been clipped, essentially rendering the Brightness and Contrast calibration patterns useless.

How I Met Your Mother: Season Four

1 Egg

On Disc Two, in the Extras menu, go to Music Video, press right button, and click on the now visible outline of New Jersey with the line through it to view a briefly extended bit of Marshall and his brothers engaging in their own little Fight Club (SD, 1 min).


I Love You, Man

2 Eggs

First, go to the Special Features section, click on Extras, and in the sub-menu highlight Klavenisms. Hit the left directional button on your remote, and in the lower left corner of the screen, a clickable gray option will appear entitled “Dude Von Dudenstein.” Press enter and an outtake will play.

Second egg can be reached by accessing the Special Features section, scrolling down to Deleted Scenes, and highlighting Groomsmen Photo Session in the sub-menu. Press the down directional button, and in the lower right corner of the screen a clickable gray option will appear entitled “Totes McGoats.” Press enter and another outtake will play.

I Robot ( Not 100% Confirmed )

5 Eggs

Disc 2

[B]- Select ‘Day Out Of Days: The I, Robot Production Diaries’

  • Go to ‘Following The Bread Crumbs’, highlight ‘Alex’s Introduction’

  • Press ‘Up’ to highlight a circuit board fragment

  • Press ‘Enter’ to see robot kitten watch some explosions

  • Select ‘Day Out Of Days: The I, Robot Production Diaries’

  • Go to the ‘You Are Experiencing A Car Accident’

  • Highlight the ‘Alex’s Introduction’ menu entry

  • Press ‘Up’ to highlight another circuit board fragment

  • Press ‘Enter’ to see a comic version of Spooner’s subway car pursuit, with giant toasters chasing him

  • Select ‘Day Out Of Days: The I, Robot Production Diaries’

  • Go to ‘One One One’ section highlight ‘Alex’s Introduction’

  • Press ‘Up’

  • Press ‘Enter’ to see an NS5 drinking beer and scratching his crotch

  • Select ‘Day Out Of Days: The I, Robot Production Diaries’

  • Go to the ‘Will Smith’s Wild Ride’

  • Highlight ‘Alex’s Introduction’

  • Press ‘Up’ to highlight another circuit board fragment

  • Press ‘Enter’ to get a look at a clip of Sonny blowing Spooner a kiss

  • Select ‘Day Out Of Days: The I, Robot Production Diaries’

  • Go to the ‘Conclusion’

  • Highlight the menu entry ‘It’s A Wrap Rap’

  • Press ‘Up’

  • Press ‘Enter’ and you’ll see a clip of George the clipboard guy bloopers and Will Smith playing with the clipboard[/B]


1 Egg

On the second disc. At any time while watching the special features, type the numbers 528491 on the remote to unlock a hidden special feature under the EXTRAS option. A large totem icon — Cobb’s spinning top — suddenly appears already highlighted. When clicked, viewers can enjoy a digital comic which tells an intermediate story between the Cobol and Saito jobs leading up to the moments which commence the film proper.

Incredible Hulk (2008)

7 Eggs

Captain America makes a cameo. In the alternate opening it shows Bruce Banner wandering around the Antarctic emo-style, trying not to get enraged when, surprise, he Hulks out. The sequence is 2:25 long, and the cameo comes right near the end as an avalanche crashes down toward the camera. Got to be quick with the pause button.

Stark Industries

B[/B] U.S Army makes a requisition request to Stark industries, which it is approved.

B[/B] Blueprints of the military requisition which is used later in the film to attempt to capture the hulk.


B[/B] A Classified Document addressed to Nick Fury. Threat Level is Red, Surveillance only manhunt of Bruce Banner is not over.

Courting The Hulk


Bruce is at home eating breakfast before going to his job at the bottling factory. While eating breakfast, he clicks past several TV stations to find a show he can watch to help himself learn Portugese. One of the shows he passes by is “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father” an early 70’s show starring Bill Bixby, who would go on to play Bruce Banner in the late 70’s TV series The Incredible Hulk (opposite Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk).

Theme Song


Dr. B Banner is walking up the hill in the town in Guatemala the music that is playing is from the original TV series that starred Bill Bixy as Dr. Banner and Lou Ferringo as the Hulk.

Cryosync - Stark Industries


The cryo containers bear the name of the lab that made the super soldier serum and the serum name is dropped many times. Stark Industries played a part in the weapons used.


The college student that captured the footage was “Mr” Magee (reporter from the TV show) and his buddy was Mr Jones, the boy that Bruce saved in the original comics who is now the Red Hulk.

Independence Day

1 Egg

If you play the game entitled ‘Alien Scavenger Hunt,’ you will be prompted to find a dozen items throughout the film by placing them in the cross-hairs with the remote and selecting them by pressing Enter. Finding all twelve objects will take you to an exclusive video clip of bloopers.


2 Eggs

From the main menu scroll down to BD-LIVE and press the Right arrow on the Blu-ray remote. A schematic of Iron Man’s hand will appear. Now press Enter to see the clip.

Captain America’s red, white and blue shield appears near the 1 hr 30 min mark. The scene is the one where Pepper Potts/Gwyneth Paltrow walks in on Tony Stark/Robert Downey Jr. as he attempts to remove his suit after returning from his showdown with the fighter jets. You may recall the scene more clearly knowing that this is right around when Stark says to Potts,”Let’s face it, this is not the worst thing you’ve caught me doing.”

Ironman 2

17 Eggs

[B]This is the so called Easter Egg list if you want to call it that. Maybe more little innuendos and projected perspective’s for past current and future time-lines all in the realm of super-heroes and super-villains. Hardcore Marvels with most likely have a better grasp.

Movies to come.[/B] [B]

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)[/B] [B]
Hulk Sequal (2012 Rumored)
Iron Man 3 (2012)
The Avengers (2012)
Thor (2011)

All references have a approx time in which they occur in the film[/B]


[B]Atlantis Discovered?

A small newspaper clipping on Ivan Vanko’s workshop wall in Russia. On that clipping two surfaced submarines and the word “Atlantis.”

Could this be in reference to the home Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner. The mutant son of a human sea captain and of a princess of the mythical undersea kingdom of Atlantis, Namor possesses the super-strength and aquatic abilities of the “Homo mermanus” race, as well as the mutant ability of flight, along with other superhuman powers. Through the years, he has been alternately portrayed as a good-natured but short-fused superhero, or a hostile invader seeking vengeance for perceived wrongs that misguided surface-dwellers committed against his kingdom. The first known comic book antihero, the Sub-Mariner has remained a historically important and relatively popular Marvel character. He has served directly with the Avengers, Fantastic Four, the Invaders, and the X-Men as well as serving as a foil to all of them on occasion.[/B]


Although this gentleman is introduced as Larry King, look again it’s Stan Lee. Stan Lee is an American comic book writer, editor, actor, producer, publisher, television personality, and the former president and chairman of Marvel Comics.


[B]The Ten Rings

The Ten Rings is the name of the terrorist organization that abducts Tony Stark in Iron Man. The Ten Rings receives much of its weaponry from Stark Industries through Obadiah Stane.

The guy who gives [Whiplash] the Monaco ticket is from Ten Rings, That means that The Mandarin’s group was working behind the scenes to help Whiplash get his revenge on Tony Stark, which means that they’re possibly manipulating other elements in the story.

The Mandarin (Iron Man 3 Rumored) is a superb athlete with tremendous skill in the various martial arts. Through repeated practice, he has toughened all the striking surfaces of his body, especially his hands, which are covered with thick calluses. He can even split Iron Man’s magnetic-beam reinforced alloy armor with repeated blows. So great is the Mandarin’s martial arts ability, that he can even survive years without food and water, apparently sustaining himself purely via his mastery of chi. The precise degree of The Mandarin’s martial art powers has been
the subject of multiple implied retcons by Marvel Comics. Initially, Mandarin was portrayed as being such a superhumanly skilled martial artist that he could destroy Iron Man’s armor with his bare hands. Later portrayals focused on his use of the rings, and implicitly retconned the Mandarin’s skill to being great but no longer superhuman. The most recent continuity has restored Mandarin’s martial arts ability to its original superhuman level. The Mandarin is one of Marvel Earth’s greatest scientific geniuses, and highly skilled in various sciences. Not only has he made himself into an expert authority on alien Makluuan science, but he has also built upon this knowledge by making further discoveries based upon it. The principal personal weapons of the Mandarin are the ten rings which he wears on the fingers of each hand. The rings’ operations cannot be explained by contemporary Earth science, but it is known that they served as near-limitless power sources for the warp-drive engines of the Makluan starship of Axonn-Karr. The Mandarin learned how to convert the rings to his personal uses and to make them respond to his mental commands[/B]


[B]Reading the list of race car drivers you will notice the name Chapman

So who the heck is Chapman?

Keen eyed Marvel readers know that Joseph Chapman is the alter ego for Union Jack. A WWII member of Captain America’s Invaders and Britain’s batman-like character.[/B]


[B]Notice the Roxxon logo on the car flipping in the air.

Roxxon is the world’s largest conglomerate. Roxxon is notorious for its determination to make massive profits regardless of any laws or moral principles, and continually covertly uses unethical and illegal means to increase its profits. As such, it is involved in numerous criminal plots that require the opposition of the various superheroes to stop. The name of the company resembles that of Exxon, an American petroleum company often criticized for its profiteering at the expense of the environment.

While this fictional company has encountered numerous superheroes, it has most notably been at odds with Iron Man, as in a storyline called “The Iron Age” where it was revealed that agents of Roxxon Oil killed Tony Stark’s parents. Roxxon has also regularly been at odds with Project: Pegasus regarding energy sources as the latter has been involved with alternative energy research that could hurt Roxxon’s oil profitability.

The central division of the Roxxon conglomerate is Roxxon Oil; subsidiaries include Metrobank and the Brand Corporation, a scientific research and development firm which has conducted many projects for the federal government. Brand is another for-profit company that has specialized in creating superhumans; while Brand is usually considered a Roxxon subsidiary, it has sometimes made its own decisions and acted independently.

Roxxon has its own army-like security task force, and has employed a number of special agents, many of whom it has given superhuman abilities.[/B]


[B]The Black Widow

The introduction of Black Widow aka Natasha Romanoff or “Natalie Rushman” as a S.H.I.E.L.D agent will definitely play a major part in the future. There have been rumors that Scarlett Johansson’s character will be in The Avengers film set to come out in 2012. But remember, that’s just a rumor.[/B]


[B]Nick Fury

In Iron Man 2 Nick Fury tells Tony Stark that he knew Howard Stark much better than Tony ever did, as Howard was one of the founding members of SHIELD. But when was SHIELD founded? And when did Fury join? Was he a young cadet or was he also one of the founding members in the movie universe? Considering that Howard Stark died about 20 years before the events of Iron Man we can assume that SHIELD started before the 80s, and the way Fury talks in the film makes it sound like he was there when Howard sent Tony to boarding school, which would have been some time in the late 70s.

The movie is leaving the door open for Nick Fury to be ageless. We know that Fury will appear in Captain America: The First Avenger, but sources say there are modern sequences that bookend the main WWII story, so it’s likely that Fury will appear there. The truth about Nick Fury probably won’t be revealed until The Avengers, which Samuel L Jackson has said will be ‘his movie.’[/B]

B - (1:14:18)[/B]

[B]Captain America

In the case that Tony is going through you will notice a comic book cover. It’s a First Edition Captain America from March 1941 also starting his sidekick Bucky.[/B]


[B]Map of Antarctica

Vibranium is a fictional metal that appears in the Marvel Universe. It is most commonly known as one of the materials used to construct Captain America’s shield.

In the feature film Iron Man 2, Tony Stark synthesizes a new element to take the place of the palladium that powers his armor. Although unnamed in the film itself, the movie’s novelization identifies the element as vibranium because it shares characteristics with uranium and has similar transgenic properties of vibranium. Its molecular structure is that of a triangular buckyball.[/B]


[B]Hypercube (Cosmic Cube)

The Cosmic Cube is one of the strangest and most enduring aspects of Captain America’s mythology. A containment unit for vast extra-dimensional energies, the Cosmic Cube gives its wielder almost unlimited control over reality.

The Red Skull has, time and again, tried to control the Cosmic Cube, and its limitless power has played into many, many classic Captain America stories - including The Winter Soldier arc, where it was revealed that Bucky, Cap’s long-thought dead sidekick from WWII, was actually a brainwashed Soviet super assassin.

The introduction of the Cosmic Cube - and the fact that the film connects it to Asgard (in the Marvel Universe Cosmic Cubes have been created by many civilizations) - seem to set up unique and large scale possibilities for The Avengers and whatever comes after. The possibilities, when one has a Cosmic Cube, are endless. [/B]


[B]Project Pegasus (Introduction of Prismatic Accelerator)

Project: PEGASUS (Potential Energy Group/Alternate Sources/United States) is an enormous research facility that is funded and operated by the United States Department of Energy. Founded several years ago, the Project was designed to investigate energy sources other than fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources. Although the existence and location of Project: PEGASUS is publicly known, the American public is unaware of the full extent of the Project’s facilities and activities. [/B]


[B]Captain America’s shield is back (Project Pegasus - Defensive Armament Prototype)

I don’t know if you remember in the first Iron Man film or not when we saw the Captain America’s shield sitting on Tony Stark’s work station in the background of one of the scenes. This was a huge deal for all of us comic book fans, and it was actually addressed in the sequel. It was absolutely hilarious how they did it, with Tony acting like the shield contained the secret to exactly what he needed to complete a project he was working on, then ended up just using the shield to help level out what he was working on by shoving the shield under it.[/B]

B - (1:45:48)[/B]


Oracle Communications is a real world company and sponsor of Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 2. They were so heavily involved with promoting the film that they created their own corresponding viral marketing campaign.

In the film itself, Oracle logos were spotted throughout the Stark Expo. The most prominent being the giant dome where the final battle between Iron Man, War Machine, Whiplash and the Hammer drones took place. Oracle’s CEO even had a cameo at the beginning of the movie, where he introduced himself and his company to Tony Stark.

In the Marvel Comics world, Prince Namor collected sunken treasures of Atlantis to finance his purchase of a corporation he renamed Oracle, Inc. Under the guise of an international businessman (even taking the surname McKenzie), he used Oracle to sponsor environmental care.[/B]


[B]The Incredible Hulk takes place during Iron Man 2

At the end of Iron Man 2 when Stark and Fury are at a S.H.I.E.L.D. safe-house talking about Tony’s future with S.H.I.E.L.D. there is a very short shot of a news report on a TV screen in the background. The news reporter is doing a live report from Culver University, which is exactly where the Hulk had his epic battle with General Ross and Blonsky. I believe this is the same report that we saw in The Incredible Hulk where some college kids had filmed parts of the battle. So right after Iron Man 2 ends is when Stark goes and meets up with General Ross in the Bar as a S.H.I.E.L.D. consultant.[/B]


[B]Avengers Initiative

The Avengers are a Marvel Comics supergroup made up of Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America and others.[/B]

B (1:58:25) (1:58:38)[/B]

[B]The Maps

There are two angles of the map – one angle shows North and South America predominantly, while the other shows Europe and Africa. Spread across these varying continents are circular targets, marking out specific areas.

Location 1: USA, Southwestern Seaboard

Hero: Iron Man

The first one is an easy one – Iron Man. Both films take place in and around Los Angeles, plus this is his movie and he’s the one currently being grilled. The map is probably meant to represent confirmed or suspected areas of superhuman involvement.

Location 2: USA, Southwest Region (New Mexico)

Hero: Thor

This could have been a hard one if you don’t stick around for the credits. The circle itself looked closer to Texas, though with the knowledge gained post-credits, we can safely assume that this location is New Mexico,
indicating the area where Thor’s hammer Mjolnir fell to Earth.

Location 3: USA, North Eastern Seaboard

Hero: Hulk

The circles are pretty big and cover a wide area, but once you get to this area of the world in Super Hero terms, you’re talking about New York City, which just so happens to be where the Hulk battled the Abomination.

Location 4: North Atlantic Ocean

Hero: Captain America

As any comic fan would guess, when you’ve got a location in the frozen North Atlantic highlighted, it’s talking about our frosty friend Steve Rogers who, after World War II, found himself frozen in a block of ice to be thawed out later.

Location 5: South Atlantic Ocean, off Coast of Chile

Hero: Namor

This is a strange one, since it’s floating pretty much in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, pretty far from anything. This could translate into one of two things, one somewhat more plausible. First, it could be a crash
landing site or an entry site of something, similar to Thor’s hammer. Maybe something crashed in the Ocean. The second explanation is perhaps more plausible, but a bit iffy none-the-less. It could be a possible location of Atlantis, the underwater kingdom ruled by the Namor, the Sub-Mariner. On one hand, this makes sense because Namor is a pretty big name and has ties to the Fantastic Four and the Avengers. The reason why it might not make sense is that there is no reason to believe Atlantis is located in that area and I always got the sense it
was closer to New York, considering Namor was always trying to get with Sue Storm who lived there.

Location 6: Central Europe

Villain: Red Skull

Being a relatively small continent, the target circle takes up almost all of Europe, but is pretty well centered on it, definitely excluding Spain, England, and Russia. Put your finger on the center of Europe and what do you find? Germany. Couple that with the Red Skull being announced as the villain in the Captain America movie, and we likely figure this circle is for him.

Hero: Black Panther

As far as I know, the Black Panther is really the only hero to actually live and operate in Africa, aside from Storm of the X-Men who spent some time there and in current continuities married T’Challa (the Black Panther),
though she still resides mostly in Virginia, as part of the X-Men. So this one is plainly Black Panther, who has ties to the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Captain America, as the material his shield is created from (vibranium) is found in a crashed meteor in the borders of Wakanda.

[B]Mjolinir Lands in New Mexico:

If you waited till after the credits rolled in Iron Man 2 then you got your first look at Thor’s hammer Mjolinir. Throughout the film the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were talking about problems in New Mexico. At one point Agent Coulson who is keeping an eye on Tony Stark get pulled away to deal with something in New Mexico. Turns out they found Thor’s hammer. This means that the Thor story time line will take place about the same time as Iron Man 2 and The Incredible Hulk.[/B]


Jane Eyre (2011)

1 Egg

Under the Deleted Scenes banner, scroll down until a book suddenly highlights. When pressing enter, viewers unlock a bonus audio commentary by Rob Meyer and Ameer Youssef, close associates of director Cary Fukunaga. The conversation is mildly amusing as the two men, who happen to be fans of the novel, dissect and analyze the film adaptation.


Knocked Up

1 Egg

Go to scene selections. Go to the scene just before the credits and push up. You will see Seth pop his head up. You get an extra improv session.


Linkin Park: Road to Revolution - Live at Milton Keyes

1 Egg

When the main menu firsts loads, it looks as if there is nothing but after you play the concert all the way through, you are treated to a screen saying “Thanks for watching, you have unlocked new content.” This content includes deleted performances of “Somewhere I Belong”, “Papercut”, and “Petrified/Points of Authority”.

Lost: The Complete First Season

4 Eggs

Disc 2

French Transmission (HD, 2 min.) – Highlight “SeasonPlay,” then LEFT.

Disc 7

Orange Peel Outtakes (SD, 2 min.) – Highlight “Setup,” then LEFT.
Ever Hear of Lord of the Rings? (SD, 1 min.) – Highlight “SeasonPlay,” then LEFT, DOWN.

Alternate Titles (SD, 0.5 min.) – Highlight “Features,” then LEFT, UP.

Lost: The Complete Second Season

12 Eggs on Disc 7

Bernard in Tree (SD, 1 min.) – Highlight “Phase 1,” then UP, UP.

On the Beach with Evi (SD, 5 min.) – Highlight “Phase 1,” then UP, LEFT.

Rain Delays (SD, 1 min.) – Highlight “Phase 1,” then UP, RIGHT.

Christmas Joke (SD, .5 min.) – Highlight “Phase 1,” then DOWN.

Sweat (SD, .5 min.) – Highlight “Phase 2,” then UP, UP.

Wet Walt (SD, 1 min.) – Highlight “Phase 2,” then UP, LEFT.

Mural Photo – Highlight “Phase 2,” then DOWN, DOWN.

Geronimo Jackson Album Cover – Highlight “Phase 2,” then DOWN, LEFT.

DHARMA Cookies (SD, 1 min.) – Highlight “Phase 3,” then UP, UP.

Hurley & Rose (SD, .5 min.) – Highlight “Phase 3,” then UP, LEFT.

Kate & Aaron (SD, .5 min.) – Highlight “Phase 3,” then UP, RIGHT.

Dr. Giggles (SD, 1 min.) – Highlight “Phase 3,” then DOWN, RIGHT.

Lost: The Complete Third Season

13 Eggs on Disc Six

[B]Submarine Tour (HD, 2 min.) – Click LEFT from Lost on Location. Some readers report needing to enter LEFT LEFT.

Shooting the Jin vs. Mikhail Fight (HD, 3 min.) – Click LEFT DOWN from Lost on Location/The Glass Ballerina.

Scrabble Between Takes (HD, 1 min.) – RIGHT UP from Lost on Location/Tricia Tanaka Is Dead.

Flooding the Hatch (HD, 2 min.) – RIGHT DOWN from Lost on Location/The Man from Tallahassee.

Michael Emerson and Jack Bender Interviews (HD, 1 min.) – RIGHT UP from the Crew Tribute.

The Crew Enjoys Shaved Ice (HD, 2 min.) – LEFT LEFT DOWN from Lost Flashbacks.

Spider Wranglers (HD, 2 min.) – RIGHT from Deleted Scenes.
Jumping from the Waterfall (HD, 2 min.) – RIGHT from Deleted Scenes/Introducing Nikki & Paolo.

Lulu the Wonder Dog (HD, 2 min.) – RIGHT RIGHT from Deleted Scenes/Changing Our Luck.

Dominic Monaghan’s Crossword Story (HD, 2 min.) – LEFT LEFT DOWN from The World of Others.

Creating Makeup Wounds (HD, 3 min.) – RIGHT DOWN from Lost Bloopers. If that doesn’t work, try RIGHT DOWN DOWN.

Fish Biscuits (HD, 1 min.) – I stumbled across this clip by randomly pushing buttons. Several readers have instructed me to enter LEFT DOWN LEFT from The Lost Book Club, but I can’t seem to reproduce it on my Blu-ray player.

Ping Pong (HD, 2 min.) – RIGHT DOWN from Cast in Clay.

A Fowl Nuisance (HD, 1 min.) – LEFT LEFT LEFT from The Next Level.[/B]

Lost: The Complete Fourth Season

15 Eggs Total

11 Eggs on Disc 4

* Highlight Episodes - press left, then up, then left, and then select to see in set of the Iraq scene.

* Highlight Episodes - press right, then up, then left, and then select to see few substitute actors talking about their job in Lost.

* Highlight Episodes - press left, then up, then left, and then select to view behind the scenes of filming “The Shape of Things to Come” in the desert.

* Highlight Episodes - press left 3 times, and then select to see Henry Ian Cusick talking about the army scene.

* Highlight Episodes - press left twice, then down, and then select to view a blooper from the Jin and Bernard fishing scene.

* Highlight Episodes - press right twice, then down, then right, and then select to view a clip of M.C. Gainey.

[B]* Highlight Episodes - press right twice, then press up twice, and then select it to see Damon Lindelof talking about reincarnation.

  • Highlight Set Up - press left twice, then up, and then select to view making of final scene in “Meet Kevin Johnson”[/B]

[B]* Highlight Set Up - press left twice, then down twice, and then select to view a clip of Jorge Garcia talking about Hurley.

  • Highlight SeasonPlay - press left twice, then up twice, and then select to see a clip about the “sound wagon.”[/B]

* Highlight SeasonPlay - press right twice, then down twice, and then select to view behind the scenes of inside the Tempest.

4 Eggs on Disc 5:

* Highlight Features - press right twice, then up, and then select to view a clip of camera operator Tommy Lohmann bantering with Michael Emerson.

[B]* Highlight Features - press left 3 times, and then select to see behind the scenes footage of the press scene in “There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1”.

  • Highlight Set Up - press down, then left, then down, then left, and then select to view the alternate endings of Season 4.[/B]

* Highlight Set Up - press down, then left twice, and then select to see Damon Lindelof talking about the force of the island.

Lost: The Complete Fifth Season

15 Eggs Total

8 Eggs

[B]-Highlight ‘Lost 100’, then press left twice. A video plays of Jorge Garcia in the Dharma Van finally finding the horn button on the last day of shooting.

-Highlight ‘Seasonplay’ and press right on your remote, the dot that shows you where you are moves in to open space, then press play. It gives a video of Jorge Garcia explaining the term ‘ass-dirt’ (which is apparently a noun :p).

-Highlight ‘Seasonplay’ and press left, then up, and the dot will move up to above ‘episodes’. The video is about the make-up used on Jin for when he looked all beaten etc. when he first appeared this season.

-Highlight ‘Features’ and press left, the dot moves to the middle of the word ‘Seasonplay’. Press play and the video shows the first time Jorge Garcia and Michelle Rodriguez (I definitely spelt her last name wrong :D) have a scene together and Jorge catching her up on what happened so far on the show since she left, much to her disbelief.

-Highlight ‘Episodes’ and press left, and the dot will move to just below ‘Disk 5’. The video shows Sean Whalen talking about how he doubts Froghurt will ever come back, and how he suspects Matt Fox and Josh Holloway were behind him being killed off because he was too good looking.

-Highlight ‘Set Up’ and press right. It shows a video (with no sound…) of Jorge Garcia painting a picture of the Egyption desert with the sphinx in it.

-Highlight ‘Features’, then press right and up. The video is an interview with with D+C coming up with some random medieval show/movie called ‘Dharma Times’.

-Highlight 'Episodes, then press right, then left. It’s a video of Malcolm David Kelly talking about how he though Walt would actually work out to be a bad guy and that the kidnapping was a bad guy. Him and Ben pulling all the strings.[/B]

3 Eggs

[B]After going on to the ‘Features’ section, there’s some more options (and more easter eggs!):

-Highlight ‘Lost University’ and press right, then up. The video shows Evangaline Lilly with one of the horses from S5 with Jeremy Davis, talking about if they’ve ever ridden before.

-Highlight ‘Mysteries of the Universe’, then press right, up, left. It shows Cheech making a sandwich. Very random, but funny.

  • Highlight ‘Lost 100’ and press right. The video shows D+C talking about when they first found out how awesomely the pilot did and then realising they’d have to carry on and make more.
    4 Eggs

[B]On the second page of the ‘Features’, there’s a whole load more:

-Highlight ‘Lost Bloopers’ and press left, then up. A video plays of all the stunt coordinators being introduced.

-Highlight ‘Deleted Scenes’ and press left. A video of Dan Faraday getting his qualification in physics.

-Highlight ‘Building 23 and Beyond’ and press left. A video of D+C talking to Michael Emerson about how he plays Ben and how beneficial it is that the actors don’t see the scripts until it actually comes to the filming of the scene.

-Highlight ‘An Epic Day With Richard Alpert’ and press left, then down. A video plays of the props department making the Boat in a Bottle that Richard has near the end of the season.[/B]

LOST - The Complete Sixth Season

1 Egg

Disc 5 - Hit left on “Season Play” and the dot will go to Jacob’s head. (:53) Yunjin Kim, Daniel Dae Kim and Josh Holloway goofing off behind-the-scenes in the submerged sub.


Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

6 Eggs

[B]Go to the Penguin episodes menu. Highlight an episode. Move the directional controller on your remote and a penguin appears! Each episode will let you slide off the menu to two penguins, for a total of four extra “short” animations that launch when you select the penguin.

The Penguin episodes (and shorts) are hilarious. The quality of the Blu-Ray version is eye-popping: while Kung-Fu Panda produces lots of color and detail, Madagascar 2 goes it one step further with some pretty amazing depth of focus. Some of the panning shots, for example, seem to pop off the screen.

Easter Egg: Move It, Move It

Easter Egg: Hock Shop

Easter Egg: Julien’s Birthday

Easter Egg: Tug of War

Easter Egg: Fully Armed

Easter Egg: No Thanks, I’m Stuffed[/B]

Mars Needs Moms

1 Egg

Go to the Bonus Features menu and highlighting the Bonus Feature title and then clicking enter. A brief one minute extra will play, showing a full excerpt from the ‘Flower Power’ TV show featured in the film.

Meet The Robinsons

4 Eggs

[B]If you skip to the scene just before Goob makes the catch of the baseball, Approx. 1 Hour 22 min and 30 sec and pause the movie. Look to the left and on the fence outlining the baseball field you will see a billboard with reference to The Jungle Book. You will see Baloo the Bear and Mowgli the Kid.

Again, Approx 1 hour 22 min and 35 sec mark, look just to the left of Goob just before he catches the baseball you will see again a billboard on the fence making reference to Toy Story 2. You will see Woody, Bullseye and Jessie.

In the deleted scenes parts, During the same part of the movie as described above. You will see reference to Monsters Inc.

At the 34 min 8 sec part of the movie you will see Aunt Billie preparing to race Uncle Gaston. Lewis is standing beside Bud with a stopwatch. Note the head of the stopwatch is Mickey shaped.[/B]

Mission Impossible III

7 Eggs

[B]On the supplemental disc, highlight the “Mission: Metamorphosis” feature, then push left on your remote’s directional keys. An “IMF classified Data” icon should appear in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Select and click, and you will be taken to a short vignette with actor Dermont Mulroney playing cello for the film’s score.

Highlight the “Moviefone: Unscripted” feature and push the right arrow button to highlight the IMF logo. Click “Enter” and it will take you to a clip of Tom Cruise and Laurence Fishburne goofing off on the set.

The next one can be found in the “Launching the Mission” submenu. Highight “Rome,” then push the right arrow to activate the IMF logo again. Click “Enter,” and enjoy a clip of some priest and nuns dancing on the set.

Another egg can be found by going into the “TV Spots” submenu and highlighting the “Madness” spot. Push the right arrow to once again bring up the IMF logo, Activate it, and you’ll see a clip of the crew dressed up on the set during Halloween 2005.

To watch Michelle Monaghan go on a walking tour of Shanghai, highlight the “Play All” option in the Theatrical Trailers submenu, then hit the down arrow to get to the ‘classified data’ option. Click to view.

From the first option in the Deleted Scenes submenu, press “Up” on your remote’s navigation keys for a clip of J.J. Abrams taking a flying lesson.

From the “Settings” option on page three of the menu press “Up” on your remote for a clip of the crew celebrating Abrams’ Emmy nominations.[/B]

Monsters Inc.

1 Egg

[B]On Disc 2

Pressing left on your remote while a bonus feature is highlighted will access the following which are more or less features requiring your remote control to navigate through artwork:

  • The Employee Handbook
  • Guide to In Jokes
  • Monster of the Month
  • Scarer Cards[/B]

Monsters vs. Aliens

1 Egg

Clicking on “DO NOT PRESS” on the main menu will bring up some trailers and a sneak peek at Shrek: The Musical.


1 Egg

While on the main menu, choose any one of the options available at the bottom of the screen. Then using your remote, navigate up to highlight the sound icon and click right where you will find Gerty’s smiley face suddenly appear on the screen. Press enter and enjoy a short clip of Gerty playing table tennis with himself.


Nacho Libre

1 Egg

From the main menu choose “Extras,” then “Featurettes.” From this submenu, click your remote’s up arrow button once. A wrestling mask will appear. Highlight the mask, and hit “Enter.” Watch for a vignette of Jack Black on set.

National Treasure: Book Of Secerets

3 Eggs can be found on the Special Features submenu.

[B]To find the first, highlight the “On Location” prompt, then hit Right and Up on your remote. An icon will appear, and click Enter, which takes you to a short making-of clip of the film’s White House effects shot.

The second egg can be found by highlighting the “Street Stunts” prompt, then clicking Right twice. The icon’s eyes will light up, then click Enter to watch a short demonstration of a car rig.

Finally, the third egg can be accessed by selecting “Highlight Evolution,” then hit Right once on your remote. This will show a short vignette on shooting the City of Gold sequence.[/B]

Nirvana: Live at the Paramount

1 Egg

As Breed or Territorial Pissings play, select Menu, then Songs. Breed or Territorial Pissings should be highlighted with an orange box. Press the Up once and the box will turn BLUE. Hit enter to see an alternate performance, recorded at the Commodore Ballroom in March 1991.

No Country for Old Men (Second Verision)

1 Egg

Not necessarily a major Easter Egg but on Press Time line, you can select the coin which has the words “Call It Friend O” and the coin will randomly pick an interview.


Ocean’s Eleven (1960): 50th Anniversary Edition

1 Egg

From the main menu, click on special features, then scroll through the onscreen list until you get to Vegas Map, then arrow down. You will see a pair of dice at an empty area. If you click on the dice, you will soon see a quick, 32-second video of The Sands imploding.

Old School

1 Egg

Go to the “Special Features” submenu. From there, highlight the first option (the “Old School Orientation” featurette), then press right on your remote. A small icon will appear, click enter and watch two deleted scenes from the film.

Once Upon a Time in the West

1 Egg

In the “Extras” section of the main menu With the commentary track highlighted, scroll to the left and a black horseshoe appears in the top right corner of the banner. When pressing “Enter” on the remote, we get a fun montage that works much like a contemporary preview for the film.

Open Season

3 Eggs

[B]All three hidden extras can be accessed via the main menu. To find the first, highlight “Play Movie,” then push the up arrow button on your remote. An icon will then appear, stating you found the first of three eggs. This will take you to a brief narrated segment of some early “pre-vis” character animations.

To uncover the second egg, highlight “Languages,” and again push the up arrow button. This will take you to more unused footage cut from the final film.

Finally, highlight “Special Features” for the third egg, only this time you have hit the up button twice. This will bring you to yet another deleted scene from the movie.[/B]


Pan’s Labyrinth

1 Egg

Scroll down the list of special features and press down once more while highlighting the film’s trailer, click on the icon that appears, and you’ll be treated to a slideshow of creature designs.

Pineapple Express

1 Egg

Go to “Alternate/Extended Scenes” press up to highlight pineapple, hit enter and enjoy the alternate “buzzkill” ending.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl

5 Eggs

[B]All five treasures can be found on disc two, via a special easter egg mini-menu. To access it, go to the second page of bonus features (by clicking the “More” option). Highlight “Good luck,” then press “Right,” “Up,” “Up” on your remote. The skull’s eyes (at the top of the screen) will light up – then hit “Enter.” This is will bring up a full screen of the Jolly Roger logo. From this screen, you will be able access all of the following Easter Eggs:

1.) Starting with “Back” highlighted, move “Left,” “Left.” The skull’s eyes light up with flame. Click “Enter” to see a short interview with Keith Richards. (48 sec.)

2.) Starting with “Back” highlighted, move “Left,” “Left,” but this time do not press ENTER. Instead, press “Up” and then “Right” and watch for the medallion on the bandana to light up. Then press “Enter” to see a 3D animatic of a scene from the film. (6 min.)

3.) Follow instructions for Egg 2 above, but instead of hitting “Enter,” hit “Up,” “Up,” “Left.” The left sword handle will light up. Press “Enter” to see a short Japanese trailer for the movie. (37 sec.)

4.) Follow instructions for Egg 3 above, but after the left sword handle lights up, don’t hit “Enter.” Instead, press “Left” four times, and a replica of the Aztec medallion will appear on the map. Press “Enter” here to see a time-lapse construction video of a cave. (3 min.)

5.) Follow the sequence for Egg 4 above, but instead of hitting “Enter” at the end of the sequence, press “Left,” “Left,” “Down.” The “N” on the map will light up. Press “Enter” to listen to the “Pirate Radio,” which seems to be an original Radio ad for the ride at Disneyland. (1 min.)[/B]

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

5 Eggs

[B]All five hidden features can be found on disc two. On the first page of the “Bonus Features” submenu, highlight “According to Plan.” Press “Left,” then “Up” on your remote. The skull’s eyes (top of the screen) will light up. Hit “Enter,” and you should see a full screen of the Jolly Roger logo. It is from this screen that you will access each of the following easter eggs:

  1. Starting with “Back” highlighted, move “Up,” “Left.” The skull’s eyes light up with flame. Click “Enter” to see a featurette about catering for the production crew. (2 min.)

  2. Follow the instructions for Egg 1 above, but at the end of the sequence, do not press “Enter.” Instead, hit “Down,” “Down,” “Left.” An “X” will appear on the map. Press “Enter” to see a interview with the Coconut Man. (2 min.)

  3. Follow the instructions for Egg 2 above, but at the end of the sequence, do not press “Enter.” Instead, press “Right” four times. The compass on the map will light up. Press “Enter” here to see a short video about directing the dog, Chopper. (2 min.)

  4. Follow the instructions for Egg 3 above, but at the end of the sequence, do not press “Enter.” Instead, hit “Up,” “Left,” “Left.” The flame on the right torch will die out. Press “Enter” to view a short featurette focusing on a prop painter. (1 min.)

  5. Follow the instructions for Egg 4 above, but at the end of the sequence, do not press “Enter.” Press “Down,” “Left,” “Up.” The flame on the left torch will now go out. Press “Enter” to enjoy Chris and Mike, the “Twin Pirates.” (1 min.)[/B]

    Pixar Short Films Collection – Volume 1

3 Eggs

[B]All the above Easter-Eggs can be accessed by scrolling through the list of short films using the up button on the remote (rather than the left or right buttons).

A Luxo lamp icon appears over “Red’s Dream” to access the ‘Luxo Jr. wireframe tests’.
A flag icon appears above “Tin Toy” to access “Flags and Waves”
A chair icon appears above “Geri’s game” to access “Beach Chair”[/B]



5 Eggs

T[B]o unlock all these goodies, go to the main menu. Watch the stove in the upper left-hand corner of the screen… and wait. Soon, a rat will peek around the stove, and we he does, click the Left arrow on your remote. This will unlock a hidden menu with five different items.

Among the tasty treats is a mock “Ro-Dead” commercial for rat poison, a vignette with producer Brad Lewis playing the trombone for the orchestra, additional fake outtakes, and a special treat the film’s CGI actors cooked up for the director, Brad Bird. Bon appetite![/B]

Red (2010): Special Edition

1 Egg

From the main menu, highlight the Special Features tab and press the down arrow on your remote. A picture of Bruce Willis will pop up. Click on that, and you’ll be treated to an 11-minute featurette on green screen and CG technology comprised of “before” and “after” shots from the film.

Resident Evil

2 Eggs

[B]Zombie Camera Tests (SD, 1 min.) – From the main menu page, press UP from the Play Movie option to highlight an Umbrella logo. This only works on the main menu, not the pop-up menus during the movie. The piece is also located in the Blu-Wizard checklist.

Milla Jovovich Camera Test (SD, 2 min.) – This may also be hidden somewhere in the menus, but I found it in the Blu-Wizard checklist. In it, Milla poses for the camera in various action stances.[/B]

Rocky Balboa

1 Egg

Highlight the ‘Off’ button under the Commentary With Sylvester Stallone option. Now press the “RIGHT” button on your remote three times until a black arrow appears. Then hit the “ENTER” key to watch a featurette focusing on the fight makeup of ‘Rocky Balboa.’

Role Models

1 Egg

Highlight “Ye Olde Crest Maker” in the extras section of the menu. Press RIGHT and then press DOWN. “The Sturdy Wings” logo should appear. Press ENTER to watch a five minute webisode (#16) from Director David Wain’s website about Wain’s issues meeting women and the answer to his problems.

RUSH: Snakes & Arrows Live

1 Egg

Goto the Bonus Material, go down past the Oh Atlanta Authorized Bootlegs, and the highlighted area will go off the end. Press Enter. A behind the scenes video should play.

Rush Hour 3

1 Egg

On the second disc, go to the Special Features menu, and highlight “Visual Effects Reel.” Hit the Up button on your remote, and an icon will appear. Click Enter, and watch a 5-second gag clip of Jackie Chan and Hiroyuki Sanada fighting on the Eiffel tower with lightsabers.



5 Eggs

[B]Puppet featurette, Saw II clues & 2 versions of Saw In 60 Seconds

Disc 1

  • ‘Pieces of the puzzle’

  • Go to the page with scenes 19-21

  • Select the 20th

  • Press down, it will highlight some red blood on the wall

  • Press the ‘Enter’ to see “Saw in 60 seconds” with original footage and speedy voices

  • From the Main Meun go to ‘Sounds’

  • Highlight the ‘Play Movie’ option

  • Press ‘Right’, this will highlight the chain on the floor

  • Press ‘Enter’ and it will lead you to a web site that will lead you to clues for the sequel, ‘Saw II’

  • From that Main Menu go to ‘Sounds’

  • Select ‘Audio Commentaries’

  • Highlight the ‘On’ menu entry for the first commentary track

  • Press ‘Left’, this will highlight a faucet

  • Press ‘enter’ now you will see ‘Saw In 60 Seconds: Take 3’ a clip retelling the film using dolls

Disc 2

  • From the Main Menu select ‘Dissection’

  • On the following screen, highlight the ‘Menu’ entry

  • Press the ‘Right’ arrow key on your remote control

  • Press the ‘Enter’ key, you will now have the chance to see a clip called ‘Billie The Puppet’

  • From the Main Menu and then select the entry ‘Cut Media’

  • On the following sub-menu highlight the chain on the wall

  • Press the ‘Up’ arrow key on your remote control

  • Press the ‘Enter’ key, this will take you to another clip, called ‘Watch Saw In 60 Seconds’ all played out with dolls
    Saw IV

1 Egg

From the main menu, to go the Special Features section. From there, highlight the “Also From Lionsgate” option, but instead of pressing enter, hit left instead on your remote. A Saw icon will appear to the left. Select it, and you’ll be taken to a devious puzzle game based on the ‘Saw’ films.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

4 Eggs

[B]Go to Extras. Go to deleted scenes. While the deleted scene commentary is highlighted push the right arrow. A ‘Scott Pilgrim’ 1up icon will appear. Click on it and get a code for the video game.

Go to Extras. Go to Pre-production. Go to Animatics. Scroll down until you highlight “Original Zoetrope Concept.” Click the right arrow. Another 1up icon will appear. Select that and get another game code.

Go to Extras. Go to Music Promos. Go to OSYMYSO Remixes. Highlight “Ramona” and push the right arrow. Another 1up icon will appear. Select the icon and get another game code.

Go to Extras. Go to Blogs. Highlight “Blog Six – Fight!” press the right arrow and another hidden 1up icon will appear. Select the icon for another game code.[/B]


1 Egg

Start from the Main Menu
Extras --> Extended Scenes --> [Up] Enter

Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow (Re-Issue)

1 Egg

From the disc’s “Extras” menu, highlight the “Art of World of Tomorrow” option. Push the Right navigation button on your remote and a robot icon that appears. Hit enter to watch the one-minute vignette “Secret Behind the Scenes Look at the Animation Department,” an inventive and very funny bit of behind-the-scenes goofiness.

Sleeping Beauty

1 Egg

Scroll down to the “Backstage Disney” and press enter to go through the SB walkthrough attraction(or just press the right arrow key). At the end, a sword will appear on the menu. Press enter, and you will se a digitized version of a book that was handed out at the end of the attraction during it’s initial run.

Sling Blade

1 Egg

When watching the “Mr. Thornton Goes to Hollywood” featurette. About 52:08 minutes into the featurette, a white silhouette featuring Karl sitting in a recliner will show up. Click on that symbol and sure enough a 21: second gag reel with Billy Bob and Lucas Black starts playing.

Smart People

1 Egg

To watch a short clip of the cast and crew discussing ‘Smart People’ at Sundance, access the special features menu and press “down” at the bottom of the list and click on the icon that appears.

Spider-Man: The High-Defintion Trilogy

2 Eggs

[B]For the first egg, go to disc one, and access the “Special Features” menu. There, highlight the selection for “Bloopers,” then press left on your remote. A Spidey icon will appear. Click it, and press enter, and watch a short vignette on the music of ‘Spider-Man 3.’

For the second egg, pop in disc two. Go to the “Special Features” menu. Highlight the “Fighting, Flying and Driving: The Stunts” featurette, but instead of hitting enter on your remote, click left instead. This will unlock a short hidden featurette on the sound mixing of the Sandman stealing the bank car.[/B]

Star Trek: 2009

2 Eggs

If you pause the movie at 47 min and 39 sec or 40 sec, You should see R2D2 make a cameo appearance. He is part of the debris above the crew members head on the far left and just to the right.

Listeners may also notice that Wil Wheaton from ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ has overdubbed the voice of a Romulan at 1:45:45. (That’s him saying, “Sir, if you ignite the red matter…”)

Star Trek: The Original Series – Season 1

2 Eggs

New Effects Animatics (SD, 4 min.) – On disc 2, highlight and select the only menu button without a label to watch a montage of animatic footage for the new visual effects sequences.

Most of this was taken from early renderings that are nowhere near the quality of the finished footage. Commercial for ‘Star Trek Remastered’ (HD, 1 min.) – On disc 5, do likewise for a corny commercial advertising the remastered episodes.

Star Trek: The Original Series – Season 2

[B]Hints on how to find the 12 Easter eggs hidden on this set.

  • 5 Given eggs[/B]

Disc 1

#1 - (Enter 4-digit number) - The year Star Trek first aired on TV.

Disc 2

[B]#2 - (enter 4-digit number) - The first year of Enterprise’ five-year mission.
#3 - (navigate right from Communication)

  • Doomsday Machine Anecdote, highlight and select the only menu button without a label.[/B]

Disc 3

[B]#4 - (enter 4-digit number) - Spock’s Birth Year
#5 - (navigate right from Communication)

  • Spock and Sarek Backstory, highlight and select the only menu button without a label.
    Disc 4

#6 - (enter 4-digit number) - Original air date (month/day) of The Trouble With Tribbles

Disc 5

[B]#7 - (enter 4-digit number) - Registry number of the Enterprise
#8 - (navigate right from Communication)

  • The Trouble with Directors, highlight and select the only menu button without a label.[/B]

Disc 6

[B]#9 - (enter 4-digit number) - The year Shakespeare died (from By Any Other Name)
#10 - (navigate right from Communication)

  • David Gerrold, Fanboy, highlight and select the only menu button without a label.[/B]

Disc 7

[B]#11 - (enter 4-digit number) - The year the crew returns to in Assignment Earth
#12 - (navigate right from Communication)

  • Social Equality in Trek, highlight and select the only menu button without a label.[/B]

Star Trek: The Original Series - Season 3

4 Eggs

[B]Romulans or Klingons? (HD, 2 min.) – On Disc 1, highlight and select the red menu button without a label.

The Bottle Show (D, 2 min.) – Disc 2, highlight and select the red menu button without a label.

Birthday Shuttlecraft (D, 2 min.) – Disc 3, highlight and select the red menu button without a label.

Flint’s Castle (D, 2 min.) – Disc 4, highlight and select the red menu button without a label.[/B]

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - The Complete Season One

3 Eggs

[B]Disk One

Enter the archive section that houses the character models, concept art, …etc. Select an episode to view and before clicking on any other items, highlight the episode name, press left two times, so the cursor goes in what was a blank square (the opposite side of the close tab), you are treated to a two minute long featurette. The Voices of ‘Star Wars,’ featuring the voice actors screwing around, with Wood going absolutely crazy performing a mix of beasts and Battle Droid noises (mixed in with physical movements to match). Actors tease about the job, including how they originally record some voices that get altered.

Disk Two

Using the same method as above you are treated to a one minute slide show of sorts, with dramatic scoring, of concept art, rough animations, concept designs, and so on. A miniature montage of sorts.

Disk Three

Using the same method as above, Dave Filoni hosts an five minute animatic about the logistics of Ahsoka and Anakin flying, and the rationale behind focussing on Ahsoka during the ‘Battle Over Ryloth’ episode. The temp acting covering the dialogue for actors is incredibly aggravating, making even the bad voices in the show seem acceptable.[/B]

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - The Complete Season Two

3 Eggs

[B]All of the Easter Eggs on this release are found through the Jedi Temple Archives. To access them, select an episode from the Holocron list, and in the screen that allows you to select 2D or 3D artwork, move your cursor to where the episode name is, and press left until you highlight the icon in the top left box of the screen. While you can change the episode name on this menu, there is not an Easter Egg for each episode, just one per disc.

Disc One contains the Ord Enisence Easter Egg (HD, 2 min). This feature discusses the Jedi found in the Holocron Heist episode, which is designed after one of the denizens of Jabba’s Palace, Pote Snitkin. With each and every species seemingly having a Jedi or Sith variation somewhere in the ‘Star Wars’ canon, it was only fitting that we get a Skrilling Jedi, even if for one episode. When the story shifts to Coruscant, designing buildings and scales to fit the size of the creature, but not so much on the obvious ‘Kong’ references.

Disc Two features the Jedi Library Easter Egg (HD, 1 min). It is so damn awesome. We see something that didn’t make it into the episode, a painting on the ceiling of the library, reminiscent of the great painters of Renaissance lore. A shame we didn’t see it in the episodes.

Disc Three contains the Malastare Easter Egg (HD, 2 min). It focusses on the architecture of the Dug planet, as well as some discussion on why the planet is important. Skippable, really.[/B]

Star Wars: The Complete Saga

1 Egg

Located on the second bonus disc, containing the archives for Episodes IV through VI. To find it from the main menu, click on Episode V, then go to the “Pursued by the Imperial Fleet” section. From there, go into “The Collection” and select the “Boba Fett Prototype Costume.” You’ll see a menu on the right side of the screen with the option “First Look.” When you choose that option, you’ll get a brief introduction and background on the special before it starts playing. Then just sit back and enjoy the weirdness.

Step Up 2 : The Streets

4 Eggs

Includes four easter eggs. Press up while highlighting the play button on the main menu, press right while selecting the “Play All” option in the Deleted Scenes section, press right again while hovering over the “Through Fresh Eyes” featurette, and press down after highlighting the Robert Hoffman Prank. The assorted goodies aren’t exciting or substantial per se, but the fourth egg features freestyle dancing at a post-wrap party.


1 Egg

Paul Rudd Auditions Stormy Daniels (6 min., HD) – On disc 2, highlight “Press Junket Meltdown” and press UP twice. Select the flying penis icon that appears in the upper right corner of the screen to watch a badly-staged prank involving Paul Rudd and porn star Stormy Daniels that plays like a sequel to the “My Dinner with Stormy” extra on the ‘40 Year-Old Virgin’ disc.

Supernatural: The Complete Second Season

1 Egg

Click on all three Yellow-Eyed Demon icons during your trip through the Devil’s Road Map. There’s a surprise waiting for you if you do.

Surf’s Up

1 Egg

Go to the Main Menu and start playing the movie itself. Once the movie is rolling, press the '‘Menu’ button on your remote control to bring up the disc’s main menu. You will notice an entry labeled ‘X’ that is pre-selected. Now press the ‘Up’ arrow key on your remote control twice to bring up a flying saucer icon. Press the ‘Enter’ key and in a short clip the filmmakers will greet and congratulate you on finding the easter egg and reward you with some information of a ‘ChubbChubbs’ character making an appearance in ‘Surf’s Up.’


Terminator 2: Judgement Day

1 Egg

Go to the main menu screen. Highlight “Sensory Controls,” then hit the right directional arrow. This will bring up a “Thanks Yous” page with the T2 theme music, with credits for the disc producers, telecine team and THX sound crew.

Terminator 2 (Limited Edition Complete Collector’s Set)

1 Egg

In the main menu where you select The theatrical version of the movie (2 Hours 16 mins) or The Special Edition Version of the movie (2 Hours 33 mins) you go down one more step and enter the code 82997. This will unlock the Extended Special Edition of the movie (2 Hours 36 mins) which has new scenes and a alternate ending.

The Amityville Horror (2005)

2 Eggs

Under “Special Features,” push the cursor to the right so that it moves into the middle of the screen, where little Jodie’s silhouette is seen on the window. A strange red symbol suddenly highlights. Upon selecting it, viewers are taken to two more options, called “Home Movies” (4 min) and “Scar Reel” (2 min). They’re fun short clips taken from the movie with added creepiness.

The Benchwarmers

1 Egg

Highlight ‘Special Features’ and press Up 3 times. The baseball icon that appears will take you to a dumb clip of Jon Lovitz singing the National Anthem.

The Chronicles Of Narnia - Prince Caspian

6 Eggs

[B]Snoop around the second disc and look for symbols to appear and you’ll see in the dialogue window, no time or description is shown making it an egg.

(2:25) Blonde Cam
(1:19) Toastie
(1:49) KC Hodenfield First assistnat Director/Co-Producer
(1:00) Monster Cam a first person perspective of being a horse-person
(0:54) Anna Popplewell
(7:46) Shane Rigi Bullgy Bear, Dead Minotaur.
The Die Hard Collection - Die Hard With A Vengence

1 Egg

Go to the disc’s Special Features submenu. Scroll all the way down and highlight the last option on the list (for D-Box enhancement). Then click your remote’s down button one more time, and you will highlight a hidden icon of a film reel. Hit enter, and enjoy a short blooper reel.

The Fly

1 Egg

From the main menu, go to the Supplements submenu, then go to the "Promotional Material.’ there, you will see an option for some previews, entitled “If you want to see more you may want to try…” Highlight the selection, but don’t press Enter on your remote. Instead, press Left, and you will see a small fly icon. Select and hit Enter, and access a hidden trailer page called “The Summer of 1986.” Enjoy trailers for ‘The Fly,’ ‘Aliens’ and ‘Big Trouble in Little China.’

The Green Hornet

1 Egg

Select Special Features on the menu and then select Deleted Scenes. Once the submenu for Deleted Scenes comes up push the right arrow on your remote with the Play All feature highlighted. A green target will appear to the right of Play All, which provides a 30 second clip of Gondry pulling out the double-barreled gun and pretending to shoot someone.

The Godfather Collection (Coppola Restoration)

4 Eggs

[B]On the fourth disc from the box set that contains all the supplements, select the ‘Settings’ submenu. Once you are in that submenu, highlight the ‘None’ selection and press the ‘Right’ arrow key on your remote control. A globe will appear, which if selected will play a collage of clips from various language version of the film, including Italian, German and English.

Another hidden feature can be found on this disc. Go to the ‘Family Tree’ submenu and select '”Santino (Sonny),” which takes you to a biography of Sonny Corleone. Here, press the ‘Down’ arrow key on your remote control to highlight the image of James Caan and then press ‘Enter.’ You will be treated to a screen test by James Caan for his part as Sonny Corleone.

Another hilarious hidden feature can be found on the same disc. From the ‘2001 DVD Archive’ submenu, go to ‘Galleries’ and there select ‘DVD Credits.’ In this section, keep following the next arrow at the bottom of the screen all the way to the end and you will be treated to a great clip of the Sopranos trying to watch an ‘advance bootleg’ version of the Godfather DVD.

And there’s another one, which can be found in the ‘Filmmakers’ section on the ‘2001 DVD Archive’ submenu. Go there and select ‘Mario Puzo’s’ biography. Once you get there, press the ‘Left’ arrow key on your remote control twice and a large dollar sign will appear. It gives you access to a short clip, in which Coppola asks the writer why he actually wrote ‘The Godfather.’ Puzo’s answer to it is quite revealing. [/B]

The Heart Break Kid 2007

1 Egg

From the Deleted Scenes menu, highlight the words “Play All” and press the right-arrow button. This highlights a hidden jellyfish icon that leads to a featurette about Peter Farrelly’s practical jokes.

The Host

2 Eggs

Go to the Special Features section and highlight the trailers button. Press right one time and click on the bloody handprint that appears. What comes next may go down as one of the most underwhelming easter eggs of all time – it simply features Eamonn Bowles, the president of Magnolia Pictures giving his ten-second opinion of the film after a screening. Surprise! He loves the film his company paid to distribute.

The Italian Job

2 Eggs

On the “Extras” submenu, highlight the top bonus feature option (the “Driving School” featurette), then click your remote’s top-left (northwest) diagonal button. A little van icon will appear to the right of the menu. Then click “Enter” on your remote, and you’ll be taken to a five-minute outtake reel featuring actor Seth Green improvising a stream of in-character monologues.

The Last Song

1 Egg

Scroll down on special features selection and you will see a black turtle light up. Click on it and you will access an Easter Egg with commentary by director Julie Anne Robinson.

The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy - Extended Editions

4 Eggs

[B]On the ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’ disc, we get a three minute SD alternate version of the council of Elrond, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jack Black. This one has to be seen. It’s definitely not for children. It’s horribly crude, yet hilarious at times, especially the Frodo gag.

On the ‘The Two Towers’ disc, a three minute SD MTV movie award acceptance speech is shown, as Gollum won an award for best virtual performance (tough category, that). It’s pretty poor, really, but calling Dobby a %$@ing &^% is quite epic.

On the ‘The Return of the King’ disc, there is a nine minute SD interview between Monaghan and Wood, played off as a hoax of sorts on Wood. Monaghan doesn’t do a bad German, but the joke here is on us, not Wood, as it isn’t all that funny.

On the Appendices DVD discs, there is a symbol at the bottom of each page that is a not-so hidden link to the DVD credits.[/B]

The Man With No Name Trilogy

1 Egg

At the main menu selection screen, highlight the “PLAY” option and press the up arrow on the remote’s cursor. A revolver suddenly appears just above the banner floating at the bottom of the screen. When pressing enter, we find a brief 40-second clip of Eli Wallach sharing a memory of Sergio Leone directing a fellow cast member on acting angry.

The Pixar Short Films Collection: Volume 1

2 Eggs

Instead of pressing left and right in the selection menu, try pressing up when you highlight each individual short. There you’ll find three icons and three quick bonuses – a wireframe animatic of the “Luxo Jr” short, a look at various movement techniques developed by Pixar, and a lighting demo. Then access the Subtitles menu, press up on your remote, and click on the icon that appears. You’ll be treated to a 1986 short by Eben Ostby called “Beach Chair.”

The Proposal

1 Egg

For the upcoming Blu-ray “The Proposal”, the following easter egg is how visual effects created the atmosphere of Sitka, Alaska despite shooting in Massachusetts (1:54).

The Rundown

6 Eggs

[B]This movie from Universal contains 6 Eggs. The first five can be found through the “Scene Access” submenu by selecting a specific scene number, then clicking the “Right” navigation arrow on your remote two times:

Scene 4: “Flowers for Mariana” – Interview with actress Rosario Dawson

Scene 9: “They Got My Tooth” – Interview with The Rock

Scene 11: “Peek Break” – Second interview with The Rock

Scene 17: “Behind the Movie” – Interview with Sean William Scott

Scene 28: “End Titles” – Second interview with Sean William Scott

Egg #6 can be found via the main menu screen. Press your remote’s “Up” button, and a small icon will appear. Press “Enter,” and watch a short clip of star the Rock discussing working with a very dangerous bull on the set.[/B]

The Slammin’ Salmon

1 egg

Go to the Special Features tab, highlight theatrical trailer, press the down button, and a fish will appear (one can also press the up button when Hellish Kitchen is selected to get to the fish). Click it, and you’re treated to a brief clip of the Lizards introducing a film, in a very unfunny fashion.

The Simpsons Movie

3 Eggs

[B]The first set of eggs can be found on the disc’s pop-up menu. Once you’ve activated it, highlight the first option on the left, which is “Play Movie.” Then hit down on your remote, and the command will underline. Hit enter, and be treated to the first of three “Visual Developments” vignettes, each for a different character – Lisa’s Boyfriend, Russ Cargill and the Multi-Eyed Fish. You can accessing the remaining vignettes by hitting the next two options on the pop-up menu (“Audio Setup” and “Special Features”). Highlight each, then hit left on your remote. Once the option is underlined, hit enter, and be taken to the respective vignette.

The last egg can be activated by going to the “Audio Setup” submenu, From there, select the “English DTS 5.1” option, but don’t press enter. Instead, press up, and a donut icon will appear. Highlight it, then press enter to enjoy a ‘Simpsons’ spoof of the THX trailer.[/B]

The Simpsons - Season 13

3 Eggs

[B]- The Village Voice Cover (Disc 1) – In the Menu press the right directional button on your remote after you get to Extras and a tiny white circle will appear. Select it and you are taken to a cover of The Village Voice featuring Homer.

  • TV Guide Article (Disc 2) – Do the same thing as disc one, select the tiny white circle and it will take you to a TV Guide article talking about the greatest shows of all time.

  • Special Thanks (Disc 3) – Do the same thing you have done on both discs and the tiny white circle will appear next to extras again. When selected this will take you to a special thanks page that gives out special thanks to some people and companies.[/B]

The X-Files: I Want To Believe

2 Eggs

[B]Select the “X” logo in the Audio menu to find a bizarre animated promo for the movie.

In the Theatrical Version’s Special Features menu, there’s an extra option for an isolated score in Dolby Digital 5.1.[/B]

There Will Be Blood

1 Egg

Well this is par say not an easter egg that is on the disc itself, Paramount has released what you could call easter egg cover art. These are rare to find, hold the cover up to the light you will see one cover, flip it around and you will see another.

THX 1138: Director’s Cut

1 Egg

The Easter egg is easy to find, on the same menu as the other extras, and it features Matthew Robbins’ for “Breakout,” which was the inspiration for Lucas’s student film.

Tomb Raider

1 Egg

From the main menu, if you select the extras tab, then press down twice to highlight the Crafting Lara Croft extra, pressing left will highlight a series of three symbols that weren’t there before (pressing left on the other two extras above this one do not highlight it). This hidden feature is a two minute SD extra covering Jon Voigt and his daughter Jolie discussing working together on the film.

Toy Story 3

30 Eggs

[B]1. Hometown Map

Behind Andy’s bed is a map of the world marked with pushpins. Those pushpins each correspond to the hometowns of the film’s production team.

  1. Cutting Blvd Sign

Stealing street signs may be more of a Sid Phillips move, but we’ll forgive Andy for this one; W. Cutting Blvd. is the street where Pixar was originally located in Richmond, CA.

  1. Finn McMissile

Check out the car poster by Andy’s bed. That’s a hint at a new character, Finn McMissile, who will debut in Cars 2. A full design for the character was shown off at last year’s D23, showing Finn as a James Bond-esque Aston Martin.

  1. A113

Since the first Toy Story, Andy’s mom has had the license plate A113, a reference to an animation room at CalArts. The number pops up across the animation world as an in-joke in dozens of films and television series, everything from The Iron Giant to “The Simpsons.” In Toy Story 3, the plate is surrounded by a frame that says “Tiger Pride,” a reference to director Lee Unkrich’s hometown of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, and his high school mascot.

  1. Totoro

Courtesy of Studio Ghibli, Totoro himself makes an appearance in the form of one of Bonnie’s plush toys.

  1. Buy n Large

Buzz Lightyear doesn’t run on just any old brand of batteries! Those are Buy n Large brand, straight from WALL•E.

  1. 95

The train engine in the opening sequence has a big 95 on the front, a reference to the year that the first Toy Story was released and the racing number of Cars’ Lightning McQueen.

  1. Lightning McQueen Shirt

Speaking of Lightning McQueen, it looks like this Sunnyside Day Care kid happens to be a fan.

  1. Toy Characters

Look for a number of toy variations on other Pixar characters. Check out Boo and Mike from Monsters, Inc. and a pretty nifty looking wooden Lightning McQueen.

  1. Newt Crossing

Newt was scheduled to be Pixar’s 2012 summer release but has since been taken off the schedule and it is unknown whether the story will ever see the light of day. Since it seems that Andy is a fan, let’s hope it gets back on track.

  1. Nemo Sticker

Check out the sticker at the bottom of Andy’s toy chest for a very familiar clownfish.

  1. Before There Was Lotso

There are even Toy Story 3 Easter Eggs in other Pixar films! Not only did Lotso make his first appearance in Up, but a very early version of the toy actually appeared in the first Toy Story film fifteen years earlier.

  1. Mr. Ray and a Tractor

Look who CS poster Gracie spotted on the toy shelf! It’s Mr. Ray, Nemo’s singing stingray teacher. In the same shot, Goodridge noticed a tractor from Cars.

  1. Luxo Jr.'s Ball

Pixar’s 1986 short film Luxo, Jr, which is where the hopping lamp in the animation studio’s logo also comes from, also featured a small yellow ball with a blue ring and red stars. This ball appears in a lot of the Pixar films. One of the appearances in Toy Story 3 is on a tile outside of Sunnyside Daycare

  1. Tin Toys

These scared fellows in the corner are the some of the same terrified toys that appeared in Pixar’s early short, Tin Toy

  1. More (Revolting) Batteries

We already saw the Buy n Large brand batteries, but here’s another brand: Revolting. That’s the same imaginary company that sponsored Chick Hicks (voiced by Toy Story 3’s own Michael Keaton) in Cars.

  1. Redrum

Velocistar237 is more than just a dinosaur toy. He’s also a fan of The Shining, just like Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich, who lists it as his favorite film. The numbers 237 are famously the numbers of the hotel room in the film.

  1. Ellie and Carl

It looks like Andy is pen pals with Carl and Ellie Fredricksen from Up. It’s hard to spot, but /Film caught this postcard on Andy’s post-it board.

  1. Flick

Appropriately named reader Flick spotted a toy version of Flick from A Bug’s Life - he can be seen jumping away just as the line of children get ready to return to Sunnyside from recess.

  1. Wally B

A patch on Bonnie’s backpack is of Wally B. from the early Pixar short The Adventures of Andre and Wally B.

  1. Atta

During the scene at Sunnyside where Woody climbs into the ceiling, the letters on the wall spell out ATTA, the name of Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ character in A Bug’s Life

  1. Grown-Up Sid

Making a cameo appearance is a grown-up Sid Phillips, the villain from the first Toy Story. You can recognize him from his trademark skull t-shirt.

  1. More Tiger Pride

Poster Jennifer spotted another reference to Unkrich’s high-school mascot: Andy has a Tigers sticker on the chest in his room.

  1. The Six Million Dollar Man

While it may not be a toy, per se, Unkrich points out on the film’s commentary track that one his favorite childhood items was his Six Million Dollar Man lunchbox. Look for it making a cameo appearance as the metal object that Buzz Lightyear grabs onto in the garbage dump.

  1. Room 237

Another nod to The Shining, Sid’s garbage truck features a license plate that references Room 237.

  1. Pixar University

Andy’s room features a pendant with the letters “P.U.”, acknowledging the real-life education and development program, “Pixar University”.

  1. Pizza Planet

Making another Pixar film cameo is the Pizza Planet truck from the first Toy Story. This one is famous for its distinctive “YO” on the back.

  1. Luxo, Jr.

Another Pixar regular, Luxo Jr. can be seen (in red) atop Andy’s desk.

  1. Emeryville

Just where is Andy going to college anyway? Judging from his application letter, it’s not far from Pixar’s headquarters in Emeryville.

  1. The Evil Dead

Another horror movie nod, Unkrich notes on the commentary that this shot is inspired by a Sam Raimi shot in The Evil Dead when Ash gets pulled into the cellar.[/B]

Transformers (2007)

5 Eggs

[B]The first (and only) egg on disc one is located after the film’s end credits. Wait for the film to finish, and you’ll be taken to a special hidden menu. Here, you can watch Teaser Trailer #1 for ‘Transformers’ (as mentioned above), as well as “Autobots Rollout,” a short music video-like montage of footage from the film, and promoting the website of the same name.

The remaining eggs are all on disc two:

  1. Go to the main menu. Highlight the “More Than Meets the Eye” menu, but don’t press “Enter” on your remote. Instead, click “Up,” and an icon of Optimus Prime will appear. Click enter, and watch a short clip on the casting of the charater of Mojo.

  2. Return to the main menu, and again select and click “More Than Meets the Eye.” Once the submenu pops up, select “Theatrical Trailer 4” (again, don’t hit “Enter”). Press “Right” on your remote, and a Ratchet icon will appear. Hit “Enter,” and watch a blooper from one of the deleted scenes, featuring an unfortunate extra who’s costume gets an unexpected “lift.”

  3. Back to the main menu, select the “Their War” section and press “Enter.” Then highlight the “Inside the Allspark,” and click “Right” instead of hitting “Enter.” A Frenzy icon appears, which takes you to another short blooper, with Michael Bay getting an unexpected visit from Megatron while on the set.

  4. The last egg can be found by going back to the main menu, and returning to the “Our World” section. From there, highlight the “I Fight Giant Robots” section and click “Right.” A Bumblebee icon will appear, which features a mock commercial for a Michael Bay Transformers toy.

Note that although it is not one of Paramount’s five official eggs with actual bonus content, you can access the disc’s hidden production credits. Go to the main menu and highlight the “Our World” section. Click “Left,” and a Megatron icon will appear. Hit “Enter” to read the credits.[/B]

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

4 Eggs Total

2 Eggs

[B]Go to about 2 hours and 7 minutes and 30 sec and you will soon notice a robot who will shoot around, do a tuck-and-roll and die. The interesting part, however, is that if you look at its arm right after it dies, you will notice the number T-1000. This was put in because Michael Bay (the director) felt that the new Terminator movie was copying Transformers (which is why it dies).

If you pause the movie around 2 Hours 17 min and 53 sec R2D2 makes a cameo appearance as part of the flying debris.[/B]

2 Eggs On Disc 2

 [B]1. Blooper (HD, 1 min.) – On disc 2, go to "The Human Factor," then highlight "Domestic Destruction." Press RIGHT to unveil a hidden Decepticon logo which contains footage of Josh Duhamel almost ruining the movie's biggest explosion.[/B]

2. More Dog Humping (HD, 1 min.) – Go to “Deconstructing Visual Bayhem,” then highlight “Jackhammer Fight.” Press Right to reveal a hidden Autobot logo that effectively summarizes Michael Bay’s sophisticated sense of humor.


9 Easter Eggs

[B]Gain access to the nine hidden extras from the Space Paranoids arcade game screen, which appears after viewing The Next Day bonus featurette extending the story of what happens soon after the events of TRON:LEGACY. When the featurette ends, the Space Paranoids top score screen appears, prompting you to enter initials. While seemingly obvious entries like CLU or FLN yield failed results, clever players will soon discover the correct codes to access each of the nine Easter Eggs.


The first Easter Egg sets up what will likely be the main antagonists in a TRON 3 story, namely Edward Dillinger Jr. and his father Ed Sr. who engage in a secret chat hinting at their collusion to create problems for ENCOM’s new CEO Alan Bradley and the emergence of Sam Flynn. Director Joseph Kosinski confirmed this TRON 3 plot potential in our recent exclusive interview with him. Bradley’s decision to keep the younger Dillinger on the ENCOM board because “he earned his place” may cost Flynn and the company if the Dillingers take their revenge for Kevin Flynn sending Ed to prison after the events of TRON in 1982. While Flynn may have destroyed the MCP, it’s clear Ed Dillinger’s desire for payback has not yet reached the end of line. Watch FilmEdge’s inteview with TRON:LEGACY director Joseph Kosinski who discusses possible plot points with the Dillingers in TRON 3.


The second hidden feature is a video/audio montage shot within the secret FlynnLives archives of the hacker (and TRON:LEGACY ARG hero) Zack Attack, whose identity is finally revealed in The Next Day featurette. Audio tapes of Alan Bradley’s previous conversations on the future of ENCOM reveal his offer to step in as CEO of ENCOM after Kevin Flynn’s 1989 disappearance, if only for the sake of Kevin’s young son Sam Flynn to preserve his father’s legacy in the company. In effect, this is prequel bonus material which fits into the expositional recap of events between Sam’s childhood and his adult years seen in TRON:LEGACY.


Following up on the taped conversations, this third Easter Egg shows archival video of Alan Bradley’s interview as new ENCOM CEO on The Market, a business channel stock market news program. Alan lays out his plan and promise to guide ENCOM in a new direction as a software leader in the world. Of course, fans and viewers of TRON:LEGACY know it didn’t quite work out that way as the ENCOM board, including Ed Dillinger Jr., derailed Kevin Flynn’s spirit of creative and technical philanthropic research funded by game and software innovation, instead driving the corporation forward as a monolithic profit center.


In the world of TRON:LEGACY, the fourth Easter Eggs recaps the 2010 ENCOM press conference announcing the return of their flagship video game Space Paranoids, debuting as an online browser-based simulator game. Movie fans will recognize this as the TRON:LEGACY ARG event from last year’s WonderCon in San Francisco, in which ARG players met to infiltrate ENCOM’s conference and demand that Kevin Flynn’s legacy return to the company. Video shot from the audience intercuts with night-vision shots of Sam Flynn preparing his death-defying parachute jump from a helicopter down to the event below — a dangerous stunt which almost didn’t happen due to high winds in the Bay Area that night.


The FlynnLives movement plays a key role in the return of Sam Flynn and the return of Alan Bradley as ENCOM CEO in the events of TRON:LEGACY, just as the viral campaign contributed to the film’s box office success with fans around the world. The fifth Easter Egg extra shows three masked members of the Flynn Lives movement tag a freight entrance at ENCOM headquarters.


Archival news film and interviews with ENCOM employees circa 1989, compiled by Zack Attack, stoke conspiracy theories about the disappearance of Kevin Flynn and a subsequent cover-up by the ENCOM board, resulting in this short vintage recruiting video for the early Flynn Lives movement. The San Diego mailing address was also a link to Disney’s ARG viral campaign promoting TRON:LEGACY in conjunction with that city’s Comic-Con International event where participants saw the first trailers and scenes from the film.


A vintage commercial for Kevin Flynn’s book The Digital Frontier hints at the technological, evolutionary discoveries he was making while in the virtual world of Tron before he disappeared from our world, trapped in that digital domain from 1989 until the 2010 events seen in TRON:LEGACY.


With secret funding from Alan Bradley, the Flynn Lives movement led by Zack Attack enlisted TRON:LEGACY fans from around the world to meet in San Diego during the summer of 2010 and follow a trail of clues hoping to reveal the whereabouts of Kevin Flynn. Video footage shows ARG players decoding clues on streetside FLYNN LIVES posters with blacklights, finally leading them to the re-opening of Flynn’s Arcade. Held in conjunction with that summer’s Comic-Con event, the Arcade hosted the stars of the film Jeff Bridges, Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund as well as revealing a lifesize prop of a new Light Cycle.


The ninth and final Easter Egg is literally a blast: it’s a vintage TV ad for ENCOM’s iconic video game Space Paranoids, loading Recognizers and tanks into home game consoles. A young boy and his sister geek out preparing to shoot down enemies with their Atari 2600 console and controllers in this hyped-up television commercial from the golden days of ENCOM games.[/B]


U2 360 AT THE ROSE BOWL (Not 100% confirmed)

1 Egg

Select ‘Main Menu’, then when ‘3:32’ appears within the bottom left hand corner of the screen, before it changes to ‘3:33’, press ‘4’ on your remote and the bonus clip starts playing.


1 Egg

In the extras if you click on the manhole cover before the theatrical trailer, you’re treated to an outtake of Erik Per Sullivan (Malcom in the Middle) who plays the son, as he falls asleep in the backseat of the car for real and can’t get up.


1 Egg

The Egg (HD, 1:57) If you hit the ‘left’ button on your remote at the main menu of Disc 1, you will see an absolutely fascinating mini-documentary called, appropriately, ‘The Egg.’ It’s all about Muntz and his original motivation for tracking Kevin - that Kevin’s eggs would provide him with a serum for eternal youthfulness. They show storyboards of a great scene where Carl and Russell meet Muntz and Muntz is still 30 years old. They said they cut it because it didn’t match, thematically, with Carl’s journey. Since Carl’s journey wasn’t about staying young but rather holding onto the past, Muntz’s motivation was altered, and we were robbed of a scene where it shows him transforming from old age to young man and back again. Damn.



2 Eggs

[B]Highlight “Play Movie” on the main menu. Then press up on your remote. The red “E” in the film’s logo will change to blue. Press enter on your remote to watch a Pixar featurette, “Geek-O-Rama.”

Highlight “Set Up” on the main menu. Then press left on your remote. A dot will appear under “Sneak Peeks” prompt. Press enter to watch a short animation test.[/B]


2 Eggs

Watch an additional featurette by scrolling down past the last Features option and click on “Assassin’s Code”. Enter the following binary codes: 01010111 and 01000100.- One introduces you to James McAvoy the on-set comedian.- Two takes you to a behind-the-scenes look at the film’s knife fight.When In Rome

1 Egg

[B]On the main menu, click on Bonus Features and you will see a poker chip at the bottom of the screen. Scroll all the way down with your remote and click on the poker chip.

You will access the Easter egg “The craziest thing you did for love” in which the guys of the film talk about the craziest things they did for love. (Duration: 1:11)[/B]

Wild Hogs

1 Egg

Highlight the “Set Up” tab on the main menu, and click you’re remote’s up button. A small icon of an arrow road sign will appear. Highlight it and press “Enter,” and watch a short interview with the Teutuls, the stars of the hit cable biker show “American Chopper,” discussing their roles in the film.



1 Egg

Go to theatrical trailers, trailer #3, then push the `right´ button, you will see some paintings.

X-Men: The Last Stand (Special Edition)

1 Egg

On disc 1, highlight “Play” and press up, select the X when it appears to see Beast recite Shakespeare.

3089 Eggs

138 Movies


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[quote=platinumsword;2101209]What is an Easter egg. It’s hidden feature(s) that are contained on the disc and to access them one must press a sequence of keys to view them. Not all disc will have them.

I encourage anybody to submit an Easter Egg for Blu-Ray movies.
[/quote]Thanks p-.

I read some movies reviews about “Easter Eggs” and was wondering what is all that about. :o

You can also find the most complete and extensive list of easter eggs at Under each title they review, they have an easter egg section. So simply select the desired move and scroll down to the easter egg section. That’s how I managed to find all of the Transformers Easter Eggs and man there were alot of them.

The point is to build our own. Just a clean cut list not to go swimming for it in a review. Blu-Ray only.


Ah okay, gotcha.

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