Blu-Ray drive will not play DVD movies

I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FZ180E notebook PC (using Vista Home) with a Matshita UJ-220 Blu-Ray drive. The drive will read data CDs and DVDs, but will not play DVD movies. I swapped a DVD-R/W drive from another notebook with the Vaio drive, and the Vaio will then play movies, but the Blu-Ray drive will still not play movies while in the other notebook. The Blu-Ray drive will still recognize data disks while in the second notebook.

When I put a DVD into the Blu-Ray drive, the drive spins for a while and then does nothing. If I then open WinDVD and select play, the drive tray ejects and a pop-up window requests that a disk be inserted.

I don’t currently have a Blu-Ray disk to try in the drive (this is my son’s old notebook), so I don’t know if these work, or not.

Does the ability of the drive to function with data DVDs verify that the drive hardware is good? Is this a Digital Rights Management problem?

I have returned the C: drive in the Vaio to factory config using the Restore option. I did not run Windows update or Vaio update. I have also deleted and re-installed the driver for the drive in Device Manager. I would expect the drive to work properly with the system files in their initial configuration. None of this has solved the problem.

I also tried downloading an updated WinDVD version from the Sony Vaio support page without success. When I download the latest WinDVD version it tries to install and then finally brings up a pop-up that says “this update can only be installed on Windows Vista”. This is weird since I am running Vista. If I download the version of WinDVD that is recommended by inputing my PC model number, I get a slightly older version of WinDVD. When I try to download this program I get an error at the very end of the download saying “the file size is incorrect”.

The Blu-Ray drive is expensive to replace and I suspect that it is not a hardware problem I am dealing with. Any ideas?

Try using VLC. That will at least rule out your player and codecs.


Thanks for the reply. I tried your suggestion. Same results. The tray ejects and a request to insert a disc pops up. I burned a DVD off a TV show with my DVD recorder. I thought that this might work if it was a copy right problem. I finalized the disc and tried it in my laptop. Same result. The new disc would play the movie on my desktop.