Blu-ray drive pricing to fall 50% by 2008 according to Sony NEC Optiarc

I just posted the article Blu-ray drive pricing to fall 50% by 2008 according to Sony NEC Optiarc.

According to the general manager Shuji Minami from the product business group of Sony NEC Optiarc, Blu-ray disc drive pricing will drop to around 50% its current pricing by 2008, following strong…

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They dropped 50% today, PS3 was released :wink: But screw all that, give me hybrid player or settle this #%@&* retarded format war so I can get one !

Still too expensive: players, discs and recorders. For all of them a 50% cut in costs in more than one year is just too little. In 2008 you will get a stand alone BD player (not a crappy one in a game console) at 500-700$, a BD burner at 500$ and a BD-R at 10$, OUCH…

As always with gen 0/1 products, the end user is the guinea pig, whilst all the major preproduction bugs(not evident in the special handbuilt prototypes) , other media defined reproduction line spread standards(minimum/maximum tolerances), along numerous other assorted production line problems, reading & writing lasers , electronics etc , which are rarely if ever sorted out until gen 3 or later! Oh well, such is life ! :X

I’m waiting for a sub $200 hybrid player and if I was tempted to one of the two it would be a HD-DVD player (from the reviews I’ve seen).