Blu-Ray Drive not HDCP ready?

Hey they,

I was referred here from NoteBookReview to see if anyone could assist me with an issue I’m having. I purchased what I thought to be a DS-4E1S Blu-Ray reader on eBay a couple months back. Long story short, I kept getting loads of errors whenever I tried to play a movie with it, the most recognizable of which being $ACSS.AVCRECDEVICENOTSUPPORT from AI TouchMedia (ASUS’ media player).

This immediately made be believe I received an AVCREC drive instead.

Earlier this week, I went and asked anyone on NBR if they could assist me with any other information I should need. One person advised I try using AnyDVD HD to see if its a decryption issue of if the drive just is defective or whatnot. AnyDVD HD allowed me to watch every movie I had previously tested. This lead me to believe that my drive simply might not be HDCP compliant, as I’m 100% sure my cards and monitor are.

The thread in question is here

If anyone could assist me, it’d be a great help. I’m basically just wanting to see if there is anyway to re-enable decryption for my drive if thats possible, or if I just need to start looking for another drive from a more reputable reseller.

Last guy that responded to my thread on NBR said to report my Hardware IDs via Dev. Manager as well. Here they are:


Edit: Also thought I should mention the drive is being installed in an ASUS W90VP-X1 laptop. It’s a 12.7mm SATA drive.

Please download Cyberlink BD Advisor to test if your computer is ready for Blu-ray or not. Let us know if all the “Basic Playback” is green?


Ran it whenever I first got the drive. But yea. Basic playback is all green. But no player has been capable of playing movies without the use of AnyDVD. =(

can you post a shot?

then it comes to HDCP, you need to have few things covered.

  1. drive, as far as i know all bd-roms have HDCP
  2. monitors, not all laptop have display and connector capable of HDCP
  3. video card, not all cards have additional hardware required for HDCP
  4. also need capable video card driver
  5. software

there is a good posibility since your laptop didn’t ship with BD-Rom, point 2 and or 3 might come into play.