Blu-Ray Drive in LWV-5045



Does anyone know if you can put a blu-ray/HD dvd drive in the liteon LVW-5045, there are a few on the market now at ebuyer and amazon at around £70 and this would be a cheap way of doing this if so.
Thank You


Even being a complete n00b to this forum, and the workings of standalone DVD players alike, I’d take a safe bet saying no, it wouldn’t work.

Simply because the chipset inside the player wouldn’t know what to do when a HD picture signal is produced from the drive. It wouldn’t have ever been built with the capability of down-sizing HD content to SD dimensions, so how it would cope on it’s own is an impossible.

It’d probably be able to play back DVDs (and record them, if the drive has the ability), but even the chances of that are slim, as the technology inside the drives would probably be of a newer standard than the player was designed for.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Wait for a pro to back me up! :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah your probably right, thanks anyway.
It was worth a thought, I’ll keep a look on here to see if anyone does manage to do it with any other player.