Blu-ray drive for reading PS3 discs?



Hey all, just wondering what the best blu-ray drive to read PS3 discs is? I see the DH-401S did but it’s a bit old, and haven’t yet found any suggestions of others that will.

FWIW, I only want to read error test them (on nero cd/dvd speed or similar), not interested in ripping etc but speed’s still an issue - have 50 or so to test a week, usually done over a couple days.


I check this drives - Liteon DH-401S, IHES 108/208, IHBS 112/212 - all this drives read PS3 discs.


Thanks. Can anyone else confirm the IHES 108/208 or IHBS 112/212 read PS3 discs? I can’t find any other mention of them doing so anywhere other than kawaponga’s reply :eek:



Many thanks kawaponga, I’ll start looking in to getting one then and report back if I do :slight_smile:


Just a quick update - IHBS 112 does indeed read PS3 discs :slight_smile: Will update with exact model / fw / benchmarks later.