Blu-Ray drive external will not play Blu-Rays

hello guy’s here is my problem. I went out to day and bought an external Blu Ray player. just a player not a writer . I got it home loaded the supplied software Cyberlink power DVD 10. connected the drive via usb to the PC inserted a blu-Ray disc (State of Play) only to get the error message “this content cannot output via an analog connector. ensure your display device uses a DVI or HDMI connector [code =0121].” Im running windows 7. the thing that has anoyed me the most is that I explained to the sales guy in PC world why I wanted it and he did not tell me that I would be unabel to play Blu-ray on this player is there any round this problem. thanks for any advice in advance

What kind of monitor are you using, and how is it hooked up to your computer?

My monitor is a Packard Bell 230Ws, with ATI Radeon HD 5570 video adaptor, running windows 7 OS with the pentium i7 processor.

Sorry I should have added that it is just connected to the pc by the cable that came with it. there are 2 connections in the base of the monitor the one that I am NOT using is labeled DVI which I assume is Digital video in.

To get play back on blue ray disks you need to hook your monitor up to your pc with a dvi cable. Your monitor is now hooked up with the vga, which is analog not the digital you need for hd play back. If you do not have a cable you can get them almost anywhere.

Thank you for the reply Jethro I will go to the shops later and purchase a cable hope it works, I will get back to you with the result thanks again for taking the time to reply

That’s what this forum is all about, helping each other.

Here is an update on my Blu-Ray problem, I did as you advised although I ordered the cable through Amazon, it just arrived this morning and I connected it up between PC and monitor fired up the Blu-ray drive and hey presto perfect play back. so you were 100% spot on with your fix. sorry it took so long to get back that was determined by the mail service. thanks again for the help


Glad to hear it is working.