Blu ray download



I am new to Blu ray . I bought a Blu Ray Reader, read what I thought was enough to copy a Blu Ray disk I own to a dvd disc. I downloaded DvdFabhd, used the Blu ray to Blu ray option, finally got it on the harddrive, went to burn using a dvd5 disc, (used Movie only), was rejected, stating I needed a dual blu ray disc. I’m obviously doing something wrong, when I opened the downloaded file I was completly lost with the options I was given, as oppossed to a Dvd file that just has the audio/video option. I would greatly appeciate any help. T.I.A.
Kerry referred me to this forum, I hope this is not a repeat.


Kerry referred you to the DVDFab forum, not the Blu-ray Hardware, Software and Media forum! :doh: