Blu Ray discs help (what's best for my needs?)



I just finished making a movie, took 4 long years and now were done. Anyways I have a TEAC P-55 Thermal printer for perfect quality.

My question for you is, which Blu Ray blank media would look the closest to factory? I don’t want a purple read side on the disc, I’d like to it look super authentic.

So which Discs should I buy for that look? Also has to be available in Thermal.

Thanks so much for your help


HTL discs (the most common type of recordable BD discs) will have a dark gray appearance on the recording side. If you hold one at an angle, you can see a slight amount of iridescence, but it won’t be as obvious as the factory made pressed discs that come from the movie studios.

The pressed discs will also tend to be slightly lighter in color, more silvery than dark gray.

You’ll only see the purplish colors in LTH discs, which I wouldn’t recommend for any kind of distribution, since they are slightly less compatible with burners and players.

Do you need 25gb discs, or 50gb double layer discs? I think your main choices will be Verbatim or Falcon media. Panasonic would be excellent, but I couldn’t find any thermal Panasonics online in a brief Google search.

I would avoid Ritek media (Rimage, RiData). And it is difficult to determine who makes current models of TDK, Sony and other brands since they may change suppliers.


25Gb should be perfect


I just know I need to buy em in bulk so I didn’t want to buy a ton of something thats not what I’m looking for.

the best best best match would be best


Ok, here is an example of the Falcon Pro discs:

Here is an example of the Verbatim discs:

There have been reports that the Verbatim discs are now showing up with CMC Magnetics MID codes, instead of the Verbatim ones. I don’t know if that applies to the thermal discs or not. The CMC discs have been pretty good however.

Edit: As for buying in bulk, I think I might get a few and test first.


ahhh ok,

and you think either one of these would look closest to “factory” as we can get without a press?


You might want to wait for a bit and see if anyone else chimes in who does thermal printing. Not something I do.

If you plan on making a large number of copies, it might be within your budget to have pressed copies made. I don’t know how much you are planning on spending. A batch of 1000, with cases and cover art would be about $3300 or so, just doing a quick online test case with the first Blu-ray duplication service that showed up on Google.


ok cool, I’ll for sure see what others have to say.

Thanks so much for all the advice


I’ve never seen any DVD±R or BD-R discs which look anything like factory-pressed discs. There isn’t an equivalent to the Diamond CD-R discs, which really did look like pressed CDs (only shinier & better!).

Of the BD-R discs I have, the CMC Magnetics CMCMAGBA5 are by far the most neutral in appearance - the underside is a plain dark grey.

Second are the Verbatim VERBATIMe (made in Taiwan), which have a slight golden tint.

Then, also with a golden colour (in ascending order of strength):

Sony SONY-NN3-002 (mine are old made in Japan stock)

Infomedia INFOMER40

Panasonic MEI-RA1 (Noticably stronger gold colour than the above two)

Last are the Falcon TDKBLDRBD, which have a very strong deep purple colour.


any of these thermal discs?


If you want to be sure that you are getting Verbatim BD-R with a Verbatim MID, look for the “[B]MABL[/B]” logo.

‘DataLife Plus’ discs should be Verbatim MID. But MABL is more reliable as many (mostly jewel-cased) Verbatim MID discs carry no DataLife/DataLife Plus designation.

Here in Europe the Verbaim MID discs are practically non-existant except in jewel cases, which always carry the MABL logo.

The only DataLife Plus BD-R discs are the white-labelled corporate/professional spindle packs - which are available as thermal printable. These don’t (or only occasionally?) have the MABL logo, but I would expect to be Verbatim MID. (However this is unconfirmed.)

The ‘retail’ HTL spindle packs are invariably branded DataLife and normally contain CMCMAGBA5. There is nothing inherently wrong with CMC’s BD-R discs, I don’t recall any horror stories of data loss (as with some Ritek & Moser Baer-made Philips discs). The only issue is that the quality varies a lot, mostly by brand. So far the Verbatim-branded ones have been of acceptable quality, and most have actually looked pretty good. (The worst of my CMC is far is far better than my best Falcon TDK!)


[QUOTE=stugots2;2771274]any of these thermal discs?[/QUOTE]
I’m not sure which are available as thermal printable. Availability will vary between territories. Here in the UK they are generally only available from specialist suppliers, but what’s listed on their web sites don’t give the full picture. Other stuff aimed at the corporate market is available, if you know the right supplier (Googling won’t help).

The Falcon TDK certainly do thermal printable discs.

As are ‘white label’ Verbatim DataLife Plus - which I suspect are Verbatim MID (but cannot confirm). The easiest place to buy these (here in the UK) is from Verbatim’s web site, but their shop is expensive.

Panasonic did produce thermal printable BD-R - they’re listed in some of their brochures.

I don’t know about the Sony discs. In the past when they were made in Japan they were aimed very much at the corporate/professional market, so there [I]probably[/I] were thermal printable discs. But since all production was outsourced to Taiwan I [I]suspect[/I] they don’t do them any more.

The chances of finding thermal printable Infomedia BD-R are remote. Indeed all Infomedia BD-R are an endangered species. The latest [I]Infomedia-branded[/I] BD-R coming into this country are Ritek MID! :eek:

A good strategy (especially for Falcon, Verbatim & Panasonic) would be to search their own web sites and find the part/stock number of the discs that best suit your needs. Then make enquiries about their availability with specialist optical disc suppliers (or Google).

Good luck. :flower: (It’s always nice to see an old member return after a long absence.)


On the left is a Falcon TDKBLD-RBB-000 disc. On the right is a Verbatim Verbat-IMc-000. Both contain Blu-ray movies, so they have been burned. I can see virtually no difference between them under most lighting conditions, with the Falcon usually a bit darker. However, if you get the light at an angle, you can see some of the purple shade that Ibex is talking about in the Falcon. Very hard picture to get by the way.

This first two pictures are directly down on the discs, using a flash, which tends to wipe out the differences a bit:

This last picture is natural light, at an angle, so you can see more of the color differences: