Blu-ray disc will write but I can't read it on my DVD player



I have an LG BH08LS20 writer and a Samsung SH-B083L reader. When I finish writing a movie (Iron Man 2, for example, using AnyDVD to rip and DVDFab to write) to the LG, my Samsung reader won’t even recognize there’s a disc there. I can play it back just fine on the LG writer. I can also play it just fine on my Sony DVD player.

If I load the original Iron Man 2 in the Samsung reader it also works just fine.

At this point I’m trying to determine if the Samsung reader is bad or out of alignment OR the backup I made is bad OR the media I’m using (Verbatim BD-R) is the problem.

I upgraded the firmware on the Samsung but couldn’t find any firmware reference on the net for the LG so I’m unsure about that one.

Suggestions anyone?