Blu-ray disc saves data for two centuries

I just posted the article Blu-ray disc saves data for two centuries.

After we reported the world’s fastest 6x write-once Blu-ray disc earlier this month, now also Delkin comes with Blu-ray news. It seems every manufacturer wants to earn its spot, in the still young…

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How do they go about “guaranteeing” it? What happens if the data is lost? Do you get a policy for every file or every disc? How much is the maximum loss they will cover?

The maximum loss they will cover is the price that you had to pay for the disc or they may even just give you another blank disc

Wow. that’s comforting. rolls eyes

this is absolute crap, i remember the infamous gold cds. a publicity stunt, that’s it.

Since it is very unlikely that I will live another 200 years, is the guarantee or warranty transferable to your descendents? Can you put it in your will? Guarantees generally come with an “or else” clause, so if your disk becomes unreadable after 10 or 20 years, what do you get?

Yeah, complete marketing BS. Kodak promised that its Gold CDs would last “hundreds of years” if used properly. That turned into one big farce when discs started failing after 2-3 years :wink:

And we are having dificulties reading old backup tapes and other backup stuf from 40~50 years ago, will blue ray readers exist in 200 years time!
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Lol - some companies are so desperate for attention. As stated by prof_nova… WHO is gonna have blu-ray in 200 years ? It may be gone in 10 years, let alone 200 !

If I burn very very important data on this 200 years guaranteed discs, I will make sure to also buy an extra Blu-ray burner and put all the BD discs and burners inside a safety deposit box. :d Oh don\\\'t forget to include a SATA PCI card incase no SATA in 200 years. Hmm, make that e-Sata. Hmm, darn, just include the entire PC or a laptop with blu-ray reader from Sony! :d :d

I have been in the data backup business for many years. When a customer asks how long the data will last on a given media, my stock answer is longer than you will have a drive to read it on. And that haalways been the case. Compatible drives for a given media will be long gone before the media itself would be unreadable. The other problem is what software was used for the backup. Unless the data is just in a standard file structure, the software will be long gone too.