Blu-ray Disc Quality Scanning

Some Blu-ray disc quality scanning using Nero DiscSpeed on Lite-On blu-ray drives don’t look as good as CD/DVD scans. But from what I read they play well on PS3 and standalone players.

Is there any “standard” for Blu-ray disc quality scanning yet? What is a good scanning speed, LDC and BIS errors?

25x would be a good speed setting for a drive such as the LiteOn DH401S (that sounds strange, but the speed settings are apparently weird in CD Speed) – I don’t think we have a fourm standard as of yet as it isn’t reliable and yields odd results depending on the burning drive and media. Most people are trusting TRT and ScanDisc tests.

What are TRT and ScanDisc tests? Are they freely available?

A scandisc test sounds like it’s a test to verify disc integrity.

I’m looking at some LDC and BIS numbers from some discs that were tested. They were recorded in the same way, but their LDC/BIS differed:

Disc 1 LDC/BIS: 96.21/1.42
Disc 2 LDC/BIS: 47.84/0.80
Disc 3 LDC/BIS: 92.78/1.55

(numbers obtained from Nero DiscSpeed on a Lite-On DH-4O1S 4x BD-ROM)

They are pretty variable…this one site cites this German site and states that “While it’s still too early to know what “good” results should look like, c’t magazine has stated that the average LDC should stay below 13 and the maximum BIS should not exceed 8. In my own testing, I’ve found that the LDC reported by CD Speed is considerably higher than 13.” I visited c’t magazine’s site but could not find the source of this recommendation.

(I got the above from

Well, clearly the numbers of the discs I’m looking at have an LDC much above 13, but their BIS scores are well below 8. However, the discs can be read and the information on them retrieved without any problem. So my conclusion is that an LDC of 13 is a super strict and unrealistic criteria to aim for…

Any insight into these numbers, and any pointers to where I could find TRT and ScanDisc test sources, would be much appreciated.