Blu Ray Disc Plays But With Pixels - Wrong Resolution? How To Change?



Hi all,

Hoping someone can help here, driving me mad!

I have a bunch of MKV files, I use tsMuxer and then use Imgburn to create my Blu Ray disc - No problem.

Some discs play perfect in my Sony dvd player, and others do not, they have glitches, pixels flashing all over the place and I cant figure out why? I put the disc in my blu ray writer and on the PC its perfect? I use power dvd to play the original MKV file and perfect. :confused:

I looked into this a bit more and can now see where I think the issues lay but cant figure out how to resolve… :confused:

The discs that work perfect I loaded the same MKV file into tsMuxer and took a closer look - the resolution is 1920:1080p and as a result work fine in the dvd player.

The discs that dont play properly I again loaded the MKV file into tsMuxer and noticed the resolutions are all 1920 but then change, for example - 1920:800p or 1920:816p.

So my thought is the 800p or 816p is whats causing the issue? I think maybe the dvd player or TV is trying to produce 1080p from an 816p hence the glitches and pixels scattered all over - am I right?

If thats the case, anyone any idea how I can change these files to 1920:1080p so they will play fine?

I looked at BDedit today but the files just show 1080p? Even though tsMuxer shows they are a different resolution, so need to change the last part somehow.

Any help much appreciated :slight_smile:


The mkv files may have been cropped from the original 1920:1080 resolution to their current 1920:800 or 816 state.

Try UncropMKV:


Thanks for the response, Just tried this program but it states “Video height not compliant” so not sure what to do here if anything?

What would be the next best viewing option I could possibly use so the image will play in a dvd player? Im assuming this program will let me change it?

I also tried using “Handbrake” but similar thing, it shows the display 1920:816p and when I select custom to alter it will not let me change up from the 816p, only go down. Not sure what 1920:720p would be like or if possible? Im not greatly familiar with resolution.

Not sure what my options are now - I have 8 MKV files all like this and dont want to delete/lose them :frowning:


Not sure why the Start button was greyed out. This is what the program is designed to do, resize mkv files to blu ray compliant specs. I don’t have any cropped mkv files to test with. Did you try changing the Resize line under AviSynth there in the main window?

You could reencode the mkv files to 720p using Handbrake or Ripbot264. 720p is smaller, but it is one of the resolutions that can be used and recognized by any blu ray player. 720p resolution would be 1280 x 720.

This will [B]not[/B] work in a regular dvd player, as they will normally only play up to 480p.


You want to re-rip from your original discs. :cop:



Yea thanks Michael :o

Kerry56, yet again you have been spot on!! Second time you have helped me out massively! :clap:

I had to make the resize & uncrop both 1920:1080p, then I had to press “queue” which is when the “start” button became un-greyed. I’ve only tried 1 MKV file so far which when burnt to disc worked perfect this time - no more pixel issues! Massive thank you!! :smiley:

Outside of this topic:
Just out of interest, when ripping a blu ray - why is it only the film image taken each time, whichever program you use or tutorial you read it always takes the movie and never the menu? With DVD’s you can keep everything, why not blu ray? Is it purely size?


Outside of this topic:
Just out of interest, when ripping a blu ray - why is it only the film image taken each time, whichever program you use or tutorial you read it always takes the movie and never the menu? With DVD’s you can keep everything, why not blu ray? Is it purely size?[/QUOTE]

It depends on what you are using to decrypt and rip the blu ray movie with. AnyDVD HD will only rip the whole movie, menus and all, and will output either in file format or as an ISO. DVDFab can rip the entire movie, or just the main movie by itself. MakeMKV will rip only the main movie and put it into an mkv file, uncompressed.

By the way, the term rip is often misused. Its real meaning is to transfer data from an optical disk to the hard drive. This often times requires decryption when working with commercial movies. Some people use the word rip to mean conversion to other formats, or compression to smaller sizes. This incorrect usage will only confuse/tick off people who know these subjects when they try to help you.


Thanks for that, so its possible to keep everything then but I know from looking at a few in my collection they are 50gb discs or more! :frowning:

Thanks for the heads up as well on “rip/ripping”.

Sorry, final questions - forgot to say before, but when using uncropMKV, when you hit “start” a box appears and gives 4 options to do with ffdshow - use ffdshow, dont use ffdshow etc?
What is this? (sorry if a thick question), I just selected “dont use”.

Also after its processed I also noticed it leaves 2 files, the new uncropped MKV (which I use and works perfectly) and same size file called “264 file”. Any ideas why when the MKV is all thats needed?


ffdshow is a set of video and audio decoders/encoders which lets any compatible program use it instead of installing separate codecs. Apparently, you didn’t need it for this particular mkv.

Don’t know why you have two files as output. The H264 file may simply be the video before being put into the mkv container. But that’s a guess.

If you want to rip blu ray and compress them to fit smaller 25gb disks, or even smaller dvds, mkv files or mp4 files, I suggest looking into a program called BD Rebuilder. It is free to download and use: There is a link in my signature for my guide to setting up the program. The guide is a bit out of date, but should help still.

You should realize first off that BD Rebuilder will NOT decrypt a blu ray movie. You should decrypt and rip the movie to the hard drive first with AnyDVD HD or DVDFab. The free section within DVDFab called DVDFab HD Decrypter will decrypt and rip even after the trial for the main part of DVDFab expires.